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MacArthur Stands Alone in Support of Welfare for the Rich; Goes After Bonnie Watson Coleman on Twitter

Rep. Tom MacArthur has the unique distinction of being the only member of the New Jersey Congressional delegation to vote in favor of the Republic tax overhaul bill, which provides windfalls for the nation’s wealthiest individuals while establishing a fully-realized…
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Thank You, Senator Menendez

Ever since Donald Trump was installed as president, various progressive groups have been formed – many through social media – to raise awareness of the issues and reversal of decades of progress that this kakistocratical White House has foisted upon…
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Die-In at TMac’s

Today, about 100 people gathered in front of Tom MacArthur’s Marlton office to stage a “die-in”, part of a national movement symbolizing all of the people who will die because of MacArthur’s resurrection of Trump’s draconian health care initiative. Several…
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Poverty in a Wealthy State

Andrew Seidman’s article in this morning’s Philadelphia Inquirer reveals that in this wealthy state, one-third of all residents are living in poverty. Given Governor Christie’s disdain for the plight of average citizens, this should not come as a surprise. But…
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Beyond Obamacare

Healthcare.gov will be fixed. People will sign up and reap the benefits of universal health coverage starting in January. So what’s next?

No doubt, the Republicans will continue their quest to reverse the limited progress made to date. They will try to deny coverage to many, eliminate the cap on “administrative” costs to insurance carriers, and cut preventative care, which saves lives and money.

Democrats are counting on the projected ubiquity and success of Obamacare after January to lock it in and to shut down the GOP’s incessant and futile efforts to repeal. They’re wrong. Just take a look at other successful programs like Food Stamps. The Republicans are not hesitant to take food from children and veterans in the name of fiscal responsibility. They’re not even hesitant to shut down the government in the name of fiscal responsibility either, knowing that their shutdown cost tens of billions of dollars. And some Democrats are complicit, confusing “blackmail” with “compromise.”

But for now, let’s assume Obamacare survives the wounds being inflicted by the mean-spirited GOP. Like Medicare and Social Security, the Affordable Care Act will be meshed within the fabric of society while still being constantly attacked. So what’s next?

Does Jon Runyan Think I’m Stupid?

Today, a member of my family received a letter, on official congressional stationery, from Jon Runyan, our Republican congressperson. The letter reminded the recipient that the open enrollment period for Medicare begins on October 15th. The only problem is that the addressee of the letter is not old enough to take advantage of Medicare benefits.

While this is a minor screw-up, I’m willing to give Runyan the benefit of the doubt. But what irks me is the fact that the letter did not mention that tomorrow is the first day that people could sign up for the Health Exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.  Most people know about Medicare – it’s been around for a while. But Obamacare is new, and people may need help in navigating through the system. It certainly would have been a better use of taxpayer funds if Runyan had used his congressional franking privileges to inform his constituents how to get this help.

Runyan blindly follows the Tea Party line and has voted to defund Obamacare and ruin the economy. He needs to be replaced next year.