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The Judi Franco Club

We hear time and again from right-wingers that their stance on immigration is truly color-blind: it’s sheer coincidence that the people they’re most angry about happen to have dark skin. It’s always been tough to hear that argument and keep a straight face, and it became damn near impossible this week as the Wide World of Wingerdom gave us a top-to-bottom glimpse of its racial views. From a much-touted GOP presidential possibility named George Allen to Judi Franco paddling in the sludgy, bottom-feeding depths of New Jersey 101.5, race-baiters at every level of wingerdom let their white sheets slip for a moment, and what we got to see wasn’t pretty.

Support Your School Budget, And Make Jim Gearhart Cry

During yesterday morning’s drive to work, New Jersey 101.5 bloviator Jim Gearhart took time off from the station’s program of virtually nonstop whining about the smoking ban to whine about something else: the school district elections and budget votes taking place today through New Jersey.

In the course of urging his listeners to shoot down their local school budgets (taxes, you know), Gearhart vended unattributed and unsourced rumors about teachers who strong-armed people to support school budgets by threatening to “mess with” their children. He ended by calling the New Jersey Education Association, the statewide teachers union, “the only federally approved terrorist organization.”