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Wyclef Jean Disqualified to Run As President

          “Election time is coming.

          If I was president,

          I’d get elected on Friday, assasinated on Saturday,

          and buried on Sunday.”

                                                      (Wyclef Jean)

The Star Ledger reported Saturday that Haitian born Wyclef Jean, who lives in Saddle River, was eliminated as a candidate for President of Haiti because he did not meet the five year residency requirement. An idol to Haitians and a shoo-in for President, he said he will not contest the decision.

A musical genius, his stint with the South Orange/Newark area Fugees and his Carnival album continue to reverberate in my mind. He remains prolific with lyrics in both English and Creole. He also tours, serves as a hip-hop producer, and creates music for films.

Although it seems unlikely he would be assasinated today, his talents as a candidate, manager and President are unproven. Instead he can now continue on his musical path and remain active as an advocate for Haitians in Haiti and in New Jersey. Matters in Haiti remain dire, and those coming to NJ experience difficulty in receiving services.  For more information go to NJ4Haiti, a collection of government agencies and non-profit organizations.

In the same above song Wyclef talks about the effects of war:

         “I know some soldiers that sleep but they can’t dream,

          Wake up with screams, sounds of them succeed.

          Sounds of M-16s

          So take this metal of honor

          For your bravery

          I wish you the best kid–you and your family.”

Thursday News Roundup & Open Thead

With Mama Rosi’s computer on the fritz, I’m pinch-hitting this morning’s roundup. It’s a little South Jersey-centric today, but that’s just how I roll.  

From the Oink Files
Disgraced Camden County Democrat Wayne Bryant won’t get any pension.  Nothing.  Nada.  
Camden Prison Blues.  
Mayors Dana Redd of Camden, Dave Mayer of Gloucester Twp and Bernie Platt do the NIMBY Shuffle as Camden County Freeholders play hot potato with location of a new prison.
Maybe this time it’ll stick?

DRPA planning makeover for Camden transit hubs.  It’s a lot of money going on here, folks.  pInky takes a peek.  

Something positive from Camden.
I looked far and wide and found this quirky hopeful video about a grassroots group fighting for a better fate in Camden City.  Who knew the inner city could be so Jersey Fresh?
Frantic City.
Gov. Christie signs an executive order to keep Atlantic City casinos open in the event of a state budget shutdown.   Casino workers are now “essential.”  
Some of his  best friends are gay.
And now Sen. Sean Kean wants to kill COAH.  I guess when you’ve got a bunch of gays and lesbians doing the dirty work to gentrifying your district, who needs to bother with policy solutions to affordable housing?
God bless Haiti.
Spare a though for another New Jersey connection.  
A rose by any other name….
It’s a deficit.  No, it’s a surplus.  One thing’s for sure:  it’s yours, New Jersey.
This is an open thread, so if you have something to add, leave a comment.  I’ll update the diary.

“Compassionate Conservatism” – Garrett-style

Scott Garrett issued the following statement regarding the humanitarian disaster in Haiti:

“I am gravely concerned about the situation in Haiti. I am saddened over the tragic loss of life and I am remaining in close contact with the State Department regarding the state of the constituents from my district who were in Haiti at the time of the earthquake. My prayers are with their families and I will do everything I can to ensure their safe return home.”

Now, I’m not going to compare quotes or statements from others, but there is so much wrong with this statement, starting with the utter lack of compassion for the magnitude of this disaster.  This “situation” in Haiti is something along the lines of 200,000 – 500,000 dead and a disaster “like no other in UN memory”.

Usually, one can tell a lot about someone by their initial thoughts or statements, or how they react to tragedy.  In this case, I remember how Garrett was the only NJ Representative to vote AGAINST Katrina relief.  Here, he makes no mention of the citizens of Haiti, the families of those who live in Haiti or anyone other than the people in his district who happened to be visiting at the time the earthquake struck.

What a guy.  

Menendez discusses helping Haiti on the Ed Show

Senator Menendez just appeared on the Ed Show to talk about the current response to the earthquake in Haiti that is being mobilized. He mentioned the President’s $100 million commitment and assistance that is headed over, but also talked about some of the challenges including the current closure of the airport. He said this is a challenge, but we’ll do everything we humanly can. I’ll put the full interview at the end of the post.

There are many efforts out of New Jersey to assist efforts in Haiti right now. Some NJ companies were among the first to respond to the disaster. Cooper Hospital is sending a medical team:

Cooper University Hospital will send a medical team to Haiti in a mission funded by South Jersey political leader George Norcross’ charitable foundation.  The mission will be headed by Anthony Mazzarelli, M.D., the Director of Emergency Medicine at Cooper.

There are many organizations and efforts trying to assist. If you want to help, you can make a contribution through the Tri-County Red Cross to help fund.

Here is the segment: