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Confirmed: Education Policy Is Entirely Political for @GovChristie

Cross-posted from Jersey Jazzman.

Chris Christie, 2013 [all emphases mine]:

“We are doing Common Core in New Jersey and we’re going to continue. And this is one of those areas where I have agreed more with the President than not. And with Secretary Duncan,” Christie said at 2013 conference for KIPP Public Charter Schools. And he hasn’t been shy about criticizing others in his party for opposing the standard. “I think part of the Republican opposition you see in some corners in Congress is a reaction, that knee-jerk reaction that is happening in Washington right now, that if the president likes something the Republicans in Congress don’t. If the Republicans in Congress like something, the president doesn’t.”

Chris Christie, May 28, 2015:

The governor, speaking at Burlington County College in Pemberton, declared Common Core is “simply not working.” Christie wants to assemble a team to develop a state-based group to develop “new standards right here in New Jersey, not 200 miles away on the banks of the Potomac River.”

The speech is Christie’s first policy speech delivered in New Jersey and his fourth such speech since taking concrete steps toward a presidential campaign. The first three speeches – which included topics such as national security and economic growth – were given in the early presidential voting state of New Hampshire.

“It’s now been five years since Common Core was adopted and the truth is that it’s simply not working,” Christie said.

“It has brought only confusion and frustration to our parents and has brought distance between our teachers and the communities where they work,”
he said. “Instead of solving problems in our classrooms, it is creating new ones.”

Scott Garrett Represents Taxpayers, On Average

On Monday, I received the latest issue of the Garrett Gazette, an e-mail newsletter aimed at misleading residents of New Jersey’s Fifth District. Scott Garrett, of course, has to mislead his constituents so he can continue serving his masters at the Club for (Malignant) Growth, Americans (who want to drown their government in a bathtub) for Tax Reform, and the Republican National Calamity.

The claim:

Unless Congress acts to make the various tax relief provisions enacted between 2001 and 2005 permanent, in 2011… 115 million taxpayers will see their annual tax bill increase more than $1,700