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Mike Cino and the Case of the Disappearing Candidate

Jinkies!  A real mystery!

Here’s the latest is a sad, sad story about a sad, sad man making a sad, sad ass of himself:

Michael J. Cino for Congress
23 Woodland Road
Demarest , NJ  07627
(201) 768-4468

  April 17, 2006

State of New Jersey Division of Elections
Department of Law and Public Safety
Ramon De La Cruz  Director
PO Box 304
Trenton, NJ  08624

Dear Sirs:

Please accept this letter as confirmation that I am challenging the Nominating Petitions for Member of the House of Representatives in the 5th Congressional District of a “Scott Garrett” on the basis that the person named on the Petitions is NOT registered to vote at the address stated in the petitions and apparently DOES NOT EXIST as per Court cases and case law which is presently on the books in the State of New Jersey today.

Thank you very much.