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Stop Demonizing New Jersey’s Teachers!

Sometimes diaries here are like firecrackers that set off a crackling downpour of challenging comments. This diary definitely does – thanks, Helios. The convo started yesterday, and comments are still flying. What’s your opinion? – Promoted by Rosi

As a teacher in New Jersey, I’ve been quite disturbed at the venom and hate-mongering that has been reported (and I would argue promoted) by the NJ press.

In the latest attack, published today, Star-Ledger Editorial Board Member Kevin Manahan blasts New Jersey teachers for not embracing a proposed merit pay system.

I responded with a letter to the editor, but I thought I’d post a longer, more detailed response here.

Kevin Manahan’s “Good teachers should speak up for merit pay”, is an ill-informed screed against New Jersey’s teachers and our association the NJEA.

Manahan blasts the NJEA (and by extension all teachers in NJ) for not embracing the merit pay scheme hastily concocted in the state’s poorly thought out “Race to the Top” funding application. While there is little to no evidence that merit pay actually works to improve student outcomes, NJEA’s detractors completely ignore the hard work our union does every day to improve the quality of teaching in New Jersey by supporting strategies that have been proven to get results.