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Live Blogging the S-1 Hearing

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10:00 am – Assemblyman Green opened the hearing by reiterating that this is for discussion only; that we need a system; saying everyone will be heard; and asking for a civil debate. Introduces Commissioner Grifa.

10:05 am – Commissioner Grifa starts by quoting various people who are opposed to COAH. In the first few are Americans for Prosperity and an “anonymous blogger” who says COAH “creates ghettoes.” Also an anonymous quote about how “COAH forces us to change the character of our communities.” What, exactly, is meant by that “character”?

She urges the committee to pass legislation now.

10:20 am – Asm. Scalera asks some very reasonable questions – if there is $280 million sitting in trust funds, why aren’t we spending it?

Commissioner Grifa: we have local control over those funds, and so the state can’t do anything about them.

10:26 am – Asm. Riley asks one of the key questions in the debate – why the inclusionary standard in the bill discriminates against South Jersey.

Commissioner Grifa: Towns in NJ that are carrying numbers that go back decades (i.e. towns that did not do what they were supposed to do) – we are going to forgive prior unmet need going forward and start the passage of this legislation at the year zero.

(Waiting to see if Asm. Riley realizes that the answer has nothing to do with the question she asked).

She talks about the multifamily housing standard that defines units as affordable based on architecture – and how the administration wants to weaken this standard in some ways and not in other ways.

(OK, this still has nothing to do with Cumberland County.)

And now talks about what a town can do if not inclusionary – various criteria.

(OK, still doesn’t talk about why almost all of Salem and Cumberland County is not inclusionary and has to do more).

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