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Immigration activists protest after Camden County Democrats ignored pleas for help

What would it take to get Camden County Democrats to act boldly and decisively to protect immigrant communities?  A diverse coalition of activists in Camden County has been working for months trying to get an answer to that question. The coalition includes:…
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Thursday News Roundup & Open Thead

With Mama Rosi’s computer on the fritz, I’m pinch-hitting this morning’s roundup. It’s a little South Jersey-centric today, but that’s just how I roll.  

From the Oink Files
Disgraced Camden County Democrat Wayne Bryant won’t get any pension.  Nothing.  Nada.  
Camden Prison Blues.  
Mayors Dana Redd of Camden, Dave Mayer of Gloucester Twp and Bernie Platt do the NIMBY Shuffle as Camden County Freeholders play hot potato with location of a new prison.
Maybe this time it’ll stick?

DRPA planning makeover for Camden transit hubs.  It’s a lot of money going on here, folks.  pInky takes a peek.  

Something positive from Camden.
I looked far and wide and found this quirky hopeful video about a grassroots group fighting for a better fate in Camden City.  Who knew the inner city could be so Jersey Fresh?
Frantic City.
Gov. Christie signs an executive order to keep Atlantic City casinos open in the event of a state budget shutdown.   Casino workers are now “essential.”  
Some of his  best friends are gay.
And now Sen. Sean Kean wants to kill COAH.  I guess when you’ve got a bunch of gays and lesbians doing the dirty work to gentrifying your district, who needs to bother with policy solutions to affordable housing?
God bless Haiti.
Spare a though for another New Jersey connection.  
A rose by any other name….
It’s a deficit.  No, it’s a surplus.  One thing’s for sure:  it’s yours, New Jersey.
This is an open thread, so if you have something to add, leave a comment.  I’ll update the diary.