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CD12: Linda Greenstein Lashes Out at Mercer (Video)

“I hate everybody in here. Everybody in here is my enemy–except for the people from Hamilton. The rest of you are my enemies.”

                   – from the video, apparently Linda Greenstein

UPDATE: Since this was posted, Greenstein on what she calls “intimidation from unnamed party bosses” and Mercer Chair Liz Muoio replies (in comment under post) that the senator’s playing “the sexism card’. Read both here.

I have to say, I am so sorry to see this.

A video has surfaced with a fuzzy, blurred and blocked visual but crystal clear audio in a voice identifiable as Sen. Linda Greenstein’s, telling a room full of Mercer Democratic insiders that they’re her enemy. The video was originally posted at Down With Tyranny, which is associated with Blue America PAC, which endorsed Greenstein opponent Bonnie Watson Coleman.

Max Pizarro, covering a pre-convention meeting that day in March, reported on an ugly discussion over Mercer Democrats’ process for the treasured line, and Greenstein’s fear that Mercer Chair Liz Muoio had stacked those seats with handpicked delegates, against the county’s own by-laws, which Mercer reps deny.

I’ve been on the inside of some ugly pre-convention meetings and even some conventions where candidates embarrassed themselves lashing out in public at process or individuals determining process. To a degree, I understand that kind of candidate frustration. But it’s never, ever a winning play to indulge it, not for a candidate’s own well-being, and certainly not in the age of trackers.

Post updated, with Sen. Greenstein’s reply, and Liz Muoio’s, link above.

Linda Greenstein’s Enemies List: from Progress First on Vimeo.

Mercer and Burlco Dems choose new leaders

After current Mercer County Democratic Chairman Rich McClellan decided not to seek another term leading the county party after eight years, members unanimously backed Liz Muoio of Pennington to replace him as the new party chairman.

In Burlington County, many candidates dropped out before the vote which saw Acting Chairwoman Alice Furia succeeded by former Maple Shade Councilman Joe Andl. Andl ran against County Freeholder Maryann Reinhart and won by a tally of 171-86. Furia became the acting Chair after Rick Perr resigned last summer. Here is a photo of the new and past chair following the vote:


Alice Furia and Joe Andl

Congratulations to the new leadership for both County parties. Another race that garnered some attention saw the Ocean County Democratic Committee Chairman Wyatt Earp defeat challenger Britta Wenzel last night in a contentious reorganization by a total of 208-141.