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Lesson For The Next Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate

In my humble opinion there were dozens of issues John Corzine could have used to utterly destroy and demolish Chris Christie (had Corzine been willing/able to aggressively go for Cristie’s political jugular).  One of them, perhaps the easiest one to win on,  was the issue of marriage equality, which was a dramatic/stark distinction between them.

Instead of putting ME on the legislative agenda before the election and letting it become a voting issue for the whole state…..Corzine chose to support ME to the extent that he got all the political support from the proponents, but would never have to deliver til after the election.   That’s called running scared.

The fact is that NJ is a state in which the majority are NOT Neanderthals!

The arguments of the opposition on ME are not based on any real logic or facts or rationality; they are based on ignorance, fear and prejudice….period.

Now, to the present….and the future!

This brief video snippet from the Aspen Ideas festival illustrates just how relatively easy it is to make a broad case for ME and how the opposition has a fundamentally weak legal/moral/logical case.

Let me plant a seed for the consideration of New Jersey’s Democratic leadership……NJ Democrats should NOT nominate anyone next time out who doesn’t have the skills the brains and the courage to stand up for this winning issue.   This one is good politics and good policy.

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