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Finding Common Ground at the Gun Legislation Forum in Teaneck

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A former Marine and LAPD police officer once said to me, when I asked why he studied theology and philosophy, “To understand a man, you first need to know what he believes.”

I was reminded of those words as I watched the Gun Safety Forum in Teaneck unfold.  Earlier, I was not optimistic the meeting would be productive.  The shouting would soon start and civility and reason would be the first casualties.  Or so I thought.

In December, like any breathing American, I was emotionally crushed by the loss of children at Newtown and have been haunted by this story.  I have family members and friends who hunt, or target shoot, or who own guns for protection, but also ones who are teachers, and parents with small children.  Like the heart-wrenching fights between brothers in any civil war, this one is a classic that has been going on since I was a child.

On Sunday, thanks to a (mostly ) civil discussion led by Laura Zucker at the Ethical Culture Society, as hard as it was for each side to hear the other, there was actual discussion and questions asked and answered. I was impressed that folks actually learned something from each other.

Before the forum, a well-dressed, serious looking young man was setting up a camera in the back of the room to capture the event.  He politely reached out his hand and introduced himself.  He was with the Second Amendment Society.  He seemed earnest and polite, not what I expected after watching Alex Jones on Piers Morgan, but I realized at that moment, I, myself had been biased before walking in the door. I would withhold judgment until I heard what he had to say.  He obviously wanted to be taken seriously, which was what this forum was for.  The legislators already knew what the anti-gun side believes.  This was a real chance, in a proper setting, to hear what the gun rights side believed.  Hopefully it would be shared with a minimum of shouting.

Pants on fire?

When Steve Rothman decided to move into the new 9th Congressional District to challenge Congressman Bill Pascrell, most political observers knew things would get nasty.  But no one knew the Rothman camp would resort to outright lies.  PolitiFact even went so far as give the Rothman campaign a “pants on fire” ruling for an outrageous distortion of Pascrell’s record on taxes.  Rothman will do and say whatever it costs to keep his seat in Congress – even if that means lying.

Voters aren’t going to be tricked into believing the lies coming from Rothman and his campaign.  Bill Pascrell has a strong record fighting for core Democratic values, protecting the middle class, and pushing back against Tea Party extremists.  Bill Pascrell didn’t run from the fight against the Tea Party, Steve Rothman did when he packed up and moved away from the fight against Scott Garrett in order to take on a Democrat.  The Star Ledger summed it up best: Rothman’s cheap shots are tarnishing his record.  Last week on The Brian Lehrer Show a former Rothman supporter expressed her frustrations, stating: “when it got cleared up, and I found out was really a kind of dirty politics the way he was saying these things about Pascrell, and each one can be explained, I’m voting for Pascrell.”  We need Bill Pascrell in Congress fighting for us like he has his whole career.  

Watch for yourself and don’t believe the lies coming from Rothman’s campaign:

Pascrell: Fighting for LGBT Equality

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Following President Obama’s historic announcement in support of marriage equality, the progressive community has been reenergized.  His support for this important civil rights issue can’t be quantified.  We all need to follow his lead and fight to elect progressive Democrats like Bill Pascrell that are going to stand up and fight for our LGBT brothers-and-sisters.  As an early supporter of marriage equality myself, I know how important this issue is to our progressive community. Unfortunately, Bill’s opponent is doing everything he can to distort his record to remain in Congress.  I’m with Bill Pascrell this June because I know he is the real fighter in this race standing up for our progressive Democratic values. He won’t cut-and-run from any fight. Don’t just take my word, see why Michael Galluccio is standing with Congressman Bill Pascrell.

Labor gets behind Congressman Pascrell

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Today 21 union locals announced support for Congressman Bill Pascrell in his primary fight.  Bill Mullen, President of the New Jersey State Building and Constructions Trade Council put it best: “Moving your home to challenge one of your own doesn’t make sense.  That’s why we’re standing by Congressman Bill Pascrell.”  And he is 100% right.  Bill Pascrell isn’t moving anywhere.  I can say with certainty that if he was drawn into a district with Scott Garrett he wouldn’t be running from the fight.  He would take it head on like he has every race in his career.  

That is the most disappointing part of Rothman’s decision to move into Pascrell’s district.  There is a golden opportunity to take out one of the most extreme, ideologically driven members of Congress.  A man who wants to drill for oil on New Jersey’s shores, voted against reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act and refused to support funding for Hurricane Katrina victims.  Garrett refuses to compromise on anything and epitomizes everything that is wrong with Washington D.C. right now. Instead of taking this fight to Garrett – someone Rothman disagrees with on almost every issue – he is fighting his own, another progressive Democrat who he almost always agrees with.  

It makes no sense.  

It is no secret that I’m a strong Pascrell supporter.  Since my first race for the Haledon Board of Education right up until my election as the Mayor of Haledon he has been behind me.  Bill Pascrell didn’t start this fight.  But you can rest assured he is going to end it.  

Bucking the national trend in Passaic County

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Full disclosure: I was a paid consultant for Freeholders Terry Duffy and Pat Lepore during their 2010 re-election campaign

In a year where Republicans nationally and here in New Jersey were swept into office, Passaic County Democrats were able to buck the trend – electing Richard Berdnik as our next Sheriff and re-electing Freeholders Terry Duffy and Pat Lepore to maintain control of the Freeholder Board.  I thought I’d give a few reasons why I thought we were successful during an unfavorable political climate in a tough year for Democrats.    

Localizing a countywide race

We crafted a message based off local issues and the tough decisions being made to get the county’s fiscal house in order.  For me, the most important accomplishment was the two credit upgrades from Moody’s Financial Services in the last two years.  This wasn’t campaign rhetoric, it was an objective third-party rating agency saying we were doing a good job in passing responsible budgets. Moreover, it meant saving hundreds of thousands of dollars right now.  

GOTV and more, below the fold.

Kicking Off the General Election Campaign

After a hard fought primary campaign, the Democratic Party is united and energized for the general election.  The progress we made in Haledon is visible throughout the town-on our streets, in our parks, and with our quality of life. And, together, we need to continue that progress for four more years.  The final two-month sprint starts today, and we need to work at every level to elect Democrats this November.  

Passaic County Democrats were hit with a bombshell when Sheriff Jerry Speziale resigned to take a job with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Although this was disappointing news, as Sheriff Speziale was a strong partner and an asset for Haledon, I am excited about our new Sheriff candidate and the unique skills he brings to the table.  Clifton Lt. Richard Berdnik is a strong candidate who will keep Passaic County families safe, efficiently manage the Sheriff Department’s budget, and bring an outside perspective to reforming our prison system.  Our Passaic County Democratic Committee meeting to ratify Berdnik was a monumental event – you can read my tweets to see how it all played out that night in Paterson.  

Up-and-down the Row B bracket the Passaic County Democratic Committee has strong candidates to serve our families and our community.  Congressman Bill Pascrell has a track record of delivering for the 8th Congressional District and Haledon specifically, bringing in stimulus dollars to renovate our infrastructure. When we needed assistance upgrading the Roe Street Park, Freeholders Terry Duffy and Pat Lepore were there for us.  Together, we worked to earmark the funds through the county open space grant program and now our children are benefiting from the upgrades and improvements.    

Democrats Putting Haledon First

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Earlier this week I was proud to stand with Congressman Bill Pascrell to highlight more than $5 million dollars being spent in Haledon from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to modernize our sewers, improve our infrastructure, and make Haledon’s water supply cleaner.

The Manchester Utilities Authority began receiving monthly installments of a $3.7 million sub-grant from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. The fund is part of the federal stimulus package distributed through the state Department of Environmental Protection and will ensure the water quality is high in Haledon. It was a great day for Haledon and another great step forward for our community.  

As the Mayor of Haledon over the last 4 years we have seen many improvements.  We’ve taken an outside the box approach to solving problems, responsibly dealing with our budget, and an eye towards always putting the residents of Haledon first.  I am proud to announce the launching of my new campaign website – www.DomenickStampone.com – for the upcoming June Primary campaign.  This site will serve as a hub of information, resources, and updates from the campaign trail as we continue our goal of improving Haledon.