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Garrett No-Show for Debate with Cho in NJ05

Read through the sponsors of last night’s candidate forum in Bergen County – where most of Rep. Garrett’s constituents live. If you wanted to piss off women, African-Americans and Jews, ignoring an invitation to talk to these folks is how you’d do it: Bergen County African American Voters Coalition, Black Clergy Council of Teaneck, Englewood and Vicinity National Council of Jewish Women Bergen County Section, North Jersey Board of Rabbis. Northern New Jersey Region of Hadassah, CRC of Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ, League of Women Voters of Bergen County, and The Jewish Standard. It was a packed house last night, in the hundreds. Promoted by Rosi

The 5th Congressional District Candidate Forum on Monday night in Ridgewood went ahead without Congressman Scott Garrett, who declined the invitation to address his constituents about the issues of the day.  The debate moderators introduced the format and time limitations for answers and performed their duties asking questions they had prepared and questions written by audience members, maybe 350 (I’m no good at guessing this) but definitely an overflow standing-room only crowd, lining the walls and spilling down the hallway.

Challenger Roy Cho took the podium alone and gave an opening statement.  He answered each question within the prescribed time.  And the audience kept being reminded by the moderators to hold their applause until the end.

Garrett’s voting record is extreme

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To NJ05 local Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans:

Please consider making the time to vote in November in the mid-term elections.  I urge you vote for the Democrats, especially Roy Cho. Cho is standing in opposition to Scott Garrett after 12 years as our representative in Congress:

  • Garrett recently voted against appropriating $58 million to the DHS for drug research to address the Ebola virus. He voted against spending $30 million to DHS for the Centers for Disease Control to specifically address the rapidly escalating Ebola emergency in Africa.
  • Garrett vs. 1.4 million Home Buyers

    Live in the 5th congressional district? You can get reporting at Blog the Fifth you won’t find in your newspaper, plus context on some of the nutty, nutty things your congressman does, plus opportunities to join up with efforts to make a change there. – – – Promoted from the diaries by Rosi.

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    Representative Scott Garrett finally explained why he voted against extending unemployment benefits and the first time home buyer tax credit:

    So, in sum, we have a program rampant with fraud, which gives taxpayer dollars to people who don’t legitimately qualify, and fails to appropriately credit the individuals that do qualify. It’s clear that employees of the IRS were aware of the problems with claims process for this program, as the inspector general found 53 cases of IRS employees filing “illegal or inappropriate” claims for the credit. In its current form, this program costs taxpayer about $1 billion a month and is expected to cost $15 billion for the year. Rather than terminate this program, Congress voted on November 5 to expand the program to homeowners looking to buy a replacement principle residence. How many more four-year olds will fraudulently receive taxpayer money under this program before Congress realizes this is a terrible idea?

    Voting to expand this program would have been irresponsible of me, and an abdication of my responsibility as a guardian of taxpayer dollars. The Homebuyer Tax Credit Program was a poison pill to otherwise well-intended legislation.

    It bears repeating that Garrett was one of 2.7% of the House to vote no on this bill, so it hardly was a poison pill.