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My Day in Trenton

I went to Trenton this morning to observe a couple of Senate committee hearings and to tweet what was going on. First was the Senate Education Committee which addressed a number of issues, none of which were the front-page items like tenure, vouchers, and charter schools. Senator Ruiz chaired the short meeting which addressed things like including cheerleaders in school injury safety programs, school disaster preparedness plans, and pension contributions for instructors in institutions of higher learning. All important, and there was not much contention in the meeting. The highlight was hearing the chants of the Catholic school students outside expressing their support for taxpayer-funded vouchers.

Jon Runyan’s Donkey Show: How to reduce your taxes and elect Democrats

There has been a good deal written in the papers in the last few days about the farmland tax break that Jon Runyan is taking advantage of by raising a few donkeys. As I was searching through my computer this past weekend, I realized that’s not his only involvement with donkeys.

Back in 2007, the Democrats were trying to take control of my home town, Evesham. Yes we had non-partisan municipal elections at the time, but it was clearly partisan slates of candidates running. Just before the election, I remembered that I attended a fundraiser for the slate of Democrats including Randy Brown, John McKenna and Chris Brown. I also remembered that there were some special guests, including one Jon Runyan and then I found this photo:

Jon Runyan raises money for Evesham Democrats

That’s Runyan and other guests with the eventual winning Democratic ticket. And then there was this photo where he was interviewed while raising money for the Democrats on CSN Philadelphia:

Jon Runyan is interviewed by CSN Philadelphia as he raises money for Democrats

Ultimately, the Democrats won all three seats and took control of council:

“A big win and a clean sweep for Democrats,” said Democratic State Chairman Joseph Cryan.

And Jon Runyan helped to make it happen. So not only does Jon Runyan save money by raising donkeys, he has raised money to help elect them. George Gilmore will not be pleased.