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Hey Politifact – I’m Not Impressed (Part II)

(Here’s Part I of this series – including an update)

The trouble I have with with Politifact NJ isn’t so much that they get things wrong – they usually do a good job with specific facts. And it’s not necessarily the topics they choose, although that, obviously, is a matter of opinion.

No, the main issue I have with Politifact NJ is that they seem to have a hard time dealing with the big picture. It often appears that no one at Politifact takes a second to stop and ask themselves: “What’s important about this item? Why does this matter?”

Let me give another example to show what I mean:

Cheese Wars

When the state Democratic party started talking about cheese, Politifact NJ leapt into action:

Wisniewski On Rachel Maddow Tonight

Missed it? Deciminyan posted the video in Comments. – Rosi

A heads up:

New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Wisniewski will appear on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC tonight at 9pm to discuss pension and benefits legislation.

I’m very curious to hear his thoughts about the Christiecrats.

Speaker Oliver’s Bold Speech

promoted by Rosi

At the DSC State Convention in Atlantic City today, Speaker Sheila Oliver delivered an outstanding speech, emphasizing the need for Democrats to organize on a grass roots level to provide a credible alternative to Gov. Christie. Perhaps emboldened by the new poll showing Christie’s approval rating at 38 percent, Oliver found her way towards a bold vision of the future of the party that has been largely absent since the start of the Christie Administration.

Was she speaking for a reenergized Democratic Party in New Jersey – one that, as she suggested, would take their case directly to the people through their own town hall meetings to rival Christie’s, and focus energy on building a stronger grassroots base? Or telling a friendly audience of local electeds and the Democratic base what they wanted to hear? Only time will tell. But the speech stood out. More below the fold on why.

S-1 Standoff: Assembly Leadership Holds Strong

The process of how New Jersey should handle the need for affordable housing changed when there was an organized uprising of people calling for a more open process than what Sen. Ray Lesniak wanted to allow. We owe a lot to activists who flooded key legislators’ offices with calls demanding more transparency. And we owe a lot to those legislators who listened. But it’s not over. – promoted by Rosi Efthim

With the clock ticking towards Gov. Christie’s artificial June 30 deadline for passing the much-reviled S-1, the Assembly Budget Committee yesterday called the Governor’s bluff. Gov. Christie had come up with the June 30 deadline because that is when a moratorium on commercial developers paying a 2.5 percent fee on new development for housing trust funds is due to sunset. But everyone in Trenton knew that it was possible to extend the moratorium without simultaneously passing S-1. And yesterday the Assembly Budget Committee unanimously voted out a bill that would do just that.

The reaction: instant fury from Sen. Lesniak and Senate President Sweeney, who vowed not to allow the bill, A3055, see the Senate floor even though it is likely to pass the Assembly Monday with near-unanimous support. Lesniak and Sweeney supported the Governor’s fake deadline, with Lesniak calling the four month extension of the moratorium “an absolute waste of time.” Never mind that Lesniak himself authored the original bill imposing the year-long moratorium last year, and has been railing against its end for the past six months. (The fee comes from the landmark 2008 housing legislation A-500, and ironically was pushed by the non-residential developers themselves as a way to standardize such fees, which have been around for over two decades, across the state).

What is going on here? More after the jump.