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It’s Not What You Think

BY DECIMINYAN At today’s rally against the PennEast pipeline, New Jersey Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel delivered impassioned remarks on why the pipeline should be rejected. And as he put it, “it’s not what you think.” It’s not about a…
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No Way … Yes Way

While we celebrate having avoided the Republican deluge in other states, let’s not forget that the NJ landscape is now more slippery than before. The unexpected can happen: “No Way” can become “Yes Way.” We better get our ass in gear for 2011 and 2012.

  • Jon Runyan will win … but in spite of “late property tax payments, two lawsuits, a tax lien, 1995 arrest for driving under the influence, spotty voting history and a farmland tax break,” he does.
  • All Five incumbent Bergen Democrats will lose … How the mighty have fallen!
  • Pallone will win with only 11 points Two years ago he won with 35 points.
  • Holt will win with only 7 pointsTwo years ago he won with 28 points.
  • All four Hunterdon Co. Democrats will lose … but they do.
  • Rand Paul, Mark Rubio, and Nikki Haley will win and Anna Little will garner 44% of the vote and U. S. exit polls suggested that more than one in 10 voters identified themselves as members of the Tea Party movementThe Tea Party only got started in early 2009.
  • Democrats will lose at least 60 seats in House of Representatives … but they do.