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Gannett to buy The Record

Media consolidation continues in New Jersey; looks like Gannett, the media conglomerate that owns USA Today as well as Asbury Park Press (APP) and several other newspapers across NJ, will buy up The Record. It has been a fiercely independent news outlet, and privately owned….
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In what world do indictments in Bridgegate equal vindication for Christie?

If reports are right, there could be indictments this week (or just about any week) in the Bridgegate investigation. But I just can’t get past this headline today over at PolitickerNJ, because the majority of people will never read the story, they will just see this:

For Christie, indictments in Bridgegate investigation could mean vindication

This is exactly what Team Christie is hoping for and counting on. Check it out: If you Google Christie and Indictments, look at the 3rd news story currently:

Seriously. In what world is potential indictment and perp walk of your closest advisors, Port Authority henchmen and campaign chiefs vindication? If they’re indicted, it will be for work they did for a seated Governor launching a campaign for president. If they’re indicted, it will be for carrying out the business they had reason to believe Gov. Christie wanted, even if he says – repeatedly – he wasn’t aware of any of it? Is that how far the bar has been lowered now?

“Vindication.” Just wow.  

Christie’s Strategy: Exploit media’s Achille’s heel

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What’s with this obsession on Governor Christie’s sport’s preferences?

Easy: Governor Christie and his strategists understand the way the present day media works better that nearly any politician today. He understands that watching the news today means learning pretty much nothing about what is going on locally, nationally, or internationally. He understands that the stories easiest to grasp and easiest to form an opinion about are the ones that make the lede and  the ones that sell copy. He understands that the more complex, muddied up, or grey-zoned a particular story is, the quicker people tune out.

PolitickerNJ has No Bias At All

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Folks over at PolitickerNJ have regularly denied having a political bias, and they may not be aware of it.  However, often it is quite clear.  Here’s a wonderful example.

A Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind poll asked both Democrats and Republicans what they thought of potential Democratic and Republican wannabes for Governor:  

Roundup of media coverage of Chris Christie’s $1 million PR stunt

Much of the time, I wish the DNC and the DGA would pull back on, or at least refine, the Christie-bashing. It’s an optics issue. I get that they smell blood. And I think they believe they’re helping. But there are still people here making up their minds how they feel about the daily Christie news in New Jersey. His avoidance of the press and their hard questions vs. “town halls” where he get mostly softballs. And his “Bridgegate”  denials that his key operatives ever checked with him on anything vs. the investigations, where that hasn’t been determined yet. What I always want the D.C. Dems to recognize is that there’s still slow, linear, dogged due diligence going on in these investigations. And New Jerseyans who haven’t made up their minds yet what they believe are watching it all. In the legislature, Wisniewski & Weinberg appear to take that work very seriously. No showboating. No overreach. No partisan scoring (the GOP would disagree, but their leader’s a key player in the scandal **). I hate anything that looks like that investigation is rigged by party (including D.C. bombast) Because I don’t think it is.

So I prefer it when the national Dems keep it simple. So, I like this unvarnished roundup of media response to the news that Christie’s “internal review” – conducted by friendly, politically-connected lawyers at taxpayer expense – finds him blameless. Who thinks Christie’s “internal investigation” has credibility? Read on:

Christie’s Bridgegate investigation is baloney

The Star-Ledger // Editorial Board

“It cost New Jersey taxpayers at least a million bucks, but here’s what we finally know for a fact: Gov. Chris Christie’s lawyers think he’s innocent.”

That’s the best headline. The rest, on the jump.

Quoting from Media Reporting on GWB

There has been some top-quality analysis over the last several days about the developing George Washington Bridge scandal, some of it Jersey-based, some national. I just want to flag some of this for you, because it sheds light on how what may be a massive abuse of power could happen in an agency with a budget larger than 26 of our states, on a bridge carrying 300,000 cars a day, and also on the conduct of Gov. Christie and the loyalists he surrounds himself with, and what they might have been willing to do in service of the man with his eye on the White House.  

Philadelphia Magazine reporting George Norcross is now majority owner of Inquirer & media holdings

Steve Volk of Philadelphia Magazine is reporting that George Norcross is now the majority owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com, which is already managed by his 25-year-old daughter Lexie Norcross. Volk reports that the South Jersey Democratic boss has bought out the shares of fellow owner Kris Singh, and that a formal announcement is expected later today. The purchase effectively doubles Norcross’ holdings, and is a major development in the ongoing battle between Norcross and fellow owner Lewis Katz, that went public weeks ago when Katz sued Norcross over the firing of editor Bill Marimow. Marimow was reinstated in late November by a Philadelphia judge.

This is a developing story.  

Hey, PolitickerNJ, think you forgot to mention something?

PolitickerNJ logoMatt Arco has a great story in PolitickerNJ this morning, a warning from Senator Loretta Weinberg to JC Mayor Steve Fulop with a well-deserved zing to the cesspool that is Port Authority. More on that below. First, I want to deal with the fact that I think PNJ owes its readers a disclaimer. After all, PNJ has more than passing connection to this story – that Weinberg’s warning Fulop about – the sudden closure of George Washington Bridge local lanes and the dangerous traffic tie-up that may all have been political payback against a Democratic mayor who refused to fall over for Chris Christie.  

Why should PolitickerNJ disclose? Because in their story, there is zero mention that PNJ’s founder – and driving force for most of its life – is a key player. Maybe the key player. David Wildstein. A/K/A “Wally Edge,” who founded the site, announced its 2007 sale with a quote from Machiavelli, and finally unmasked himself as David Wildstein when he took a $215,000 job as a Port Authority executive. The Record calls Wildstein, hired by Christie appointee Bill Baroni, “Christie’s eyes and ears inside the Port Authority”. Wildstein went to high school with Christie. You can see why there are serious questions about Wildstein’s conduct, after Wall Street Journal reported it was the former “Wally Edge” who ordered bridge officials to close the lanes, then stood and watched the massive traffic jam it created. For days. It’s all a little … close. And while PNJ did no wrong (it remains to be seen if Wildstein did), it’s the kind of thing we expect a responsible news organization to mention. To disclose.  

Weinberg says she wants the Port Authority to answer for those lane closures, and invites Blue Jersey readers to join her as she goes to Wednesday’s Port Authority Commission meeting (yes, in JC). Arco’s story, and what Sen. Loretta Weinberg wants Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop to think hard about, below the fold:  

The AP Shows “Balance,” or Why Our Media Sucks

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So last week a staffer for the erstwhile Steve Lonegan for Senate campaign sent out a tweet that purported to be Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s debate notes.  It included a map of Newark that labeled the parts of Newark as third world countries and areas where mostly people with dark skin live.

According to Rick Shaftan, an extremely conservative activist and long-time Lonegan booster and campaign consultant, as soon as Lonegan heard about it he demanded it be taken down.  Lonegan immediately recognized it was offensive and inappropriate (though took no responsibility for hiring the staffer who is still with the campaign).

So the candidate himself, the owner of the Twitter account, the guy at whom the buck stops says the tweet was offensive, unacceptable, in poor taste, problematic, bad form, etc., etc., etc.

Needless to say, many others found it offensive as well.  Cory Booker is one.  Many other Democrats.  They said so.  So did fairly reliable conservative Bob Ingle.

The Associated Press, in what can only be described as an extensive effort to prostrate itself before their most holy of media gods False Equivalence, used this headline:

Lonegan campaign tweet labeled offensive, taken down

Labeled offensive?  Seriously?  Apparently the AP is too scared to actually call an obviously racist and bigoted public utterance of a campaign what it is, an “offensive tweet.”

This is one of the reasons why our traditional media is so awful these days: they’re unwilling to state basic facts if there’s a chance one side or the other (usually the right) might call fowl.

And, no, that’s not a typo: the media is chicken.