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We raised over $10,000 in one day in the Corfield Money Bomb, & hit the top of ActBlue’s State Race Hotlist. Thank you, Blue Jersey, you DROVE that. — Rosi

1852What a difference a day makes! Yesterday was an amazing day for our whole team at the Corfield for Assembly Campaign and YOU played a big part! Within just 24 hours, our "Money Bomb", raised over $10,000 and propelled us to number 1 on the grassroots fundraising site ActBlue's National "Hot List" of State Races. Our effort was fueled by nearly 200 individual, small dollar contributions and dollar-matching sponsorships by groups and elected officials including the Communication Workers of America, the American Federation of Teachers, Pam's List, Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly, Mayor Jamel Holley of Roselle, The Hunterdon County Democratic Committee, and Somerset County Vice Chair Zenon Christodoulou, and driven by the power of individuals on social media. Our Twitter and Facebook feeds were buzzing with excitement as the word spread and donations came in from across the state—and the country!

I can't thank you enough for all your help and support. We couldn't be happier with the overwhelming response we received. The response from so many people both in and out of LD16 shows that New Jerseyans want to look forward, not backward, on issues such as jobs, women’s rights and education.

This is the is latest bright moment in our history of grassroots fundraising and activism. In 2012 you helped us be named the #1 Grassroots-Powered State Race in the U.S. on the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Essential Races List. Thank you again for helping us continue the momentum in true grass-roots fashion. And a special thanks to Democracy for America and the Network for Public Education for reaching out to their members yesterday. I am proud to be endorsed by both these organizations that stand up for America's hard working middle class, and I'm grateful for their role in spreading our message.

You can stay up to date with our campaign here, on Facebook and on Twitter @mariecorfield.

DLCC: Marie Corfield has the Top Grassroots-Powered State Race in the Country

Number One: The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee has just announced that Marie Corfield landed the top spot in the country on the national Democrats’ Essential Races List among candidates powered by strong grassroots groundswell. Corfield, the Democrat in the District 16 Assembly special election, got more nominations than any other candidate in the country. Nominations were driven by Marie’s supporters in LD-16, and all over New Jersey. But her numbers really took off when supporters began telling her story to Democrats all over the country.

Tea Party opponent: Corfield’s Republican opponent has never been elected to the seat. Donna Simon was appointed to the seat after the death of GOP Assemblyman Pete Biondi. Simon is a Tea Party candidate, aligned and endorsed by them.

On Monday, Stephen Colbert did a quirky report on Colleen Lachowicz, who spends enough time playing World of Warcraft that she’s got a well-known avatar in that fantasy game. The GOP says that make her unfit for office. Also pulling votes in DLCC’s competition was the race against GOP Speaker Bolger in Michigan, who’s getting slammed for attempting election fraud. And a Democrat running against one of the top Free State Project people in the New Hampshire House.

Here’s what DLCC Executive Director Michael Sargeant just told Blue Jersey:

“For this year’s Essential Races project, we were once again overwhelmed by the thousands upon thousands of grassroots nominations that poured in for races across the country. All of them are significant and deserving of attention on Election Night, but only the top ten races could be added to this year’s Essential Races list as grassroots picks. And the race receiving the most nominations of any in the country was the special election in New Jersey Assembly District 16, featuring Democratic nominee Marie Corfield, a teacher who’s seeking to defeat an incumbent Republican appointee.  It’s clear that both parties have made this race a priority, and the flood of nominations this race received was a clear reflection of tremendous grassroots interest in the outcome of this election.”

Thank You: There’s a lot of people to thank for this national recognition of the importance of Marie’s race. DLCC itself deserves thanks for recognizing the importance of Marie’s race. You should know virtually everybody here at Blue Jersey is involved in key roles behind Marie. So, I thank my blogbrothers, and Sister Senate Majority Leader. When I think of the naysayers who think all we do here is write stuff, it makes me laugh. All of you – LGBT activists, parents & teachers, local small business owners, Labor folks, great Dems, everybody who took the time to nominate Marie, we owe this national recognition to you.

Follow Marie:  Website.  Facebook.  Twitter.  ActBlue.

Grandpa Harry is spinning furiously in his grave

This is long, but interesting to read something of the man who was an inspiration to a young seeker of municipal office. Stephen, who as a teen was the first person to get a Blue Jersey account after founder Juan Melli, is a candidate for municipal office in Berkeley Heights. – Rosi

After I published my last article here (thank you to everyone who commented on it), I received an e-mail from a New Jersey friend of mine, and a sometime-Democratic activist. My friend wrote, in part:

“What the **** gives you the right to call out Sweeney? He was a labor leader when you were in diapers.”

No, I’m not in a union. I don’t believe graduate students have a union to join, although I could be wrong. And no, I don’t have the “credentials” of Senator Sweeney when it comes to a labor background.

But I can tell you this – the movement for workers to gain their freedom is in my blood. Were it not for organizers like my Grandpa Harry, a Gloucester County ironworker could never have become the leader of the New Jersey State Senate.

March 24: Blue Jersey’s First Ever Money Bomb – For Our Own Jeff Gardner

Jeff GardnerToday, we kick off a 10-day Countdown to March 24th, the day we join progressives in New Jersey and across the nation to raise money for Jeff Gardner’s campaign for the New Jersey Senate. March 24th is Money Bomb Day.

We’ve heard from all corners of NJ that Jeff’s campaign is a statewide progressive priority. Here at Blue Jersey, we’re proud Jeff’s one of our own. Everyone here knows about Jeff Gardner. Rock solid progressive. A fighter. A leader.

Campaigns cost money. If Jeff’s going to unseat a 30-year incumbent, he’ll need our support. March 24th Money Bomb.

So – What’s a Money Bomb?: A grassroots fundraising effort concentrated in a short time period. We’re going to use it to support Jeff by dramatically ramping up, concentrating & publicizing his fundraising.  

What you can do right now: Click “I’m Attending” on Jeff’s Money Bomb page. Then come back March 24th and donate!  

Every contribution counts – $5, $10, or $25  donations add up. If the progressive community shows our real strength – by making Jeff the next Senator from the 35th District – maybe Democrats in Trenton will think twice before they betray fundamental policies the Democratic Party stands for.  

Then, today, spread the word:

On Facebook: Share the Money Bomb event (click Share after you RSVP you’re attending). Then zoom over to Jeff’s campaign page on facebook and hit “Like”.

On Twitter: Tweet your support for Jeff! Use hash tag #GardnerMoneyBomb.  

Until we step up and start electing better Democrats, we’ll never get the representation we’ve been longing for. We’ll never get the type of leadership a blue state like NJ deserves. We are going all-in for Jeff’s campaign. And we need you. Money Bomb March 24th!



As discussed on the my.barackobama.com listserve, I have created this diary for people from the “Central NJ for Obama” listserv to chat with each other about gossip and editorial comments.  Have fun!!

The Blog That Didn’t Dump Mike Ferguson

Promoted from the diaries — Juan

Last week Congressman Mike Ferguson, the Rep. from NJ7 who loved Tom DeLay and worshiped embryos, announced that at age 38 he was retiring from Congress after four terms.  His stated reason was to spend more time with his family, but suspicions have been raised that it was either an emerging sex scandal or the upcoming brutal campaign against Linda Stender that pushed him out.

Others suggested that a blog I mostly wrote, called Dump Mike, was a primary reason.  Matt Stoller over at Open Left wrote:

The first candidate-centric blog I ever saw was DumpMike.com, targeting Ferguson (congrats, you did it).  There were many times when Ferguson was embarrassed by the site, but my favorite post was when DumpMike caught Ferguson with a whites-only website.

Of What Value

If you want to know what someone truly values, look at their checkbook.  It’s simple, really.  Our money is limited and there is a bright line between things that interest us – things that don’t get our money – and things we consider vital – things that do get our money.

In the last year, Blue Jersey has taken the lead on everything from turning back the false Republican charges against Senator Bob Menendez to pushing our allies in the state legislature for full marriage equality to identifying and publicizing state-level races that might have otherwise not been considered viable.  And throughout all of that, very few people have received any payment for their actions (make that “two people” – as in our Statehouse correspondent and our intern doing the news updates).  So when we say that we are the grassroots, it’s because we are sweating and swearing and pushing and pulling all levels of government to be more responsive to the people of New Jersey every single day.

We know all too well what we are doing.  Activists and politicians alike come here to help get their message into the hearts and minds of progressive New Jerseyans.  We never ask an entrance fee – we only ask that our community is treated with the respect it deserves.  We are more than happy to allow campaigns and public interest groups to reach beyond us to the members of our community and ask them for volunteer hours and cash and support of all kinds.

And we are glad to do it.

Take a look at the ads in the far right sidebar.  Those are the folks who have determined that they want to do more than just use Blue Jersey as a magnifier for their own message.  They understand that Blue Jersey works best when it has a broad base of support and is allowed to function in the manner that made it what it is – a strong independent voice for progressive politics.

Now take a look at it again.  Notice who isn’t in that sidebar. 

If you are a member of a progressive group that believes New Jersey needs Blue Jersey’s strong voice of leadership, I urge you to discuss with them the possibility of running an ad.  If you are a politician who is running for office and you want to show how strongly you believe in Blue Jersey’s mission – the mission of democracy – then you should do more than just consider buying an ad.  You should do it.  Not just because it is part of a smart strategy of reaching out to progressive New Jerseyans, but because it is the right thing to do.  It shows that you aren’t just trying to use us and wring whatever free press you can from us.  It shows you believe that power truly does belong in the hands of the people, and you aren’t afraid of having your name and likeness associated with that belief.

Or, alternatively, just consider becoming a recurring patron of the site.  For as little as $5 a month – a ridiculously low amount you could scrape up in change – you can help keep us going.  Use our BlogPatron page and shout out in the comments to let us know what level of support you can share with us.

Update: I forgot to include a mail link for those who want to buy an ad.  DOH!