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Sen. Loretta Weinberg & NBC’s Brian Thompson on Hardball

Yesterday, as the Bridgegate Select Committee on Investigation (SCI) prepared to formally release their findings everything had to come to a halt so Sen. Kevin O’Toole could throw some smoke. It was quite the show.  He complained Republicans were being mistreated, and  went on to question co-Chair John Wisniewski’s motives and actions – – even comparing him to Kim Jong Il. Asm Greenwald, watching this, said he’d never seen such a level of unprofessionalism in his 20 years in Trenton. There were also loud complaints about the number of times co-chairs Wisniewski and Weinberg had been invited on TV.

So this sober account of where the investigation stands – with Weinberg and NBC’s Brian Thompson on Hardball with Chris Matthews – should unsettle O’Toole mightily. Oh well.

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ICYMI: Zimmer responds to Guadagno’s statement

There’s a few different reasons I wanted to post the video of Dawn Zimmer’s appearance on Anderson Cooper’s AC360 last night. First was Kim Guadagno’s no-questions rebuke of Zimmer’s allegations the LG played messenger for shakedown; Sandy aid in exchange for greenlighting a project proposed by a politically-favored private developer. Guadagno, speaking in a weird, possibly over-coached cadence, called Zimmer’s allegations “illogical”. It was a strange choice of words – in fact the entire statement was strange (I hear Chris Matthews called it her ‘hostage tape’). Between Zimmer and Guadagno, it looks like somebody is lying. If what Zimmer alleges is real, there may be big trouble ahead for Guadagno and Christie.

That’s the first reason to watch Zimmer’s response; determine for yourself how believable she sounds. The second’s the new evidence Zimmer’s makes available – adding to the timeline of events as she lays them out. And the third relates to something else that happened during Anderson Cooper’s interview with Zimmer – – that will be my next diary.

This Is Why I Love Barbara Buono

Barbara Buono is far more direct and honest than Chris Christie could ever hope to be – she has no problem calling an ass an ass, even when he’s a powerful “journalist”:

The rest of the interview doesn’t go much better: Matthews interrupts Buono mid-sentence 14 times, spends a hefty chunk of the five-minute segment on a nasty political ad that then-governor Jon Corzine ran against Christie in 2009 (“Didja like that ad?”), and when it comes time for a commercial break – Matthews extends a hand across the anchor desk. “You’re very nice, senator.”

Off the air, the host makes a sort of peace offering: “Oh, I was tough on you.”

Buono disagreed. “I wasn’t gonna give him the satisfaction,” she later recalled, two weeks after the April interview. “I said, ‘No you weren’t.’ And he said, ‘But don’t worry, people will all just be talking about how you were on Hardball.'”

That’s what this ass said,” Buono added, standing outside a campaign event in Bayonne, N.J., just about six months out from Election Day. “It’s early in the campaign. I’ll remember that. But it’s hard to know how to handle it, particularly as a woman. It’s just hard. I keep thinking how I would have done it differently.”

Good for her. Matthews is an ass, and has a long history of being a misogynist pig whose condescension toward women and outrageous behavior  has become the stuff of legend.

You’ll never see Chris Christie call out a national media personality the way Buono just did for this kind of crass, boorish behavior. He’s too afraid of the ramifications for his career.

Buono, on the other hand, has no such wimpy streak. Which is why she is going to wind up surprising the hell out of Matthews and the rest of the punditocracy this year – count on it, Tweety.

Barbara Buono on Hardball (video)

Senator Buono was on Hardball tonight on MSNBC. Chris Matthews was his usual pitbull surface-interview self, and like his typical Q&A there are so many interruptions from him that he forces his guest into staccato sentence fragments wherever he can.

How do you think she did?

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Fat joke

Today, a Google Alert pulled me into a right-wing North Carolina website complaining that Chris Matthews used his considerable main stream media clout to make a fat joke about the Governor of New Jersey.

Only a little slice of video was posted (it’s after the jump); just a few seconds long. I didn’t see the whole show, and so their take on the context – that Matthews insulted Christie’s size just after lauding the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan for never doing that kind of thing – might be incomplete. I don’t know if Matthews does this a lot; other talk show hosts do.

And I think our conservative North Carolina friends have a point.

It’s not my job to be the good taste cop – okay it is my job to do that here, but I like to tread lightly. But I’m not a big fan of too-easy cracks about nonessential characteristics of politicians. Christie isn’t a dangerous governor because of his size. Reagan wasn’t a disastrous president because of his age. Lewinsky jokes don’t define Bill Clinton’s presidency. I think George W. Bush was the worst president ever, but I can’t call him the smirking chimp because he was much worse than that and smirking chimp makes me feel almost sorry for him. And I do not want to.

There are so many things wrong with Gov. Christie – hypocrisy (as we see this week), disregard for science (ditto), contempt for teachers and irresponsibility towards NJ public education, budget cuts that reflect his own social agendas. The list is damned long. On the merits, there’s so much to object to with this guy. Why the hell do we want to give any Christie supporter a reason our objections shouldn’t be taken seriously?

Or am I just a big, fat #%*ing @#/$ for saying this?  

What an Ass!

Congressional wannabe John Runyan made millions of dollars playing a game (protected by a government-sanctioned monopoly) in hundred million dollar taxpayer-financed stadiums.  Upon retirement, he promptly took a government subsidy to turn his luxury McMansion into a  hobby farm.

Thankfully, Congressman John Adler is taking him to task for it.  

As featured on Hardball: