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By the way, are you following @BlueJersey on Twitter?  This morning, if your Twitter account is set to catch “New York Trends” (Twitter still doesn’t have “New Jersey Trends”) the cite “Corey Booker” (sic) has been moving up from the…
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Is Christie celebrating Black History Month?

Does Chris Christie plan to celebrate Black History Month along with the rest of NJ, and the 15% or so of us who are African-American? I don’t find a single event with either Gov. Christie or LG Kim Guadagno. No statements. No news. Am I missing something?

Input search terms “Black History Month” + “State of New Jersey” and sure, stuff pops up. You get LG/Secretary of State Kim Guadagno’s page for … oh no … wait …. no, that’s from Nina Wells, Corzine’s woman at State, last year. Also, this website from the Corzine years, entirely devoted to Black History Month, with a history lesson and profiles.

Add “Chris Christie” to your search terms and you get … nothing. And zero on the Governor’s official website, still reveling in his swearing-in.

But he’s not so snowed under fixing our economy that he lacks time for the fun stuff. Why, just yesterday, he had a photo op right in his office where he was presented “letters of welcome” by students in each of the state’s 5 dioceses – part of Catholic Schools’ Week, overlapping 6 days of Black History Month. He’s got some time.

Well, he’s already missed Morris County Prosecutor’s Office event last Monday (featuring Paula Dow), practically in his back yard. And this talk at Newark Library on how “our story” is written. But he can still get to:

  • Frederick Douglas’ Birthday on Wednesday at Union County College (and there’s food, too).

  • 30th Anniversary, Marion Thompson Wright Lectures, Rutgers – 19/20th.

  • Winning essays by High School students will be recognized by the NJ State Bar Association on the 17th.

  • Atlantic City’s whole month – hey, he can try out his Hip Hop Writing skills.

  • Maybe this is for Guadagno: Women’s Diversity Book Club is discussing Toni Morrison’s A Mercy on the 23rd. Princeton University’s own Dr. Morrison will open your eyes right up, sister. (bonus: book club does not meet in Newark).

    So, am I being harsh? Or is this just me wanting to be front row, center, to see what the law and order governor might speak about, say, this magnificent troublemaker, who was right years early, heard around the world, and one of the finest men the State of New Jersey ever loosed upon the world. You tell me.