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The Elephant in the Room

 In one of several versions of a famous parable, “three blind men encounter an elephant for the first time and try to describe it, each touching a different part. “An elephant is like a snake,” says one, grasping the trunk….
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To What Extent Is Bill Talking About New Jersey?

As someone raised in New Jersey Bill Mahr was obviously influenced by our “politics”.

The commentary below is clearly directed at the national situation……but, I dare say it applies mightily right here in our little state……especially if you look at our congressional delegation, legislature, governor and pretty much all of our elected county and local officials.    They are bought and paid for by the folks with the cash….and it’s pretty much, perfectly legal!

I say the Democratic party needs to be taken over by he actual PEOPLE……and let the Republicans have the votes and the money from the corporations!

The purpose of human life surely can’t be to simply do what’s good for corporations, can it?   They are a legal formality designed to serve the common good.   What we have now is a system of toxic malignancies destroying democracy and raping the body politic.