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The big Cover Up!

I just read in the star Ledgar editorials  NJ DYFS is now going to keep children’s deaths that occurr do to their neglect a secret. The media wil no longer be able to report kids who get killed by the system. The biggest reforms to the system came about due to public outrage over deaths in the system. Now no one will know. Kids in the system don’t stand a chance.




Is this all New Jersey cares about? I know times are beyond tite, but it is all you here about as an issue in campaigns the budget this or that. What about other issues? Do children in NJ mean nothing? I don’t know now more than ever I feel as though trying for reform is a lost cause. Because now do people not only believe DYFS is a broken monster we could never fix, but now it would cost too much to even look at. The other day Nj 101.5 was interviewing Senators and congress men asking for our questions. The problem was the only ones they would allow were those on the budget. When I raised the question of DYFS reform the screener said well, it would cost too much anyway. So we just go on letting kids lives get flushed away because we are too concerned about money?  

Reforming DYFS

I am a foster and adoptive mom for the past eleven years now. I have seen things in the foster system that need to change before more kids die. No one will listen. I have written, called, e-mailed everyone who is in authority to make a change and no one will listen. I have written a book to get the story out, but had to publicise it myself so it is slow going. Iam at a loss as to what else can be done.

One of the things that has to change is the way they handle supervised visitation. The state of NJ is swamped. They have so many cases per worker they can’t even visit them all. So they sub contract out their supervised visitation. The problem is the companies they contract to don’t have to have any trained personnel. So you end up having a dangerous mom visiting a young child or infant in a public place monitored by a college intern. No back up if something goes wrong, no plan in effect to handle dangerous situations nothing.

Here is an example of one of these we had to deal with. We had a one year old we were fostering. His mother was too dangerous for the worker to transport. She was known to carry drugs and got violent. So they set the visits for places she could walk to. This visit was set at the Newark Library in Nj. We took the child and met a twenty one year old college intern who was sent to monitor the visit. I left my cell # and the child with the intern and went outside to wait for the visit to be over. Ten minutes later my cell rang. It was the intern crying and asking me to come get the baby. She said the mom was hitting him.

Now you have to understand the area is prodominately AA and my foster son was AA and of course so was the biological mom. Iam white. Anyway I go back inside and the mom is striking the baby with a book. The intern is crying and asking me to take the baby, she is afraid to as the mom is angry and out weighs us both by about 100lbs. I try to ge the baby back and the mom tucks the baby under her arms and proceeds to run up two flights of cement steps. I follow we get to the library doors and I manage to get hold of the baby before she makes it out. Now it is tug of war with her screaming that Iam trying to abduct her baby. I manage to tumble back in with the baby just before she runs out. All the while screaming Iam his foster mom. The mom jumps in a waiting car outside and drives off. She was going to abduct him. A month later we find out she is incarcerated for trafficking.

If I hadn’t been there he would have been abducted. This happens everyday. The interns are not prepared, there is no safety plan in effect and no will help me. We ended up adopting that baby he is my son now. But this system is still endangering other kids. These visits need to be with trained personnel in secure settings. Help me make a difference.


Not to be confused with Stark & Stark

Sklar & Sklar or rather Adoption Attorney Steven I. Sklar, not the law firm that is in the title to my blog is the offender iI will discuss at length.

The State Supreme Courts Disciplinary Review Board and Office of Attorney Ethics [OAE] has recently determined that this Kendall Park, New Jersey adoption attorney can lie and obstruct justice. I say this because the State sent me a letter stating I quote, “your greivance if true [Which it was] would not constitute unethical conduct or incapacity.” This comes from the rules of conduct statute 1:20-3 [D]3.

His associate dealing with the corrupt “Children of the World Adoption Agency” and its executive director, who by the way is a New Jersey adoption law writer  barely made an ink spot in local news sources. This executive director, Veronica Serio is the main source of corruption. She also lied to OAE, or Department of Human Services [DYFS in particular,]. It all depends on which side of another State statute she was implimenting at the time. This law N.J.S.A. 3:3-39 1[b] is a massive double standard since the invention of the pen. It still has not been determined who she lied too, there is just the fact that she did indeed lie. [Another paradox of law in the garden State] This is why it is my life’s mission to “expose” the truth in this backwards State.

Alas, I have come to the much revered DYFS, whose inept tag team enforcement agents could’nt find ther way out of a paper bag. Their failure to cross-examine Veronica Serio led to the above mentioned paradox. Were they just stupid, or is there a conspiricy here?  Could it have something to do with the fact that they affectionately call her “Ronnie”?

When my son was wronfully adopted I thought the birth mother was the treacherous one. Instead, What we have her is two liars, an idiotic double standard, and “Look the other way DYFS.

It is no wonder Steven I. Sklar lied about the fact that he knew of a frantic birthfather looking for his pregnant girl freind. He knew my name and location. this information was given too him within days after the birth by the birth mothers hometown Obsterician.

Incredulously, two months later he recieved an extortion letter from the birthmother claiming to blow the placement wide open. He ratholed it, not even showing the adoption judge or giving it too the adoption agency to investigate. Ethics anyone?

Not that I am a media mogul or such, I have a book out by Lulu Books.com, called “American Adoptions of the Third Kind…” by David Archuletta, content # 1509328.  This true story explains everything. Thank you,    Dave

News Round-up and Open Thread for Tuesday, October 24

There’s a lot to report today, folks.

  • Environmental protection commissioner Lisa Jackson yesterday revealed plans to do a complete overhaul of Our Fair State’s $60 million cleanup program. Changes will include prioritizing the sites for cleanup, starting a licensing program for environmental consultants, and adopting programs with incentives for cleaning up sites quickly. The department is trying to fix the system after the high-profile closing of a daycare in Gloucester County which was located on contaminated soil.
  • Children and Families Commissioner Kevin Ryan reported to the Assembly Human Services Committee yesterday that new child welfare workers are getting their training but re-training existing workers is taking longer. Also, the number of kids in foster care who receive physical and psychological examinations has increased, but an overhaul of the health care system for foster children is needed and will be proposed.
  • As expected, the State Senate unanimously approved Associate Justice James Zazzali as Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court yesterday, and Judge Helen Hoens was approved to fill the associate position.
  • State Senator Ellen Karcher’s bill to curb political contributions from redevelopment contractors and professionals has received bipartisan support. Even with such support the bill may not pass, because of other ethics reform legislation being proposed.
  • State Senator Stephen Sweeney has been under fire from labor groups about his proposal to cut the benefits and pay of unionized state workers. Sweeney met with the president of the AFL-CIO earlier this month and has been defending his proposals.
  • The Legislative ethics panel met yesterday, selecting Raymond Bramucci as chairman. The panel put off a decision to investigate Wayne Bryant and his “job” at UMDNJ, citing two ongoing criminal investigations by the US and State Attorneys’ General offices.
  • Rutgers announced yesterday the formation of the Rutgers Energy Institute, which will bring together all energy-focused projects under one banner. The Institute’s long-term goal is to help break American dependence on fossil fuels, particularly those from foreign sources.
  • Speaking of alternative power sources, more residents of Our Fair State favor the use of offshore wind power than oppose them, and even more are in favor if the turbines are further away. Woo-hoo!
  • Viola Thomas-Hughes is feeling little support in her run against Frank LoBiondo. Until last week, she had received no financial support, from Dem organizations in Gloucester and Cumberland counties. In the last week Cape May Democrats and Cumberland County Dem organization have donated, with the Gloucester County Dems promising some as well. Visit her site if you can help, too.
  • New Jersey is a tough place for military recruiters; only Connecticut and Rhode Island have lower recruiting percentages. Officials and researchers blame the lack of interaction between military folks and civilians in Our Fair State, while some recruiters directly blame the Iraq war.

Open Thread: What’s on your mind today, Blue Jersey?

News Round-up and Open Thread for Tuesday, August 8

Open Thread- What’s on your mind, Blue Jersey?

Sunday, April 23, 2006 News Roundup

  • State Republicans, as usual, are trying to attack Governor Corzine , by using the public’s displeasure of his proposed budget to gain support for their party’s candidates. Because Democrats outnumber Republicans in the state by 3 to 2 and the majority of independent voters in NJ vote democratic, it looks like the Republicans are taking any shot they think they can hit to try to turn the state red.
  • Less people are lighting up, so Governor Corzine is going to have a problem if he is trying to solve the state’s budget crisis purely by raising the tax on cigarettes. The Governor is proposing a 35-cent increase in the tax, which would create the total tax on cigarettes to $2.75 per pack. This would make NJ’s cigarette tax the highest in the nation.
  • The State Budget panel is warning DYFS that they wont be receiving any more money for the upcoming fiscal year. DYFS is requesting more money to fund programs such as mental health services, paralegals to help expedite adoptions and hospital services to help physically and mentally treat victims of abuse.
  • Newark mayoral hopeful Cory Booker could be facing a challenge from opponent, Ron Rice. Longtime mayor, Sharpe James, endorsed Rice last week. This endorsement could sway the voters, as Newark residents hold onto James’ opinion like gospel.
  • Speaking of Newark, the race for councilman in the North Ward has been extremely interesting to watch. It’s between current councilman, Hector Corchado, Anibal Ramos Jr and newcomer to Newark politics, Aracelis Sanabria Tejada, however, the ongoing feud between Corchado and Ramos has been dominating the majority of the press on the race.
  • Chatham’s Board of Education approved $19.9 Million in construction contracts. The money appropriated is to help expand the middle school, two elementary schools and the athletic fields as well as field house.
  • Did you order your Blue Jersey tee shirt yet?