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Candidates Forum for 5th Congressional District

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With the redistricting of Bergen County, many residents are being confronted with having to choose new congressmen/women to represent them in the newly configured districts.  Both Congressional Districts 5 & 9 are confronting this situation.

On Sunday, May 20, three democratic hopefuls will be present for a debate/forum in Teaneck, NJ.  The candidates, (listed in alphabetical order) Jason Castle, Adam Gussen, and Diane Sare will be attending as they vie for the Demiocratic votes in District 5.  Whoever the Democratic Primary winner is will be the Democratic Committee of Bergen County’s (*DCBC) candidate to run against Garrett.

Jason Castle is a political newcomer.  The DCBC’s candidate, Adam Gussen, is deputy Mayor of Teaneck, and LaRouch Candidate Diane Sare, has 20 years experience spreading the political beliefs of LaRouche.

The Candidates will answer questions from the audience and will have the opportunity to debate one another.

This debate/forum begins at 3 PM and is open to all citizens of Congressional District 5.

(*DCBC – The Democratic Committee of Bergen County was formerly called the Bergen County Democratic Committee.)