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So What’s The Upshot? Predictions Thread

OK, Christie is out, in what felt like a six week presser.  So what’s the impact of this on the GOP Presidential nomination race?  Some ideas below, but looking for your ideas in the comments.  Have at it!

1) Christie endorses Romney, and it’s all over for the others.  Just to note, Romney leads national polls again (with Cain in second place!) and Perry is dying a slow death Christie decided to avoid, so why not get on the bandwagon quickly like he did in 1999 with Bush?  Since there are a lot of donors out there urging Christie to get in, their money has to go somewhere, and with Perry collapsing and Christie out Romney looks to gain.

2) With no bombastic screamer in the race (at least not to GOP levels now that Bachmann can’t get on TV), Sarah Palin could decide to jump in just for shits and giggles.  Suddenly the Tea Partiers who were holding their noses in support of Romney turn to Palin, and Romney’s numbers cater.  Now it is wide open again giving anyone a chance.  Of course, as a result of this there’s a Draft Christie movement again and we have to go through all this crap again.


3) Palin gets in, caters Romney with her attacks, and suddenly Ron Paul looks like a rational maverick.  Paul is up in the double digits now, and has been slowly growing his support.  He loses Iowa, but wins in good ol’ libertarian New Hampshire and suddenly everything is up for grabs.  No one has the nomination sown up by convention time, so Christie is drafted to run.

No matter how you look at this (even if Chrisite gets in) it’s fricking terrifying.

If Christie says he isn’t ready to run or govern, why is he reconsidering?

In all of the ego stroking, “messiah worship” of the Republican Party and their right wing financiers when it comes to the courting of Governor Christie to run for President – for lack of confidence in all of the prior anointed messiahs of the Republican Party, I have given Christie credit for being honest and consistent in his denials and refusal to throw his hat in the ring for President.

If you haven’t seen this video yet – an excellent compilation of his reasoning and refusals to run, take a look.  For someone who puts his ego, his benefactors and partisan politics over everything else, it is refreshing to see him be honest and say things like the following:

  • I don’t feel like I am ready to run
  • I don’t believe in my heart and my mind that I am ready
  • It’s much too big a job
  • In my heart I know I am not ready
  • I want us to have the best possible candidate but it is not me
  • I just don’t want to do it.

All of this was over the past year or two, and there have been consistent denials, refusals and candid comments about Christie not wanting to run, not feeling it in his heart, not feeling it in his head, not being ready to run, not being ready to govern this country…..

So why is he reconsidering?

Could it be the promises of hundreds of millions in donations from right wing financiers like David Koch to push their radical agenda?  Could it be ego because flavors of the month Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann fell on their faces?  Could it be to please those who clearly haven’t been following his history of cronyism and favors for donations?  Could it be to continue a pattern of quid pro quo on a much larger and profitable level?

Clearly it isn’t because he feels he is ready to run or to govern.  Whatever the other reasons are, they certainly aren’t genuine, most likely have some sort of selfish or ulterior motive for the Republican Party, and should be aggressively questioned.

If he doesn’t want to run and doesn’t feel he is ready to run or govern, and yet he still runs – that is a tremendous disservice to this country.

FoxNews: Christie not running

Chris Christie is not running for President, according to a new report from Fox News citing unnamed sources close to Christie.

Earlier in the day, Todd Christie, the Governor’s brother and his ticket to US Attorney-dom back when he raised serious money for Bush II’s first presidential run, told the Ledger that Christie was not running.

It’s increasingly looking like this was all a play to get more money into the state Republican Party coffers – and not a serious exploration. But who is to say that this is the end – the next awful Republican Presidential debate could start the game all over again…

Who Wants to Hire Chris Christie to Run for President?

Many of America’s wealthiest men – and we do mean men – really want Chris Christie to run for President.

It’s a sound investment for them.

President Obama is currently pushing for higher taxes on hedge fund managers. Three of the big names behind Christie? Three of the biggest hedge fund managers.

David Loeb fits right in with Governor Christie, demonizing his opponents with extreme language – like calling a rival “Hitler himself.” His fund manages over $5 billion in assets.

David Tepper dropped a ATM receipt showing $100 million sitting in the bank. He’s in the process of tearing down a $43.5 million oceanfront home in the Hamptons because it does not have enough ocean views. In another interesting NJ connection, he had bought this from Gov. Corzine’s ex-wife.

Stanley Druckenmiller is one of the wealthiest people in the country – and also a big philanthropist, who seems like he might actually be a decent guy. He recently retired from managing another big hedge fund.

Ken Langone, the founder of Home Depot, doesn’t like that the President doesn’t wear a jacket all the time in the West Wing (really? I guess it’s good that we don’t have a woman president). He rails in the Wall Street Journal against “mandatory health insurance” for his employees.

These men – and again, it’s all men, and all white men – want to build a bridge to the 19th century – where they can keep all their money, treat their employees how they want, and have a proper man who wears jackets running the show. They are turning to Chris Christie to oversee building the bridge with their money. It’s a lot cheaper to pay him then to pay for a fair tax on their income and their employees’ health insurance.

We’ll see soon whether Christie accepts the job offer.

Obama Jobs Speech Video & Transcript

This evening, the President addressed a joint session of Congress to deliver a major speech on job creation. If you missed it, here’s the video. After the jump, I’ll post the full remarks as released to press before the speech. I’m catching up to the speech myself, so it’s posted here without comment.

The national unemployment rate stands at 9.1%. New Jersey’s jobless rate is higher: 9/5%. Yesterday, Senate President Steve Sweeney said the NJ Senate will spend this Fall working on a series of economic measures designed to help jumpstart Jersey’s stagnant economy.

President Obama (transcript after the jump):

Quote Of The Day: @PrezChristie Confusion Edition

Today’s Quote of the Day is a two-fer, coming in at just under 140 characters each from the twitter feed of columnist Jonathan Alter at The Daily Beast:

@JonathanAlter: BREAKING: My sources say NJ Gov. Chris Christie is conducting focus groups in preparation for a possible run for president in 2012.

…followed within an hour by…

@JonathanAlter: Another source, close to Christie and v-reliable, says there are no Christie focus groups and nothing has changed. I trust him.

Think Alter is excited about a Christie run?

The Home Despot: Chris Christie & the Big Hardware Store

Or, put another way: Prepare to get nailed and screwed.

Mike Allen’s Playbook column at Politico is reporting that Gov. Christie is meeting, this afternoon, with a collection of big-money Republicans in Manhattan who will again try to romance him to run for president in 2012.

The GOP bigwigs – some will be there in person, some shopped in by phone – will be convened by one Ken Langone, billionaire co-founder of Home Depot.

Recently, Langone was pegged providing some of the cash behind an effort to get conservative activists up to speed and energized to support the Ryan Plan at congressional town halls, via a group called American Action Network,  formed to develop and market ‘conservative’ ideas.

Last year, Langone wrote a guest op-ed for Wall Street Journal that claimed if he had to start Home Depot today, with current business climate, it’s ‘stone cold certainty’ it couldn’t be done. And that, he blames on Barack Obama – the post is titled Stop Bashing Business, Mr. President. Clearly, this is a guy who wants Obama gone. Clearly, another billionaire out to convince us his class is victimized.  

Christie’s made it easy to map out how he would run for president, if he runs for president in 2012. Witness:

  • the big-money bundlers drooling at his feet

  • hedge-funders delighted he’ll open up new markets to reap profits from schools

  • a budget loaded with goodies for Christie’s wealthy base

  • consigning NJ’s first-ever LG to do little more than cozy up to business, recast regulatory requirements as “red tape” without, apparently, keeping much track of what that might actually cost.

    If Christie does run for president – now or in 2016 – all of this will make him immediately attractive to big donors who know that few GOP candidates will be inclined or able to carry them back into the White House with Christie’s speed and determination.

    And – as WSJ correctly points out – Christie’s sagging at-home poll numbers may make re-election here difficult. Will that be a factor in Christie’s decision? Personally, I doubt it. The governor strikes me as a guy so supremely self-confident that he would assume that won’t be an obstacle for him, like it might be for lesser mortals. But there’s a lot of wooing going on. And the promise of GOP big money and self-interested capacity to drive election might indeed appeal to that same outsized ego. All eyes on New Jersey.