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News Round-up and Open Thread for Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Open Thread: What’s on your minds today, Blue Jersey?

News Round-up and Open Thread for Tuesday, August 8

Open Thread- What’s on your mind, Blue Jersey?

Menendez vs. Kean- War of Words or Dollars?

Even though NJ voters still have 148 days (but who’s counting…) until they go to the polls to help take back Congress, the war of words has begun between U.S. Senator Bob Menendez , the incumbent, and Senate hopeful Tom Kean JUNIOR.

Although both candidates can be portrayed by their opposition to represent the extremist views of their respective political parties, Menendez and Kean share a similar stance on many of the issues that will dominate the voters’ minds as they cast their ballots. Both candidates agree that Iraq is on track to be a horrendous quagmire beyond that of the Vietnam War Conflict, believe the study and implantation of embryonic stem-cell research is a feasible way to help find treatments for debilitating diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In addition, both candidates feel that something must be done to ease the burden we feel at the gas pump.

However that is where the similarities end. Menendez, being a former congressman, has a long record of political experience within the Beltway. He knows how Capital Hill works and what it takes to get a bill passed, in addition to having a strong repertoire with leaders on both sides of the aisle.

Menendez Launches Campaign to Stand Up For New Jersey

This past Thursday, June 1st, Senator Bob Menendez officially launched his 2006 election campaign, featuring events in Union City and Collingswood. The Collingswood event took place in the afternoon at the Collingswood Community Center, marked by a crowded room filled with around 150 people. Senator Menendez’s speech, which ran about twenty minutes, highlighted key differences between his candidacy and that of his opponent, state senator Tom Kean, Jr.

Early in the speech, Menendez spoke about how his immigrant parents—his mother a seamstress, his father a carpenter— worked tirelessly to raise him, often scraping up just enough money to afford food and a small apartment. He pointed out that his mother and father chose a tough life coming to America because of the opportunities it provided to their family. Menendez stressed the key values on which he was raised, including hard, work, compassion for your neighbor, and “most of all, no matter what, always stand[ing] up for what is right.” The Senator said this strong principle eventually motivated him to challenge a corrupt mayor and enter public service.

The crowd cheered as he then listed some of his legislative accomplishments during his short tenure in the Senate— including securing $400 million to modernize New Jersey ports and prevent outsourcing, $1 billion in money for port security, a Patient Navigator bill to help families through the complicated health care system. The Senator also touted his key opposition to the Bush administration’s plan to sell American ports to Dubai and called for an “Apollo-style project to break America’s addiction to oil.”

Let’s talk about pumping your own gas

Let’s talk about the Gov’s plan to introduce pump-your-own.

It’s all over the papers this morning– Corzine wants a three-month pilot program for the Turnpike for pumping our own gas, to see if it will really save us 5-6 cents a gallon.

The governor has other ideas too, including possibly lowering the speed limit back to 55 in order for us to be more efficient in our gas usage, allowing hybrids to use HOV lanes, gas card incentives for carpoolers and NJ transit rider incentives. From the Times of Trenton:

Corzine last week created the post of director of energy savings to increase energy efficiency in state operations. In a symbolic move, he plans to trade the state-owned SUV he is chauffeured around in for a more fuel-efficient vehicle after working through security concerns with the state police, he said.
“We’re serious about trying to hold down consumption. The nation’s going to have to do it. New Jersey has to do it, and we are going to have to do this as individuals,” he said.

Wow, personal responsibility and reduction of consumption. Wouldn’t that be great? But I digress…

Got Gas Pains?

It’s spring, and like clockwork, politicians on both sides are calling for investigations into price-gouging by the oil industry. This year it’s a little earlier than usual due to price spikes caused by market fear of supply disruption. I’ll say this slowly for everyone: price …. gouging ….. is ….. a ….. myth. That doesn’t mean it never happens, but that is NOT the reason for the increase in gas prices. Let it go already and deal with the real causes.

Menendez introduces a measure that would create a “federal gas tax holiday”


Last week the Energy Secretary said that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPRo) should not be used to lower gas prices.

Today Bush said he will stop making deposits to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to increase supply.

One immediate way we can signal to people we’re serious about increasing supply is to stop making purchases or deposits to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for a short period of time. I’ve directed the Department of Energy to defer filling the reserve this summer. Our strategic reserve is sufficiently large enough to guard against any major supply disruption over the next few months. So by deferring deposits until the fall, we’ll leave a little more oil on the market. Every little bit helps.

In addition to drafting legislation that would give federal authorities more power to investigate price gouging, Democrats are proposing a federal “gas tax holiday.”

The measure, proposed by Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), would reduce the cost of gas by $0.184 per gallon and the cost of diesel by $0.244 per gallon. The move, aides say, will provide $100 million dollars per day in relief.

Democrats say the money will be made up by cutting six billion dollars in tax breaks to oil firms. Currently, the money from the federal gas tax goes to the Highway Trust fund.

NJ Gas Prices

GasBuddy.com now features a Gas Price Temperature map which visually shows the average cost of unleaded gas around the country. It shouldn’t be a surprise to most of us that gas tends to be cheaper in NJ than in neighboring states, particularly New York. This map displays the price by zip code, though the information comes from volunteers who submit gas prices, so this is not scientifically accurate data. You can click the map to see a larger version.