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President Christie’s Cabinet

Well, this is amusing. Promoted by Rosi.

Now that the world knows that Chris Christie appoints unqualified loyalists to key government positions, let’s speculate on how a President Christie Cabinet might shape up. Which of his cronies would he appoint to key cabinet positions? I’ll start. You can suggest alternatives.

  • State: Michael Patrick Carroll

  • Treasury: George Norcross III

  • Defense: Bill O’Reilly

  • Attorney General: Rob Andrews.

  • Interior: David Koch

  • Agriculture: Ed Forchion (Never gonna happen, but would be great in the job!)

  • Commerce: Haley Barbour

  • Labor: Steve Sweeney

  • Health & Human Services: John Tomicki

  • Housing & Urban Development: David Samson

  • Transportation: Bridget Kelly

  • Energy: Charles Koch

  • Education: Cami Anderson

  • Homeland Security: Todd Christie

  • UN Ambassador: Michael Drewniak

Quote of the Day: “There was a question of whether she was entirely honest with us.”

The Senate yesterday took the unusual step of sending the nomination of acting Department of Children and Families Commissioner Janet Rosenzweig back to committee by a 38-0 vote:

Weinberg said Democrats wanted to question her again because of new information. “People in the field were questioning her background,” she said. “There was a question of whether she was entirely honest with us.”

She had been voted out of the Judiciary Committee 11-1 two weeks ago. Some socially conservative groups have raised questions about her involvement with the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. Senator Weinberg speculated that there may not be 21 votes to approve her nomination, though the Governor’s office said they still believe she will be confirmed. Senator Scutari said there may not be another hearing before May.

Christie’s cabinet still has a good deal of empty seats at the table

As the new Governor looks over the recommendations of his transition subcommittees, he still has seats left to fill in his cabinet for the people that will be charged with implementing them. Capitol Quickies has a rundown of what’s filled and what isn’t:

Agriculture: not announced

Banking & Insurance: Thomas Considine

Children & Families: not announced

Civil Service Commission: Robert Czech

Community Affairs: not announced

Corrections: Gary Lanigan

Education: Bret Schundler

Environmental Protection: Robert Martin

Health & Senior Services: not announced

Homeland Security & Preparedness: Charles McKenna

Human Services: Jennifer Velez

Labor & Workforce Development: not announced

Law & Public Safety: Paula Dow

Military & Veterans’ Affairs: Glenn Rieth

Motor Vehicle Commission: not announced

Public Advocate: not announced

Public Utilities: Lee Solomon

State: Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno

Transportation: James Simpson

Treasury: Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff

That’s 1/3 of the seats in the cabinet that still need to be filled. Regarding the seat for the Dept. of Agriculture, there have been reports that Christie will seek to replace Doug Fisher, however there has been no confirmation yet and Christie doesn’t have the power with that seat as he does with the others:

The eight members of the New Jersey Board of Agriculture are elected by members of the agriculture community at the State Agricultural Convention.  By tradition, the Governor then appoints the choices of the convention to four-year terms on the Board, with the consent of the State Senate.  The Board sets policies that direct the Secretary of Agriculture and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture.  By law, the top four commodity groups in the state – based on a “two year average of the gross value of production,” according to the department website – are entitled to seats on the Board.

The Board also nominates the Secretary of Agriculture (SOA), who becomes a cabinet member with the Governor’s approval.  Unlike other cabinet posts, where the Commissioner runs the department, the SOA is essentially the secretary to the Board.

Senator Brian Stack has also raised questions about whether he would sign off and has been rather noncommital on the nomination of Bret Schundler at Education, but other Hudson County legislators have indicated they will sign off. There are still some pretty important positions left to fill on the list. Once Christie announces all of his choices, then we’ll go through the confirmation process.