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Quote of the Day: Seaside Heights Edition

Here’s Governor Christie as quoted on page 6 of today’s Star Ledger, referring to firefighters who battled this week’s tragic blaze at Seaside Heights:

“That’s the ingenuity and the bravery of the firefighters. And let me tell you, they took a beating there physically, fighting that fire back at Lincoln Avenue. But they held it off and they deserve great credit for that.”

Yes, they do deserve great credit! However, these same brave first responders also deserve the unfettered, unencumbered right to come to the bargaining table without accusations of greed, selfishness, or being overpaid.

Meanwhile, the governor himself referred to the scene of the fire as a “backdrop” for his briefing. So in the spirit of that little nugget, here’s a bonus quote:

“Language matters, ladies and gentlemen. Language is a window into attitude.” – Governor Chris Christie

Sen. Barbara Buono: Direct and On Point

“Governor Christie’s week can be summed up as a ‘profile in cowardice.’ He chose Friday night to deny women health services, pander to gun lobbyists, veto legislation to keep jobs in New Jersey and thwart a full expansion of Obamacare. All this after he bashed the Supreme Court’s decision to end DOMA and refuses to comment on its decision to gut the Voting Rights Act. He would rather please Republican primary voters in Iowa than stand up for the Garden State and its working and middle class families.”

For brief information on each of the eight bills the Governor vetoed Friday night go beyond the fold.

The time for campaign finance reform is now

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Last week, The Record reported that big time special interest groups with business regulated in Trenton are skirting campaign finance laws in New Jersey. These lawyers, engineers, and others with State contracts and interests donated over $700,000 in contributions to the Republican Governor’s Association (RGA). Conveniently for those donating, the RGA’s main focus this year will be reelecting Governor Christie. It cannot be a coincidence that – among other things – New Jersey pulled out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) after the Koch Brothers donated large sums to the RGA to help elect Governor Christie in 2009. The quid pro quo is clear.

Now is the time to fix our broken campaign finance system.

Jeff Brindle, executive director of the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC), stated in the article that right now the RGA doesn’t fall under ELEC’s jurisdiction. Well, lets change that. It is one of the many things we need to do to give ELEC more tools to regulate how the money flows in political campaigns in our State. If you’ve tried to use the ELEC website, you probably know from experience that it is not a user-friendly site. The technology is dated, the website is hard to navigate, and information is not easily searchable. Disclosure and transparency need to be a priority for ELEC, and they need more resources to execute this important function.

As a Constitutional Law Professor, I know the challenges we face in regulating money in politics. Citizen’s United opened a Pandora’s box of problems that need to be addressed. Our State Legislature can take these important steps to ensure that special interest groups looking to cash-in on lucrative State contracts do not hijack our electoral system. We also need to build off the 2005 Clean Elections’ pilot program and empower normal folks to qualify for matching public funds if they hit certain benchmarks. Giving candidates an incentive to collect small dollar donations – as opposed to special interest money from Trenton lobbyists – will make our democracy healthier and open opportunities for challengers to be more competitive. Our State Legislature needs to do its part to stop the influence of moneyed interests, and empower normal folks on Election Day.

New Jersey on the national stage

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This past week we saw a New Jersey elected official on one of the biggest stages available to any politician: a keynote address at a major national convention. We’re hearing a lot of discussion about the speech, both good and bad.  The biggest thing that jumped out at me was Christie’s singular focus on himself.  The fact that he said “I” 37 times and “Romney” just 7 shows you this wasn’t about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  It was about Chris Christie.  

Leadership was also a major theme, as Governor Christie said:  “Leadership delivers. Leadership counts. Leadership matters.”

I agree Governor.  Leadership does matter.  

Leadership matters when $400 million federal education dollars are on the line. Leadership matters when a major infrastructure and mass transit project is cancelled.  A project that would create jobs and raise property values in North Jersey. Leadership matters when we are prioritizing what programs should be funded, like say, vital women’s health programs as opposed to tax breaks for millionaires.  The Governor talks a lot about his accomplishments, but all I am seeing is rising unemployment, rising property taxes, and a dwindling middle class.  

We can and must do better.  And that starts with electing a new Governor in 2013.  

On a personal note, I am proud to announce that my new campaign website – www.VoteMarkAlexander.com – has recently gone live.  For now it is just a short introduction of who I am.  In the months to come I will continue to expand on it with policy proposals and issue pages with what I want to accomplish in Trenton.  You can also make a secure online donation, follow me on Twitter, and friend me on Facebook.  I hope everyone on Blue Jersey will reach out and offer your thoughts and ideas moving forward.    

Feel Bad Words

Let’s do a quick head check on some Christie logic. He’s all over the news for comments he made while speaking at a tax policy event in New York:

We are turning into a paternalistic entitlement society that will not just bankrupt us financially, it will bankrupt us morally because when the American people no longer believe that this is a place where only their willingness to work hard and act with honor and integrity and ingenuity determines their success in life then we’ll have a bunch of people sitting on a couch waiting for their next government check.

Which is weird, because folks from both major political parties always go on about how ingenious we Americans are; how relentless we are in our pursuit of excellence. So that’s not true, and we’re actually all lazy opportunists?

Government, according to Chris Christie, tells Americans to “stop dreaming.” Government supports put in place to help citizens reach their goals, supports which help foster and facilitate great aspirations – well, Christie argues that those supports have in fact rendered us a couch-locked mass of sedentary leeches for whom sitting around watching daytime television is good enough. We Americans, it seems, are too easily lulled into complacency by government. We have no interest in dignity or contribution or self-worth. The people who make up this great country are prone to sliding into piggish opportunism, looking to get away with anything possible.

So if you’re not one of the few noted individuals to have been publicly barked at by Christie the Insult Comic Governor, there you go.

Stop Chris Christie From Gutting Environmental Protections

As you know, earlier this year Governor Christie set out to change the rules and allow corporations to end-run long-standing environmental laws. Essentially, this would weaken over 100 necessary protection guidelines. The Christie’s Administration’s radical, regressive push would put not only New Jersey’s land, air and water in harm’s way, but the health of our families, as well.