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New Jersey and Porn Spam: Hey, Clean up your Website

So, I was reading this Washington Post Security Fix post about how spyware and porn information has been planted in many government and school sites:

It would be great if the compromised Web servers I wrote about last week at Lawrence Livermore National Labs were an aberration, but sadly they are not. Conducting a simple Google search for adult-themed search terms found in “.gov” domains produces some very interesting results, including pages serving up adult videos along with a generous helping of spyware.

So I tried searching google with “site:nj.us free porn”, and then I tried “site: rutgers.edu” 

My advice:

Morris County needs to clean up its Guestbook.

Hunterdon Central High School needs to clean up its weblogs.

Rutgers should look into some of the comments on some forums.

I’m not talking about discussions of sex or government warning about porn, this is porn spam, and it helps spread security problems.

No links provided, and clicking on the sites is supposed to be dangerous (especially if you  have an old Windows computer.)  But if it’s true that any politicians read this site, why not call up those responsible…

Abate raises $12,000 [or possibly $9137] in first quarter (with POLL!)

According to a filing with the FEC, Camille Abate’s campaign raised $12,004 for the first quarter of 2006. There were no prior expectations of a competitive quarter from Abate, a late entry to the Fifth District race who filed with the FEC in March.

Democrat Paul Aronsohn, finished the quarter with a $125,000 lead over Abate in cash-on-hand. The presumed Republican opponent, Scott Garrett, had a lackluster quarter but currently leads Aronsohn by $240,000 in available funds.

The next quarterly reports will be filed in early July, at which point Democrats and Republicans will already have chosen their nominees.