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My Congressman Can Beat Up Your Supercomputer

This got posted late-night, so I’m retitling with an Update and pulling it up top again for anybody who missed it.

Update: We’re getting a little detail now on Holt v. Watson. Holt reminds us math & science education is key, and research & development is important: “While it was fun to out-do Watson for one night in trivia; it is vital that, as a nation, we out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world for generations to come.” Holt lead in categories Presidential Rhyme Time and Also a Laundry Detergent proving his knowledge both historical and practical. And he knew what Hippophobia is the fear of. It’s not hippos. – – Rosi

To cries of Go humanity! Rush Holt beat the Watson supercomputer that stumped all-time Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings tonight. So maybe Scott Sipprelle, Michael Halfacre & Bill Spadea and any of the other Republicans who tried to take Holt’s congressional seat can feel better about their lives now. They never had a chance.
My Congressman IS a Rocket Scientist

This was an exhibition game hosted by IBM. Watson took on 5 congressmen in the Watson vs. Members tournament: Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Jared Polis (D-CO), Nan Hayworth (R-NY), Jim Himes (D-CT) and Holt.

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Election Night Hangover Open Thread

Let’s pretend this is the News Roundup. Better yet, make it an Open Thread …

The picture below is cold reality, but I am not going to waste my time mourning. New Jersey battled back. Good candidates fell all over the country Tuesday. In New Jersey, we held on by our teeth.

The big loss was John Adler, in a series of self-inflicted wounds. We knew months ago when Adler tried to play both sides on health care reform, that he’d sacrificed his base. We knew when Jane Roh’s Courier Post account of the mechanics of Peter DeStefano’s sham Tea Party candidacy that the Adler campaign had been pulled down the rabbit hole by the Camden County Democratic Committee. We can’t be stung by that loss anymore, we grieved it a long time ago. But what fresh hell Jon Runyan will be, we’ll leave to the light of day, or at least until tonight’s Glenlivet wears off.  

We held on to two key House progressives in the NJ delegation that we might have lost (Pallone in NJ-6 and Holt in NJ-12). These were the real nail-biters of the night. Anna Little was New Jersey’s only Tea Party candidate running a viable challenger race. With Frank Pallone’s win, she is not the only loser. The Tea Party itself is delegitimized in NJ, juiceless unless they regroup and figure out how to appeal to the citizenry without promising to ruin the environment, erase government and create false enemies to be terrified of. Twelve years ago, the last time the congressional races topped the ticket, Rush Holt won, an unlikely candidate without the flash and sizzle of most smooth-talkers, he was wonky and earnest. This year, the congressional topping the ticket again, science teacher Ed Potosnak ran in adjacent NJ-7, wonky and earnest. He lost – it was always an uphill race. But like Holt (who also lost his first time out), Potosnak should run again. Potosnak never dumbed down his progressivism.

Chris Christie did not have a good night. And that’s damn gratifying. GOP candidates Little, Scott Sipprelle, and Tom Goodwin caved. GOP candidate Felix Garcia lost the Passaic Sheriff’s race. I’ll leave Bergen County to the Bergen scholars on this blog but it’s worth noting that Christie would have a hard time claiming GOP’s Kathe Donovan’s win as County Executive for himself, given that Bergen Grassroots DFA crossed the aisle to back her, too. The state’s most heavily-watched legislative special election – overshadowed by Adler drama – was Tom Goodwin’s attempt to hold his thin incumbency (appointed in March, to Bill Baroni’s vacant seat) against Linda Greenstein. This was a referendum on Christie’s short months in office, and it didn’t break his way.  LD-14 has both conservatives and a band of resentful public workers. From the beginning, Goodwin hitched his star to Christie; Greenstein was the alternative, the promise of a stronger Democratic Senate. Let her help bring that now.

For the record, there will either not be a News Roundup in the morning, or it will come late. Late. Like a lot of you, I’ve been up for 24 hours; like more of you, I’m soaked in scotch.

fivethirtyeight’s numbers:

election night

Poll: Rush Holt leads by eight

I’ve been waiting for the new Monmouth University Poll of Congressional District NJ12 (PDF) and it’s good news:

Congressman Rush Holt has slightly widened his lead in the race for New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District, according to the Monmouth University Poll. The incumbent Democrat garners support from 51% of likely voters in the district, which is identical to his support level from two weeks ago. However, Republican Scott Sipprelle’s support has slipped by 3 points to 43% in the current poll…

The Monmouth University Poll was conducted by telephone with 1042 likely voters from October 25 to 27, 2010. This sample has a margin of error of +/- 3.0 percent.

51% is enough to win but not enough to take anything for granted.  Volunteer this week to help our best Representative.  

You Don’t Have To Be A Rocket Scientist To Know Nazi Reenactors Are Bad

Cringe. Promoted by Rosi

Remember when Scott Sipprelle’s allies were asking New Jersey, “What does Rush Holt have against Israel?” by running an ad full of bogus numbers?

Well, if Scott Sipprelle gets elected to Congress on Tuesday, the man he’ll be voting for as Speaker of the House is John Boehner. The same John Boehner who is spending the weekend before election day campaigning alongside someone who belonged to a club where men dress up like Nazi SS officers.

Ohio Republican House candidate Rich Iott, center

The Republican claims it’s history, but the behavior is considered so horrendous that it is illegal in Germany.

So if Scott Sipprelle and his friends want to ask what Rush Holt has against the state of Israel, perhaps he ought to be asked what makes his friends think it’s OK to pretend they’re Nazis?

The wealth distribution of nations

promoted by Rosi

Articles like these give me more insight on ones like these when I’m totally baffled by the beliefs of my neighbors.

I think we have a national epidemic of narcissism that gives people the illusion that by voting for people like Scott Siprelle, they will have his privileges that make government unnecessary.

I feel like it has to be more complex than ignorance. And then I read something like this:

The researchers then asked people what, in an ideal world, they would like the nation’s wealth distribution to be.

Ariely and Norton found that Americans think they live in a far more equal country than they in fact do. On average, those surveyed estimated that the wealthiest 20percent of Americans own 59 percent of the nation’s wealth; in reality the top quintile owns around 84 percent. The respondents further estimated that the poorest 20 percent own 3.7 percent, when in reality they own 0.1percent.

And when asked to give their ideal distribution, they described, on average, a nation where the wealth distribution looks not like the U.S. but like Sweden, only more so-the wealthiest quintile would control just 32 percent of the wealth, the poorest just over 10 percent. “People dramatically underestimated the extent of wealth inequality in the U.S.,” says Ariely. “And they wanted it to be even more equal.”

I don’t say ignorance as a judgment or negative quality. I say it as a simple lack of information about reality, and a false belief in something empirically wrong.

It’s as if people have empathy for the rich because they admire them for gaming the system. So, people equate the enterprising spirit of a venture capitalist with their own ambitions, and rationalize that a billionaire like Sipprelle understands them better because of it. Is it about not being able to give up dreams of eventually being fabulously wealthy? It’s not like there’s a choice between “accept government services and taxes, or don’t pay taxes and save enough from that to be a billionaire.”

The New Yorker article about Harry Reid was one of the most brilliant, fascinating things I’ve read in a while, and I thought to myself, “It’s a shame that only ‘east-coast elites’ read The New Yorker,” because if people had real, unvarnished information about the politicians who have their interests in mind, they might realize why it’s such a mistake to vote for people who seek to enter government so they can dismantle government.

NJ-12: Scott Sipprelle: Helping Others or the Privileged Few?

Rush Holt’s new web ad puts a harsh spotlight on his opponent, hedge fund manager and venture capitalist Scott Sipprelle. It features my favorite factoid about the GOP candidate, that after he got a seat on his local property tax board, his property taxes went down by 20% even as his Princeton Borough house soared from $1.853 million in value to $3.168 million. See, among his responsibilities was a map of Princeton Borough that assigned homes into zones of comparable values. Sipprelle’s home wasn’t drawn into the same zone as most of the other houses on his street; it was tucked into the zone of lower-valued houses, owing less in property taxes – his went down, from More than $79,000 to just over $64,000. Most people in Princeton saw their property taxes rise. Here’s the ad:

What does a hedge fund manager do?

Rush Holt has a new ad out, asking people in NJ-12 what they know about how GOP candidate Scott Sipprelle’s hedge fund manager job works. Sharpening the point, is the fact that the big-money player Sipprelle hasn’t released his income taxes, and Holt says Sipprelle has skirted questions about his own Wall Street hedge fund. So, Holt decided to go ask voters what they know about hedge fund managers.

A hedge fund manager sometimes bets against the economy …

What do you think, Blue Jersey?

Scott Sipprelle advertises like Blagojevich

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Scott Sipprelle just released a new radio ad, blasting Rush Holt for saying that government spending has made us a “richer country.”

Not the best sound bite, I’ll admit, but consider this from Jonathan Alter:

The economy was losing 740,000 jobs a month in January 2009, when Obama took office. If we stayed on the pace we were on, we would have had — without exaggeration — another Great Depression, with 20 percent unemployment by the end of 2009.

Like it or not, the February 2009 stimulus spending/tax relief bill curtailed the gusher that was the Bush era job-hemorrhaging. And it might have been more effective had it been bigger. Do not forget that the stimulus was limited to $787 billion in the Democrats’ (unsuccessful) effort to attract Republican votes in the House.

And while Sipprelle wants to heap more tax cuts on the wealthiest, keep in mind that the stimulus bill was the biggest middle class tax cut since Ronald Reagan was president.

Sipprelle’s knock on Holt kind of reminds me of Republican’s contention that, ‘Government spending didn’t end the Great Depression — World War II did.’ (Because those battleships were built by tax cuts for the wealthiest, right?)

But in any case, it’s especially entertaining how Sipprelle’s ad men are bilking him with unnecessary time. The name is “SIPPRELLE” for crying out loud. It’s about average length, and not at all hard to pronounce. Unlike other names:

And Blago’s is more believable because it’s a kid! You have two grown ladies who don’t know how to pronounce SIPPRELLE? Come on.

Scott, for a self-proclaimed fiscal conservative, you ought to know when to close your wallet.

NJ-12: Rush Holt’s new ad, Dream

I was going to post Rush Holt’s new ad today anyway. But I like what JRB said about it when he beat me to the punch posting it in Quick Hits. You might have missed it over there. So I’m just going to quote JRB, because he’s funny as hell, and in this case dead-on. JRB:

I sometimes think that if Sam Seaborn were a real person instead of a character on The West Wing, he’d be a lot like Rush Holt.

Want to get in on this campaign? There are things going on every day in every county in NJ-12, from knocking on doors and making calls to stuffing envelopes. Call HQ at 609-799-0800 to jump in.