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“Celebrating” the Six Month Anniversary of Governor Christie’s Paean to the Dirty Water Lobby

If Governor Christie gets his way, New Jersey’s water will soon contain toxic and radioactive materials. That’s because he vetoed a bill that would prohibit the transport and storage of waste water from hydraulic fracturing, better known as “fracking.”

If you think it can’t happen here, remember the recent accident in Paulsboro where a train full of toxic chemicals fell off of an ill-maintained bridge and displaced dozens of people from their homes for weeks. Now multiply that impact by several orders of magnitude. That’s what’s hanging over the people of New Jersey if the Governor’s veto is not overridden.

Currently, there are no treatment plants in New Jersey that can handle fracking wastewater. Do we want to invest in plants to treat pollutants, or is that money better spent investing in clean energy? The dirty energy lobby has managed to cajole the federal government into not classifying fracking wastewater as something that is handled as hazardous material, so it is up to the state legislature to ensure this garbage does not infiltrate our water supply.

Today in Trenton, a coalition of environmental groups led by the Sierra Club lobbied legislators to override the Governor’s veto. About 20 lobbyists buttonholed approximately half the Assembly members to urge them to override. Later, the leaders of these groups spoke to the press:

Occupy Trenton: Slowly But Deliberately Moving Forward


While OWS was demonstrating throughout lower Manhattan yesterday, with over 200 participants arrested, the Mid-Jersey Move-on Council joined the Nationwide Day of Action for Jobs and Economic Justice in sponsoring a peaceful rally on the steps of the State House.  One of the eight speakers, Occupy Trenton’s Alex Higgins, said “We need to spread awareness of why OT is here.” He urged the rainy day audience of about 150 people to support OT and join its cause. This event marked  a “coming out” for OT participants – the first time they worked together with other local groups in organizing a substantial event.  

The theme of “Jobs Not Cuts” ran through the message of the other labor union and anti-war speakers. Carol Gay, President, NJ State Industrial Union Council, said, “More cuts won’t help; we need more jobs programs.  There has to be an end to attacking the social safety net. We need to reinstate the millionaires’ tax. The occupy movement is shining a light on greed and inequality.”  Rev Robert Moore, Executive Director, Coalition for Peace Action, had as his theme,”Jobs not war.”

Occupy Trenton participants have steadfastly maintained a policy of not aligning themselves with only one specific political group. Nonetheless, there is a growing realization that to increase their supporters and to achieve goals envisioned in their message they must participate with others and organize events that capture public attention. After the speeches Alex Higgins pointed out that while other occupy sites have members with experience in direct action activities, OT does not. They need people with this expertise as well other talents to sustain and grow their embryonic movement.

Now with two venues – at the WWII Memorial and a nearby Tent City –  the logistics for 24/7 operation require more on-site volunteers and people who can participate regularly in their workgroups and GA and not only plan projects but carry out the specific tasks. Individuals are wearing too many hats, with Edward maintaining the “face” of OT at the Memorial, Maureen stepping up the publicity, Sam planning the Tent City community, and Alex interacting with other organizations. Their involvement yesterday with local progressives was another step in their process of maturation. The need for jobs and economic justice today cannot be clearer.

While Occupy Trenton’s efforts in our state are ongoing, another occupy venue in NJ is just beginning. You can join today’s debut of Occupy Newark and read about the event here or on facebook. You can also learn more about Occupy Trenton at their website.

Trenton Times covered Carol Gay’s women’s groups endorsements

The Trenton Times had her name right on Friday:

Democratic candidate wins endorsements

Friday, November 03, 2006

With only days before the election, 4th District Congressional candidate Carol Gay has received several endorsements from local women’s groups.

The pro-choice Democrat, who is running for her first elected office, has been endorsed by the National Organization for Women, NARAL Pro Choice America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

In endorsing Gay, Planned Parenthood lauded her support of women’s rights and her advocacy of affordable reproductive health care. The group also took a political shot at Gay’s opponent, incumbent Chris Smith, a Republican from Hamilton, who is a staunchly pro-life candidate.

The group criticized Smith for his positions on family planning and birth control, as well as for his pro-life stance.

The groups aren’t local, they are national, and what exactly was the political shot?

This is a partial answer to my question how to tell 65,000 to 100,000 women in the 4th district that their congressman wants to take away their birth control pills?.  Put it together with today’s OC Observer endorsement, and that’s definitely some good news.

OC Observer Endorses Menendez, Gay and Sexton

The Ocean County Observer today made its endorsements for this Tuesday’s elections…

Incompetence, arrogance, and a lack of accountability are trademarks of the Bush administration and its backers in Congress. That is why we are parting company with men we have supported before for Congress. They have become lapdogs when we need watchdogs in Washington.

On Menendez/Kean

Menendez knows what it is to be poor. He is the product of Cuban parents who settled in New Jersey. Their son has lived the American dream. When his mettle was tested, he raised his right hand and testified against his political mentor in a corruption trial. That takes guts. That takes a man.

Menendez opposed Bush’s catastrophic decision to invade Iraq.

He has been a fighter for working people, middle-class Americans and those who wish they were.

His opponent was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, has been given every advantage, including appointments to the state Assembly and Senate. He has run a despicable campaign of personal destruction.

“Linda Gay” Trenton Times Voter Guide Gets Carol Gay’s NAME Wrong!!!

According to a reader who subscribes to the Trenton Times and gets advance sections of the Sunday paper, tomorrow’s 4th CD Voter Guide, courtesy of Darryl Isherwood, who I didn’t think was bad, has Carol Gay’s name wrong!  He calls her Linda Gay.  If it weren’t so crucial, I’d almost want to forgive him the mistake, after all the focus on only one congressional race, and how difficult it is to imagine a woman in Congress, a Democrat from NJ (you’d have to think back to 1981), you know, give a guy a break.  If they don’t correct the guide by tomorrow, it’s going to read:

In the 4th Congressional District, two candidates are facing off for the two-year-term.  Incumbent Republican Chris Smith is vying for his 14th term in Congress, while Democratic challenger Linda Gay seeks her first elected office.

Chris is courageous. Linda, aka Carol, doesn’t know how to pay for universal healthcare.  Pic of Smith, none of Carol. Get the full story tomorrow, if they aren’t shamed into correcting it, at least on line.

Trenton Times readers and New Jerseyians need to demand better! 

next in the series of wrong endorsements in the 4th

Will someone please explain to me how Smith is getting points for how he:

worked hard to get new sensing equipment installed in the Trenton Regional Post Office in Hamilton, after that facility was contaminated by letters containing deadly anthrax in 2001. Trenton Times

For all you Lakoff ‘framing’ fans – the anthrax deaths were a failure of the government.  They never solved the crime.  The post office was closed for three years.  The postal workers in DC were ignored for the capitol hill staffers!  Give me a break.

And how about reframing:

Mr. Smith at times has been at loggerheads with the leadership of his own party, a political battle that cost him a committee chairmanship

Smith was at ‘loggerheads’ with DeLay who came in two terms, 4 years after him, and Smith is lauded for failing to get veterans their funding!  It shows that Smith’s skills as a politician are lacking.  And what did he do since then for veterans?  He towed the line, voted for the war, sent the military to Iraq without proper armor and has not succeeded in getting the VA fully funded. 

But the press is happy to allow these guys to rest on their laurels.  Smith, with the nationally recognized worst GOP website (out of what, over 250?), is so shameless as to print in this summer’s constituent newsletter his 2004 photo with Megan’s (of Megan’s Law) family.

Dust off the dinosaurs. Check what your guy has done in the last TWO years!!  If you come up with only, strip women of their right to family planning, escort Terri Schiavo’s brother onto the House floor in a move designed to allow the most radical intrusion of the federal govt into people’s lives – and a little moderation with the human trafficking stuff, reflect for a moment.  Carol Gay would oppose human trafficking too, and represent the district far better.  No she doesn’t have 26 years in office, but NJ has to get over the idea that status quo is the be all and end all.

Chris Smith on CNET’s Worst Political Websites

This is funny from CNet (via Political Wire), Rep. Chris Smith is at the top of the list.

The problem in selecting the most ridiculous, poorly crafted, or just plain bizarre political Web sites is an embarrassment of riches: There are so many worthy contenders. But whatever the criteria, the Web site of Rep. Chris Smith, a New Jersey Republican who’s running for re-election, would qualify. Anyone thinking of putting up a Web site that’s devoid of actual content should skip the project instead on grounds of sheer embarrassment. (We took the accompanying screen snapshot last week. This week, the Web site has changed to become even less useful.)

This is in stark contrast to Carol Gay’s informative site.

Pics from yesterday’s Trenton rally

I wanted to share a couple of photos from yesterday’s anticipate-the-verdict rally in Trenton.  The top pic is of the Silverman family (click to enlarge.)  Take one look at them and ask yourself is this not the most beautiful family you’ve ever seen.  On a serious (and personal) level seeing my gay brothers and sisters and their children warms my heart in ways that are difficult to describe.  I mean, for the first time in my thirty-four years I feel like it’s okay to indulge in thoughts of fatherhood.  Families like the Silvermans are an example not only to our opponents, but to other gays and lesbians that it’s possible for US to have a happy family with a loving partner and kids.  Honestly folks, I think about it and I get a little misty.  I hope sharing that doesn’t sound too cheesy.

After a verdict — which ostensibly relegates this American to  second class citizenship —  became clear  I felt like I was in a daze.  What does this mean exactly, I asked myself.  You know, some might say that gays and lesbians scored a demi-victory yesterday but I don’t see it that way.  For me, anything short of equal protection is not a victory. 

Anyway, as the ruling was sinking in I spotted Carol Gay who was looking as disappointed as I felt.  Carol must have known I needed a hug.  It felt good to see her taking some time off the stump to come rally for equality for people like me.  More proof she’s a true blue progressive who will do us proud in Congress.

NJ Citizen Action Endorses Carol Gay

At a Press Conference this morning at the Statehouse in Trenton, NJ Citizen Action PAC annouced their 2006 endorsements.

Carol Gay took the opportunity to talk about the issues

I am working to ensure that government responds to the needs of people rather than the interests of those with money and power.

but also went on the offensive against Chris Smith:

Chris Smith has not debated his opponent in 20 years.  He doesn’t debate because he has a shameful, embarrassing record and he doesn’t have the courage to stand on a stage and defend his failed policies.

Republican leadership has failed.  Chris Smith has failed.

She also called for the resignation of Republican leadership implicated in the cover up of Rep. Foley’s perversions:

Smith is protecting a party which has seen the indictment of the previous majority leader (Tom DeLay), the indictment of the chair of the House administration committee (Bob Ney), the imprisonment of a member of the Appropriations Committee (Duke Cunningham) the federal investigation of the chair of the House Appropriations committee (Jerry Lewis) and, most recently, a federal investigation of a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee (Curt Weldon).

(full speech below the fold)