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I’ll Never Be Able to Thank You All Enough

Well, it has been 10 days since I came up short in my pursuit of the Bergen County endorsement for 38th District Assembly. And while on the one hand, I feel like I’ve been thanking people non-stop ever since; on the other hand, I feel like I have barely begun to thank all the people who made my experience as a candidate so positive.

So, since I started my campaign with an announcement on Blue Jersey, I thought I’d say one big final thank you here to finish the campaign.

Thank you Blue Jersey!

Together with DFA, Garden State Equality, Paterson Grassroots for Change, BlueAmericaPAC, NJ Stonewall Dems, and of course the amazing Democrats for Hawthorne, your support throughout (and not just the incredibly successful Money Bomb) helped make the campaign the success that it was. And special thanks to the party leaders and elected officials who loudly supported me for the 38th District seat, and to those who quietly supported me in the 35th (bless you, you know who you are).

I am very proud of what we accomplished – our efforts were a victory for progressives in New Jersey and around the nation. We sent a clear message to incumbents everywhere that they will be held accountable for their votes and their conduct in office, and that progressives are up to that challenge. In that regard, the campaign was indeed a huge success, and I am forever grateful.

As a token of my appreciation, I want to invite you to a Thank You party next Tuesday, April 26th at 7:30 p.m. in Hawthorne. Whether you donated money, time,  energy, or all of the above – please join us at 7:30p at the Llewellyn Ave. Firehouse, 10 Llewellyn Ave., Hawthorne, NJ. You’ll meet our campaign staff, our incredible Hawthorne Democrats, and members of our 38th District Legislative team for a fun evening of food, friends and celebration. Feel free to let us know you’re coming in the comments.

Now, it’s time to turn our attention to upcoming races around the state – School Board Elections next week, Primary Elections in many Districts, and ultimately the big prize in November, when we see just how “Democratic” this new map really turns out to be. And, importantly, how “Democratic” our elected democrats turn out to be (ahem, I think you know who you are too).

So, thank you again for the donations, the hours spent volunteering, and the words of advice – they did not go unnoticed. As they say, the cause endures. I plan to continue fighting for a stronger Democratic Party and a better New Jersey, and I’m counting on you to join me.

The cause endures

Thank you, Dom –  Rosi

“For me, a few hours ago, this campaign came to an end. For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.”

-Senator Ted Kennedy, 1980 Democratic National Convention

It wasn’t an easy week for progressives in Passaic County and New Jersey.  I was unsuccessful in my efforts to seek a vacated assembly seat in the 35th District. My friend Jeff Gardner was defeated at yesterday’s convention of the Democratic Committee of Bergen County by Maywood Mayor Tim Eustace.  But this doesn’t mark the end of our fight, it marks the beginning of a new era of progressive politics.  

Every day we are seeing a slow death to the old way of doing things.   Back room deals and political horse trading are becoming a thing of the past.  The process is becoming more transparent, more fair, and more accessible to normal people looking to serve their communities.  In the end this will mean more accountable representation for us all in Trenton.  

I know I’m not done fighting for my core progressive beliefs: worker’s rights, economic empowerment, and keeping property taxes stable while maintaining a high level of municipal services.  There will be other fights and campaigns.  And I know Jeff and I will be at the frontlines in Passaic County making sure we are living up the ideals of Senator Kennedy’s Democratic Party.    

A new campaign for the State Assembly

I am pumped for this, Dom – Rosi

As details began to leak about the redistricting process, it was clear their would be a new vacancy in the 35th District.  Assemblywoman Pou is poised to move up to the State Senate after Hawthorne was lopped from Paterson and I immediately called Chairman Currie to threw my hat into the ring as a candidate for the vacant Assembly seat.  As a former member of the Board of Education, Haledon Council, and current Mayor – I bring to the table a strong set of qualifications and experience.  

I am already making calls around the newly configured 35th District to leaders of Elmwood Park, Garfield, Haledon, North Haledon, Paterson, and Prospect Park.  I am going to take my message to every County Committee member to show why I would be the strongest Democrat to round out the representation for this diverse district.  

Today’s map was great news for New Jersey’s Democratic Party.  But there is still much work to be done.  We need to make sure we are sending strong progressive Democrats to the State Senate and Assembly, and as many Blue Jersey readers know – I can be counted on to stand up to Governor Christie’s regressive policies being waged on our State’s working class.  

Whether it is marriage equality or the right to collectively bargain, my progressive credentials are strong.  

I will keep you updated as the process unfolds and look forward to working with everyone in the Blue Jersey community as legislative tickets begin to form around New Jersey.  

This is what people-powered looks like

I have a hunch we’ll hear from Jeff later. Meanwhile, big thanks from Blue Jersey to everybody who gave in yesterday’s money bomb! – Rosi

Big hat tip to the Blue Jersey community, Blue America PAC, and Democracy for America for making the money bomb a huge success. – Matt

Honestly, when we had our initial conference call on the money bomb idea – Rosi, Jay, a DFA national staffer, and myself – we all thought somewhere between $1,000 on the low end and$5,000 on the high end would be a successful for a one day haul.  This just has never really been done in a state legislative race, so we just weren’t sure what to expect.

435 donors and $10,728 raised was double our best case scenario.  If the establishment wasn’t listening before, they are now.  more below…

#ticktickBOOM: Jeff Gardner for Senate Money Bomb UPDATE: $2,713-plus at 3:35

As you know by now, Blue Jersey’s part of a national money bomb for Jeff Gardner’s Senate primary campaign against 30-year incumbent John Girgenti. It’s been a 10-day lead-up. And it all happens today – ticktickBOOM. Money bomb is a concentrated effort to ramp up focus & fundraising for a priority campaign, in a one-day burst. Today. This is Jeff’s first money bomb, and Blue Jersey’s. And it’s trending hot. Can you join us?

THANK YOU to everybody who’s already contributed. Every amount powers up Jeff’s campaign, and gets us closer to having a fine and tough progressive working for his District and for all of us. So, at around 3:20pm, with hours left to go, here’s an update:

Jeff’s Money Bomb ActBlue: $2,713 from 76 supporters.


DFA’s ActBlue: $851 from 30 supporters.

BlueAmerica’s ActBlue: $1,124 from 55 supporters.

(Blue) Jersey Jeff Gardner for Senate, money bomb: $1,149 – 36 supporters.

None of us has ever done this before, and we didn’t know what to expect. Your response is off-the-charts. We breezed past our $1,000 initial goal early this morning, and we’re now pushing toward a goal of $5,000 or more today. And the buzz is ramping up. Jeff just finished his 2nd live-chat of the week at BlueAmerica’s page at Crooks & Liars. And today, there were two posts about Jeff on the Recommended list at Daily Kos.

Jeff’s Money Bomb is today. Every dollar counts. Can you jump in?

There is no tilting at windmills here. This is a viable campaign, with real progressive vigor behind it. Blue Jersey, you’re a huge part of this.


It’s time to step up

We’re 3 days out from the Jeff Gardner Money Bomb, Thursday March 24. Show your progressive colors! – promoted by Rosi

Everyone here knows Jeff’s story.  We know how strong of a leader he would be in the State Senate.  We know his commitment to progressive ideals and local organizing.  The bottom line is we need more people like him running for office.  If we don’t take back the Democratic Party now – when are we going to?

That is why I’m hoping everyone who is able will commit to donating this Thursday for the Jeff Gardner for Senate money bomb.  Jeff doesn’t have special interests or Trenton lobbyists donating to his campaign.  He doesn’t have employees at various state authorities filling his campaign coffers.  He has normal people like you and me.  People that care about who is representing us.  People tired of so many failed policies coming out of Trenton.  People who want to make a difference.

I’m no Donald Trump, and I’ve already donated $100 to Jeff’s campaign (and I made my girlfriend give $50, thanks Christie).  I hope you can reach down and send $5, $10, or $25 his way to help him get his message out.

If you aren’t financially able to donate, there are plenty of other ways you can chip in to help his campaign.  Spread the word about his Facebook and Twitter pages. Post a blog.  Write a letter to the editor.  Reach out to the campaign and canvass on the weekend in the district.  Every little bit will help.

My friendship with Jeff goes back three years.  After meeting via the common link of Passaic County on this site, we had coffee and talked about the County Committee and turning red towns blue.  To this day, his apt for organizing and energy for democratic ideals never ceases to amaze me.  We need him fighting for us in Trenton.  

Full disclosure: I’m working on Jeff’s Senate campaign.

Is that a MoneyBomb in your Pocket or are you just excited to meet me?

RSVP now to join the Jeff Gardner for Senate Money Bomb March 24th!

IMG_0389Senatorial Ambitions

Let’s face it: Monday Morning Suck. Of course it’s really easy to say that when you’re staring down the barrel of a spring-like weekend which is only now just beginning.

But sure enough, Monday morning will come around (again) and chances are you’ll be looking for a little lift to get going. Something besides the morning cup to give your day a bit of purpose.

RSVP now to join the Jeff Gardner for Senate Money Bomb March 24th!

Every contribution counts – $5, $10, or $25 donations add up. If the progressive community shows our real strength – by making Jeff the next Senator from the 35th District – maybe Democrats in Trenton will think twice before they betray fundamental policies the Democratic Party stands for.

Standing with the middle class

For almost 15 years I was an attorney at the National Labor Relations Board – so I know union busting when I see it.  What is going on in Madison and across the nation is a collective attempt to weaken worker’s rights.  We can’t let it happen in Wisconsin, and we can’t let it happen here at home in New Jersey.  We need to continue to stand with union members and the middle class they represent.    

Charles Stile on Jeff Gardner: “Bona Fide Giant Slayer”

If you didn’t know about the Democratic senatorial primary fight in the 35th legislative district, a column by Bergen Record columnist Charlie Stile at northjersey.com is a clear snapshot and of what divides the two combatants, Sen. John Girgenti and Jeff Gardner. – Rosi Efthim

Round 2 of Hawthorne political fight coming up

by Charles Stile:

Jeffrey Gardner’s shoebox-size law office in Hawthorne’s downtown suits his budget. After all, he opened his practice only a month ago.

The Lafayette Avenue office is also a fitting symbol of his new place in Passaic County politics.

The 42-year-old liberal activist seized a small Democratic Party beachhead last June, taking control of the Hawthorne Democratic Municipal Committee. The precinct-level victory yielded a modicum of power but a bounty of statewide buzz – he defeated John Girgenti, the 35th District state senator who joined the Legislature four years before Hosni Mubarak took control of Egypt.

A Champion of Progressive Causes

Assemblywoman Nellie Pou has long been a champion of progressive causes in Trenton, including an important issue to most Blue Jersey readers: marriage equality. As one of the lone Mayors in the greater Passaic County area performing civil unions, I understand that marriage equality is a civil rights issue – not an ideological issue. I’m proud Assemblywoman Pou is supporting our campaign because she knows real Democrats when she sees them and she knows we are the real Democrats in Haledon.