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Trump: “Print money”

Here’s a couple of scary-ass Trump statements. First the set-up. Trump likes to talk about himself as a master negotiator. Does not like to mention that his father launched him rich; he’s a self-made winner. And to show off, he…
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QOTD: Parsing Legalisms

In a NY Times story about whether the Governor’s grip on New Jersey Republicans is showing signs of slipping, they had this great line about the perception change Bridgegate has helped bring about:

Mr. Christie, who was first elected thanks in part to his profile as a clean-cut prosecutor, is now stuck parsing legalisms in an effort to play down his administration’s culpability in the events that led to the federal indictments last week.

Those here at Blue Jersey would take issue with the clean cut prosecutor profile, but that’s another story for another day. In this situation, the Governor’s people have tried to drop the bar so low that if in fact he wasn’t working the cones himself – did he think he was funny? – then it really has no impact on him. But in fact, the abuses of Bridgegate have helped to further undermine the foundation that was propping the Governor up all along. And no matter how hard Christie’s people try to spin it, parsing legalisms is not leadership.

QoTD – January 20, 2018

Looking into the future: From the New York Times – January 20, 2018 after the governor has served out his term in office and is ready to participate in the swearing-in of his successor:

“He suggested that he had few, if any, regrets, and said he was proud that the New Jersey Legislature never overrode one of his vetoes, even as he vetoed more bills than any other governor of New Jersey. He leaves office under criminal indictment on charges alleging abuse of power, a case that could play out during a presidential campaign.

This is an actual quote from today’s New York Times. The only change is that I replaced Texas with New Jersey. Christie’s presidential rival, Rick Perry, is leaving office under a cloud of indictment. Will history repeat itself if Christie opts to run for the White House in 2020?

Home Schooling Unregulated

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I was really surprised to learn from this NYTimes article that New Jersey is one of only 11 states that have no regulations about home schooling.  

At a minimum, I would think NJ should know about these students and parents should be required to register their children with the local school district.

Bridgegate: Deleted Texts, Inconsistencies, Contradictions, and Lies

UPDATE: In the post directly below this one is the statement by Asm Wisniewski and Sen. Weinberg, explaining the rationale for refusing to provide immunity to key witnesses, discussing Gov. Christie’s “curious lack of curiosity” of the harm to thousands of NJ motorists, and his front office staff, which “blurred the lines between their official state functions and campaign objectives.” Their work, they say, is not over. Statement here.

The New Jersey Law Journal (paywall unfortunately) got it right, in their headline:

Bridgegate Committee Stops Short of Clearing Christie

Christie is doubtless puffed up and feeling vindicated as he pimps for the Keystone XL pipeline with his entourage up in Canada. As though not getting caught red-handed is the same thing as governing by the straight and narrow. As though inconclusive information – because those investigating him can’t access all the witnesses – is the same things as running a clean, ethical and law-abiding ship. And qualifying to be President of the United States.