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I’m committed. Are you?

Interesting and sensitive questions from some well-informed students at Westfield High School. Parents should be proud. – promoted by Rosi

Two weeks ago, I posted on Blue Jersey about the need to protect our young people from the bullying and harassment that leads many teens to depression or suicide.  This week, I had an interesting exchange with teenagers at Westfield High School about what we can do to make things better, both on a government level and on a personal level.

This past Thursday, I visited Westfield High School to speak to a group of nearly 300 students about the political process and the issues facing our county.  

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I was taken aback by the Westfield Board of Education’s recent missive, the front of which bears a picture with caption “Why is this Music Class in the Kitchen?”  I asked myself why, while a student at the Juilliard School, I did my harmony and counterpoint exercises while riding the New York subways.  And why Mozart did his compositional studies in stagecoaches.

The “needs” of the Westfield Public Schools are–and have always been, I’m afraid–more imagined than real.  What our students need is not more pampering but better teaching.

Ferdinand Gajewski, PhD

April 17, 2006 News Roundup

  • Senate wannabe, Tom Kean jr., isn’t thrilling anybody with his lackluster poll numbers and severe lack of fundraising thus far. In four of the five polls taken on the race, Senator Bob Menendez is leading. It also doesn’t bode well for Kean that in a recent Quinnipiac poll, 29% say that the primary reason they would vote for him is because his father is well-liked former Governor Tom Kean.
  • The Principal of Montville High was suspended for disabiling the fire alarm system after students kept pulling them as a prank. Long story short, there actually was a fire and although it was small and thankfully everyone was ok, things could have turned out much differently. Kids- don’t be stupid and pull the fire alarm. Administrators- don’t be stupid and disable the alarms. It’s just not safe.
  • Even though the general election is still months away, Scotch Plains parties met and have met to decide on their party’s ticket for the town council elections. Three candidates from each of the major parties filed in time to be on the ticket for the June primary election. Visibly missing from the ballot will be Board of Adjustment and Town Councilman Frank Rossi, who has decided not to run for reelection citing increasing family and work responsibilities.
  • Speaking of elections, tomorrow is school board election day!! Who’s excited? Don’t lie. You know you are.
  • Westfield residents are facing a 3.85 tax increase if they vote tomorrow to approve the school budget. Last year, the school budget was voted down by residents. Also in Westfield, there are three open seats for the school board and four candidates running, as 18-year-old Jesse Garfinkel recently withdrew his candidacy due to his  upcoming attendance at Northwestern University in September.
  • Former Governor, Christie Whitman, is pleading for the Republican party to stop being so confrontational if they want to regain control of the House of Representatives. Good luck with that.
  • File your income taxes yet? If not, get on that. The IRS doesn’t like to wait. But you have until midnight tonight so GO!!!