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New Jersey is already reaping benefits of health-care reform law

Dan Benson is vice chair of the NJ Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee. He’s from Hamilton and represents the 14th Legislative District. This is cross-posted with Times of Trenton.

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Access to quality health care for working-class New Jerseyans is a top priority for my Democratic colleagues in the Legislature and me, which is why progress on this issue is good news for hard-working families.

Recently, the Legislature approved a bill implementing health exchanges for our state as required by the federal Affordable Care Act.

This is likely to be the opening salvo in a lengthy discussion in New Jersey about how our state implements federal health-care reform to cover nearly 1 million uninsured residents.

However, I think it’s important to take a look back over the last two years since the federal law was adopted and see how President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is already helping New Jersey families. While there has been much discussion over the requirement that everyone obtain health insurance, the state health exchanges and the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court challenge, many of the very popular provisions of the new health-care reform law took effect immediately and are too often overlooked or forgotten in the debate.

Gov. Christie’s Budget Address Open Thread – A few of the sticking points

I’m still digesting this speech, but some immediate issues jumped out at me. What struck you, Blue Jersey? Read Gov. Chris Christie’s budget address.

Disparaging public employees: There was a reference to “keeping faith” with public employees in Gov. Christie’s budget address today. But the public-employee bashing came in the form of: “the rich benefits of the privileged few” who “do not contribute enough”. And that sounded more like the man.

Rich: Indeed, for a governor who threw his lot in with New Jersey’s richest the same year he touted “shared sacrifice”, the only references in the entire speech to “rich” came not in describing his own wealthy contributors and slush fund pals, or the cushy class he protected by vetoing the millionaire’s tax. In fact, that word – “rich” – was only used by Christie to describe New Jersey’s public employees. A great number of whom are represented by labor unions, the very definition of middle class.

Stand Up NJ and support collective bargaining and Wisconsin Workers – can you make the scene?

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