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CD12: Bonnie Watson Coleman reports Q1 fundraising

In the CD12 Democratic primary, Bonnie Watson Coleman is the first to trumpet her fundraising totals for the Q1 period that covers Jan. 1 to March 14, 2014. She reports raising more than $120,000 in 37 days:

  • Nearly 1,000 contributions;

  • 85% of contribs at less than $100; 90% at $250 or less & 94% at $500 or less;

  • Contribs from all 4 counties in CD12; Middlesex, Somerset, Union and Mercer.

    The low-dollar contributions may be key. That’s the way Rush Holt won the CD12 Democratic primary in 1998, in a very different landscape against Carl Mayer, who put hundreds of thousands of his own money in. Holt was able to demonstrate not only a viable campaign but one that was supported by a greater number of people. He went on to win the seat that year, and will retire after 8 terms in the House. It’s a one-two punch this week for the Watson Coleman campaign, which earlier reported promising internal poll numbers that showed a surge in her name-recognition since the campaign began, and a statistical dead-heat with Senator Linda Greenstein. Greenstein, who was the first to jump into the race following Rush Holt’s surprise retirement announcement, this week picked up a couple noticeable endorsements; Mercer-Burlington Building Trades Council, whose president is Greenstein’s district-colleague Asm Wayne DeAngelo will seek Greenstein’s seat if she wins the seat, and CWA Local 1036.

    CD12 is New Jersey’s best shot to send a woman to Congress, in a field that also includes Asm Upendra Chivukula, who I believe would be the first Indian-American ever in NJ’s congressional delegation. I don’t have figures yet for Greenstein and Chivukula; the filing deadline is April 15. This race, with just 60 days to go till the primary, still feels fluid.

    The Watson Coleman campaign also listed her recent endorsements, so I’ll post those below the fold.

  • Time for Governor to Reconsider Marriage Veto

    promoted by Rosi

    In what can only be described as a wholly justified, properly legal and completely shit-fucked decision, the FEC has decided that same-sex couples legally married under state law are half-Americans.

    A gay couple married under state law cannot give a joint contribution to a federal candidate if they make it from an individual banking account, the Federal Election Commission voted unanimously Thursday.

    In a somewhat emotional session, FEC commissioners lamented the fact they had no choice but to deny gay couples the same rights as straight ones, given the Defense of Marriage Act’s legal requirements. Dan Winslow, a Republican candidate in next week’s primary for the open Massachusetts Senate seat, had requested the advisory opinion.

    “Mr. Engle, sometimes the law’s an ass,” declared FEC chair Ellen L. Weintraub, referring to the line from Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” in addressing Winslow’s attorney Craig Engle.

    So now same-sex married couples have lost their first amendment rights, rights the Supreme Court grants to corporations?  They’re currently hearing DOMA, and if they uphold the idiotic law they would have — in a period of three years — decided that artificial legal constructs have more rights than two men or two women who love each other enough to pledge their lives to each other.

    Governor Chris Christie vetoed marriage equality a while back, going against the public will.  He can make great strides towards proving he really is the man of the people he presents if he reconsiders that veto and stands with the large LBGT community and their loved ones in New Jersey against outright and unconstitutional bigotry.

    Mr. Christie, rescind your veto and sign the marriage equality law.  Public opinion and history would be on your side.

    NJ 4th Quarter House fundraising totals

    The 4th quarter fundraising numbers are in for members of Congress and NJ Reps have been on the phones. On the national party committee level, the DCCC outraised the NRCC and the has more cash on hand. Here is a breakdown of NJ members:

    Cash on Hand
    Q4 Receipts
    Q4 Disbursements
    Andrews $156,215.85 $97,076.03 $136,071.08
    LoBiondo $112,2460.53 $88,788.65 $143,491.17  
    Adler $1,407,625.72 $279,742.68 $67,502.87
    Smith $225,195.42   $146,741.78 $47,638.52
    Garrett $391,496.09 $197,479.00 $73,569.74
    Pallone $3,917,859.89 $215,158.17 $310,216.65
    Lance $347,966.10 $96,643.00 $63,050.90
    Pascrell $1,414,842.60 $164,801.13 $123,279.39
    Rothman $1,803,385.44 $126,689.05 $83,146.07
    Payne $1,173,044.14 $63,097.49 $44,123.71
    Frelinghuysen $528,071.09 $119,190.58 $85,929.91
    Holt $635,138.30 $107,536.84 $63,106.40
    Sires $224,823.35 $59,430.11 $68,853.41

    Congressman Pallone has the most Cash on Hand, followed by Rothman, Pascrell, Adler and then Payne. Rodney Frelinghuysen has the most on hand for the Republican members from NJ, followed by Scott Garrett and then Leonard Lance. Adler has clearly been the most talked about name in terms of targets for the GOP, but recently they have also been making noise with candidates popping up to challenge Holt and Pallone. Adler’s Cash on Hand ranks him 2nd out of 43 DCCC Frontline candidates, the group considered to be the most competitive or potentially vulnerable seats for the House.

    An additional NJ fundraising success story is New Jersey alum Jennifer May. After assisting state candidates, raising money for the Assembly Democrats and handling finance for John Adler’s Congressional campaign in 2008, May moved on to Scott Murphy’s race in NY’s 20th district. Murphy is another frontline candidate for the DCCC and with May’s help, Murphy comes in 2nd for total raised in the 4th quarter with over $400,000 raised.

    The whole issue of candidate fundraising may become that much more significant this cycle in light of the recent Supreme Court Decision allowing corporate cash to flood the system even further.  

    Current Cash for New Jersey House Incumbents

    Updated by Jason Springer: Congressman Adler leads all frontline challengers filing with an impressive $464,125 raised in the first quarter.  He has $426,587 Cash on Hand.  You can view a spreadsheet of the 40 Frontline Democrats here.

    Reports for the first quarter of 2009 were due yesterday, so the FEC has data online for nearly all of the New Jersey’s Representatives.  Adler has not yet been entered but has reportedly raised over $400,000. I don’t know where Garrett or Smith are.  The table is literally cut-and-pasted from an FEC website query, so the links don’t work.

    To me, the interesting bits are:

  • Former Congressman Jim Saxton’s campaign still has over $400,000 in the bank.  Ferguson also has over $70,000.  I would have thought they’d have given the money to the NRCC.  
  • Pallone has a ton of money, but probably won’t get a chance to use it to run for Senate for six years. Should there (God forbid) be a vacancy, he will use the money as an argument to pick him. Andrews, on the other hand, used up his stash of money.
  • Lance is in pretty weak shape, and hasn’t even paid off all his debt.  
  • My rep, Frank LoBiondo, is still sitting on his huge bank account.  It helps scare away challengers.
  • It’s odd Frelinghuysen has so much debt, I don’t know what the story is there.  He is actually underwater.


    New Jersey
    ANDREWS 1 $53,586$198,633$124,168$0
    LOBIONDO 2 $112,050$125,041$1,164,324$0
    SAXTON 3 $24,919$7,981$406,325$0
    PALLONE, 6 $218,460$129,240$3,557,088$0
    FERGUSON 7 $389$41,090$72,745$0
    LANCE 7 $172,815$81,968$121,037$55,000
    PASCRELL 8 $231,145$80,756$1,281,649$0
    PAYNE 10 $89,881$51,206$1,127,884$0
    FRELINGHUYSEN. 11 $60,804$42,389$403,272$441,079
    HOLT 12 $44,131$141,725$439,970$0
    SIRES 13 $13,550$80,305$141,258$0

  • Third Quarter Cash on Hand for Democrats

    Cash on Hand from the FEC quarterly filings:

    Rob Andrews (NJ1) $2,429,899
    Rush Holt (NJ12) $623,200
    Frank Pallone (NJ6) $3,105,223
    Bill Pascrell (NJ8) $1,031,440
    Don Payne (NJ10) $751,399
    Steve Rothman (NJ9) $1,838,631
    Albio Sires (NJ13) $132,605

    Your politics 101 quiz:  Which of these Congressmen is thinking of running for the U.S. Senate?

    Third Quarter Republican Numbers

    The quarterly (07/01/2007-09/30/2007) FEC filings are now online for many candidates.  Here are the numbers for two targeted Republicans in the House:

    individual (in) committee (in) total (in) spent (out) donated (out) Cash on Hand
    Frank Lobiondo 60,245 81,650 155,285 66,941 92,600 1,515,698
    Jim Saxton 73,385 23,100 105,818 35,207 12,000 1,393,210

    The bottom line is that both these Republicans have ensured that they have a large warchest to face any challengers.  (This is more important than usual, since the NRCC is not likely to have much money to come to their aid.)  The main difference between them may be due to the fact that Saxton faces a strong challenge from Adler while LoBiondo does not (yet) have one.  LoBiondo therefore acts as a kind of money launderer — More than his $60,000 in individual contributions to “his” re-election efforts flowed outwards to local ($30,500 to Atlantic County, and more to state legislators) and national ($20,000 to the NRCC) Republicans.  Saxton, meanwhile, gave only contributions to various Republican Representatives around the country.

    Mike Ferguson’s filing is not yet available.

    Frank LoBiondo’s FEC Filing

    I took a look at Representative Frank LoBiondo’s 2nd quarter FEC filing.  Really, all you need to know is summarized here:

    Cash On Hand $1,519,954.31
    Raised This Quarter $208,202.00
    Net Expenditures $48,821.98

    LoBiondo remains in a strong position, with a huge amount of cash available.  Furthermore, he is clearly not taking anything for granted.  Compare his $200,000 in fundraising to the $280,286 raised by Chris Shays of CT, who is always a top target.  Two years ago he had $1.6 million cash on hand, which placed him 16th in the entire Congress according to the Campaign Finance Institute

    New Jersey Republican Donor Habits

    The FEC quarterly reports are in.  The New York Times has an amusing tool where they have mapped the donors.  (Unfortunately, the main Democrats are not up yet at the Times, though you can look yourself at the donors at the FEC link.)  You should remember that only donors who give $250 are individually listed and therefore small donors are not represented on the map.

    Who are the New Jersey donors supporting?  It’s about what you might guess:  Overwhelmingly Giuliani, then McCain, then Romney.  Romney underperforms in New Jersey compared to his national numbers.  Giuliani is doing much better in North Jersey than Central/South Jersey.  All numbers in the table below are in thousands of dollars and are rounded off.  North Jersey is zipcodes 07000-07999 and Central/South Jersey is zipcodes 08000-08999.  Huckabee is really going nowhere, no wonder Republicans are trying to get Fred Thompson into the race.

    Candidate North Central/South
    Giuliani 843 191
    McCain 369 137
    Romney 133 32
    Brownback 8 8
    Paul 8 5
    Hunter 2 0
    Huckabee 0 0
    T. Thompson 0 0

    Abate raises $12,000 [or possibly $9137] in first quarter (with POLL!)

    According to a filing with the FEC, Camille Abate’s campaign raised $12,004 for the first quarter of 2006. There were no prior expectations of a competitive quarter from Abate, a late entry to the Fifth District race who filed with the FEC in March.

    Democrat Paul Aronsohn, finished the quarter with a $125,000 lead over Abate in cash-on-hand. The presumed Republican opponent, Scott Garrett, had a lackluster quarter but currently leads Aronsohn by $240,000 in available funds.

    The next quarterly reports will be filed in early July, at which point Democrats and Republicans will already have chosen their nominees.