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You are Paying for the Christie Re-Election Campaign

I’m not an election lawyer, but I suspect it’s illegal to use state resources for an election campaign. If it’s not illegal, it sure is unethical. But that’s the word to describe Chris Christie.

On yesterday’s NJTV newscast (start at 4:59), Christie used the State House venue for his re-election bid. Note the Christie campaign logo on the podium, not the official Seal of the Governor. He used the event to tout an endorsement (not a policy) by parading Reverend Jackson in the State House to promote ties to the education-industrial complex.

Christie is within his rights to use Reverend Jackson for his re-election. He has no right to do this in the State House or on any state property.

I guess the guy who uses a State Police helicopter to attend his kid’s baseball game has no problem using more of my money for his own self-promotion. But I’d love to see someone file an ethics complaint.

Video: Buono at presser on Voting Rights

Here is video of Sen. Barbara Buono speaking out in Newark against the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision last week to slash Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Along with Buono, also scheduled to speak were NAACP President James Harris, Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, Rep. Frank Pallone and Bishop Reginald T. Jackson, with community leaders.

Eight days since the ruling was announced, Gov. Chris Christie has refused to offer his opinion on the decision. I haven’t seen this video yet – I’m not in a place where I can view it – but wanted to post it as soon as I got it. Your thoughts, Blue Jersey?  

Who is Reginald Jackson?

It’s a rhetorical question because I know who he is I just don’t know very much about him. What I do know is he’s politically influential, Executive Director of the Council of Black Ministers, a clergyman, and has been an enthusiastic supporter of vouchers for decades, going back to the Whitman administration when he endorsed her over Florio because of her support for vouchers. He’s also a strong supporter of Christie’s agenda, and seems to care more about that than how the latter’s budget cuts will impact the people in his community.

Does Jackson and his Council speak for all black ministers, most of them, or just a few? He does seem to attract media attention, and Tom Moran mentions him prominently in his column on education reform.

I know Jackson is a clergyman and an administrator, but what are his qualifications on education? Does he know more about education than bosses like Adubato and Norcross, whose only involvment is on the financial end? I wonder. Does he have any connections with charter, private or parochial schools that he benefits from? Is he, like “Nordubato”, really in it for something other than improving the lives of inner city youths? Hopefully, somebody will have some answers.

Where are black ministers?

Given Rice and Turner’s opposition to ME I wonder if they are influenced by religious beliefs or what.  Where are the black ministers, Reginald Jackson and others, who always involve themselves in electoral politics having endorsed Corzine this year (after a substantial payment was made to their fund) and Christie Whitman in 1993?  Have they taken a stance for, against or neutral on ME?

I’ve always assumed, perhaps mistakenly, that most black belonged to liberal congregations, so I find it difficult to imagine why some black legislators, in safe districts, would turn their backs on the gay community.