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On using rape for cheap political points

Asw Mary Pat Angelini’s legislative office number is 732-974-1719 – promoted by Rosi

I usually don’t pay much mind to press releases, but today I read a few of them as I was asked to help draft one myself.  And when I saw this press release from Republican Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini about a husband who pretty much raped his wife and the need for a court to order a restraining order, I thought, well, good for the Assemblywoman for getting behind women’s health issues.

And then I wondered what her position is on providing medical funding to women like this one – women who are in need of medical care in the event of rape or other crisis and otherwise can’t afford to pay themselves.

Of course, Angelini was one of the “no” votes when it came to funding women’s health services, so it strikes me as nothing more than using a woman’s personal nightmare and horror to score cheap political points.

If Angelini and her Republican colleagues – ESPECIALLY those who are female – have any conscience whatsoever, they will vote for what is right as opposed to with their chauvinistic Governor.  This includes those in the Senate who are now cowardly changing their votes as well as those in the Assembly like Angelini who find it ok to use something as personal and horrific as a rape (let alone by a spouse) – which is the exact term that Angelini used in her press release – but then slap these same women in the face when it comes to something more than just grandstanding.

This is shameful and disgusting.