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It’s time to step up

We’re 3 days out from the Jeff Gardner Money Bomb, Thursday March 24. Show your progressive colors! – promoted by Rosi

Everyone here knows Jeff’s story.  We know how strong of a leader he would be in the State Senate.  We know his commitment to progressive ideals and local organizing.  The bottom line is we need more people like him running for office.  If we don’t take back the Democratic Party now – when are we going to?

That is why I’m hoping everyone who is able will commit to donating this Thursday for the Jeff Gardner for Senate money bomb.  Jeff doesn’t have special interests or Trenton lobbyists donating to his campaign.  He doesn’t have employees at various state authorities filling his campaign coffers.  He has normal people like you and me.  People that care about who is representing us.  People tired of so many failed policies coming out of Trenton.  People who want to make a difference.

I’m no Donald Trump, and I’ve already donated $100 to Jeff’s campaign (and I made my girlfriend give $50, thanks Christie).  I hope you can reach down and send $5, $10, or $25 his way to help him get his message out.

If you aren’t financially able to donate, there are plenty of other ways you can chip in to help his campaign.  Spread the word about his Facebook and Twitter pages. Post a blog.  Write a letter to the editor.  Reach out to the campaign and canvass on the weekend in the district.  Every little bit will help.

My friendship with Jeff goes back three years.  After meeting via the common link of Passaic County on this site, we had coffee and talked about the County Committee and turning red towns blue.  To this day, his apt for organizing and energy for democratic ideals never ceases to amaze me.  We need him fighting for us in Trenton.  

Full disclosure: I’m working on Jeff’s Senate campaign.

March 24: Blue Jersey’s First Ever Money Bomb – For Our Own Jeff Gardner

Jeff GardnerToday, we kick off a 10-day Countdown to March 24th, the day we join progressives in New Jersey and across the nation to raise money for Jeff Gardner’s campaign for the New Jersey Senate. March 24th is Money Bomb Day.

We’ve heard from all corners of NJ that Jeff’s campaign is a statewide progressive priority. Here at Blue Jersey, we’re proud Jeff’s one of our own. Everyone here knows about Jeff Gardner. Rock solid progressive. A fighter. A leader.

Campaigns cost money. If Jeff’s going to unseat a 30-year incumbent, he’ll need our support. March 24th Money Bomb.

So – What’s a Money Bomb?: A grassroots fundraising effort concentrated in a short time period. We’re going to use it to support Jeff by dramatically ramping up, concentrating & publicizing his fundraising.  

What you can do right now: Click “I’m Attending” on Jeff’s Money Bomb page. Then come back March 24th and donate!  

Every contribution counts – $5, $10, or $25  donations add up. If the progressive community shows our real strength – by making Jeff the next Senator from the 35th District – maybe Democrats in Trenton will think twice before they betray fundamental policies the Democratic Party stands for.  

Then, today, spread the word:

On Facebook: Share the Money Bomb event (click Share after you RSVP you’re attending). Then zoom over to Jeff’s campaign page on facebook and hit “Like”.

On Twitter: Tweet your support for Jeff! Use hash tag #GardnerMoneyBomb.  

Until we step up and start electing better Democrats, we’ll never get the representation we’ve been longing for. We’ll never get the type of leadership a blue state like NJ deserves. We are going all-in for Jeff’s campaign. And we need you. Money Bomb March 24th!

Standing with the middle class

For almost 15 years I was an attorney at the National Labor Relations Board – so I know union busting when I see it.  What is going on in Madison and across the nation is a collective attempt to weaken worker’s rights.  We can’t let it happen in Wisconsin, and we can’t let it happen here at home in New Jersey.  We need to continue to stand with union members and the middle class they represent.    

Girgenti’s home-County support shows signs of Fracture

IMG_0361Hawthorne NJ’s Jeff Gardner

Jeff (Gardner) is much more than a single-issue person. He’s a person who cares passionately and wants to do what’s right.

Those were the words of Passaic County Democratic Chairman John Currie who adopted a neutral tone on the unfolding Senate showdown in LD35 between entrenched 30-year incumbent John Girgenti and his Progressive challenger Jeff Gardner.

Looks like Girgenti’s only argument (which was sad and half-baked to begin with) was roundly snuffed out by his own political master.

Charles Stile on Jeff Gardner: “Bona Fide Giant Slayer”

If you didn’t know about the Democratic senatorial primary fight in the 35th legislative district, a column by Bergen Record columnist Charlie Stile at northjersey.com is a clear snapshot and of what divides the two combatants, Sen. John Girgenti and Jeff Gardner. – Rosi Efthim

Round 2 of Hawthorne political fight coming up

by Charles Stile:

Jeffrey Gardner’s shoebox-size law office in Hawthorne’s downtown suits his budget. After all, he opened his practice only a month ago.

The Lafayette Avenue office is also a fitting symbol of his new place in Passaic County politics.

The 42-year-old liberal activist seized a small Democratic Party beachhead last June, taking control of the Hawthorne Democratic Municipal Committee. The precinct-level victory yielded a modicum of power but a bounty of statewide buzz – he defeated John Girgenti, the 35th District state senator who joined the Legislature four years before Hosni Mubarak took control of Egypt.

Overheard at Jeff Gardner’s big fundraiser in Cherry Hill

Conventional wisdom – people telling Jeff Gardner he had zero shot to unseat Senator John Girgenti as Hawthorne Democratic Municipal Chair:

“You can’t possibly win against somebody who’s been there for 30 years!”


“We creamed them.”

Later, speaking of the next race he’s likely to run against Senator Girgenti, for Girgenti’s 35th District seat in the Senate:

If he tells his story and I tell my story, then I win. If he tells his story and nobody hears mine, he wins.

       – Jeff, thanking guests today

Jeff Gardner at Jay Lassiter's Pink Sangria Party
Hot Hot Progressive Ticket

All I can say is Jay Lassiter gives one hell of a Pink Sangria party. Jay’s beautiful house was wall-to-wall people today, all of us there to join the Senate campaign of Jeff Gardner. Blue Jersey people. DFA people. Garden State Equality people. People from Jeff’s district, and from all over the place, confirming once again that the progressive community is itching & ready as hell to elect good people to represent us.

I had a lot of fun meeting people who’ve been posting at Blue Jersey for years, but I’ve never met in the flesh. Y’all know who you are – it was a total pleasure seeing you today. Jump with me for the pictures.

Senator John Girgenti, Professional Trough Swiller

There’s so much incestuous patronage surrounding Senator John Girgenti, it’s a small miracle members of his entourage still have the use of their opposable thumbs.

Yesterday’s Record:

On Tuesday, pressure began mounting on Sen. John Girgenti (D-Hawthorne) about his recommendation of people for jobs at the PVSC. In recent years, Girgenti has been the recipient of more than $30,000 in campaign contributions from PVSC employees. Sources in the state Attorney General’s office have confirmed that they are investigating a fundraiser that Girgenti held at the Brownstone House in Paterson last year.

With Democrats like these, who needs corrupt Republicans?

Coming Clean on Corruption

Jeff is a candidate for the NJ legislature. Depending on redistricting, he may be Girgenti’s opponent.  Both reside in Hawthorne. –Rosi

It’s tough being a candidate. Now, all of a sudden, every time I want to say something about politics, I feel like it will be viewed through the lens of a political campaign. That’s too bad, because today’s news out of the scandal-plagued Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission really can’t go left uncommented on, campaign or no campaign:

Governor Christie on Monday delivered what he called “direct property tax relief” to residents when he fired 71 employees of the scandal-plagued Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission.

As if it doesn’t bother me enough that the governor has been handed this PR goldmine on a silver platter, what really gets me is how there could be so many people on the public payroll who no one seems to think were actually needed there. How did they get hired in the first place?

Certainly, earlier stories have tied Senator John Girgenti to the PVSC, including to indicted officials there who had been contributors to his political campaigns. But, I think the public deserves to know just how closely connected Senator Girgenti is to the corruption at the PVSC. With reports that Girgenti was using the Commission as his personal patronage mill and political fundraising machine, taxpayers deserve to know just how deep that involvement goes.

That’s why in the wake of today’s news, I’m calling on Girgenti to fully disclose who among the terminated workers he played a role in originally hiring, and to release the list of all current and former Commission employees who have contributed to his political campaign.

If New Jersey is serious about cutting taxes without reducing services, we can start by getting to the bottom of scandals like this one.