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PPP Survey Says Runyan Approval Under Water

This is diary rescue from the weekend. DCCC has been targeting Runyan, whose obvious unpreparedness for federal office and his votes since make him a big target. Looks like his failures are catching up with him in-district. Promoted by Rosi.

New Jersey Democrats are pretty used to being ignored by folks who do polls.  While states and Congressional districts around the country get checked to see what’s possible, New Jersey gets a internal campaign once in a while but not much more than that.

But Public Policy Polling has changed that with two (count ’em, 2!) Congressional district polls a whole year out from the election.  I’m positively giddy, so am using parentheses and italics.

Jon Runyan (PDF) in NJ3 is underwater with 40 percent disapproval, 39 percent approval for a net -1 rating.  52 percent are of voters in NJ3 less likely to vote for him knowing he voted to shut down the government, which moves Runyan to a 2 point deficit over a generic Democrat.

Frank LoBiondo (PDF) in NJ3 is better in NJ2 with 44 percent approval and 37 percent disapproval for a net +7 rating. 46 percent of voters in NJ2 are less likely to vote for him knowing he voted to shut down the government, which moves LoBiondo to just a 2 lead over a generic Democrat.

Could we please, please, please, please get come high-quality opponents?

And maybe some polls in other districts, PPP?

BTW, there’s LOTS more info in the cross-tabs, so if you’re in NJ2 or NJ3 you can learn a lot.  Have fun on a Sunday!

Today Could Be The Day

I’ve added this ominous photo, taken a few minutes ago in Hoboken by Carla Katz. Promoted by Rosi.

Hoboken - NJ Tornado Watch

As noted last week, the New Jersey National Guard is crippled thanks to the government shut down caused by the House GOP.  Almost a thousand of the men and women who work full time for the guard doing procurement, repairing weapons and vehicles, planning logistics, etc. were furloughed and as a result the part-time members of the guard are unable to drill.

But worse is that they may also be unable to respond in the event of a disaster.  If vehicles and equipment is not maintained, it logistics are not organized, we risk exacerbating the damage due to a storm.

And today we are under a tornado watch until 5 p.m.  If you’ve ever been involved with a tornado you know it can do amazing damage in no time, destroying infrastructure and buildings with no regard for what they are or who is in them.

Should we be hit with a rare NJ tornado — like the rare October snow in 2011 and the rare Sandy flooding and wind damage in 2012 — the brave men and women in the National Guard who are there for us in times of need may not be able to do their jobs.

Representatives Lance, LoBiondo and Runyan have all stated publicly they would vote for a clean continuing resolution.  It’s time for them to realize the real harm not doing so could do and sign the discharge petition that could end this all.

What’s Happening Today Fri. 10/04/2013

U.S. Senate contenders Cory Booker and Steve Lonegan debate: It will be streamed today live at 1 pm here. It will air on Sunday at 11 am on WABC-TV (ABC Channel 7 in NYC) and at 9:30 am on WPVI-TV6 (ABC Channel 6 in Philly). Univision will air the debate in Spanish on Friday, October 11th at 11 pm. The two most recent polls have Booker 12 and 13 points ahead, but a far cry from the 35 point advantage he had a month ago. Look for fireworks as Lonegan spewes out his far right ideology and goes for the jugular.

Newark awakens today to its own LGTBQ Community Center: On the tenth anniversary of the infamous and tragic murder of African-American lesbian Sakia Gunn, there now is a safe place with programs and events for the community. This facility has been the dream and aspiration for Newark activists for many years. Outraged local LGBTQ leaders first began meeting at Rutgers University in Newark and formed Newark Pride Alliance as an umbrella organization. The new facility now joins hundreds of other similar centers across the country.

Yesterday evening was the ribbon cutting ceremony with a proclamation from Mayor Cory Booker. In attendance was the Executive Director Reverend Janyce L. Jackson, Board President Julie Schwartzberg, Newark Councilmen and mayoral candidates Ras Baraka and Anibal Ramos, Garden State Equality Executive Director Troy Stevenson and the first elected transgender member of the Democratic National Committee New Jersey’s legendary Babs Siperstein.

As a start-up venture it very much needs volunteers and donors. Contributions can be mailed to its office at 11 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ 07102. For people who want to volunteer it is centrally located downtown, off Broad Street and near Penn Station.

No news is bad news – 4th day of the shutdown: Republicans wanted this. Now they beg Democrats for piecemeal exemptions like yes for cancer patients but no for single women and baby nutrition programs. If Republicans are unhappy with what they created all they have to do is allow a clean continuing resolution. Roll Call reports there are at least 18 Republicans who have publicly stated they would vote for a clean CR, including Frank A. LoBiondo, Leonard Lance and Jon Runyan. “If they all stick together, the bloc could make Boehner’s life difficult.” President Obama remains firm in not negotiating over ACA while Boehner remains bothered and bewildered.

Public Schedules

Buono/Silva gubernatorial campaign: Barbara Buono: 8:30pm, Marriage Equality Celebration, City Hall, 280 Grove St., Jersey City.

U. S. Senate candidate Cory Booker: 8:00pm, Reception at the Penn Written House Building, Philadelphia, PA, for more info go here.

Open thread: Add an event taking place today of interest to our readers, or email items for this column the evening before to BillOrr563@gmail.com

NJ’s GOP Congresscritters Better Hope We Don’t Get Hurricanes or Snow

promoted by Rosi

In the past 26 months New Jersey has been hit with three massive storms that caused multi-week blackouts through much of the state, cost billions in damages, shut major roadways, and required major support from the New Jersey National Guard to recover.

That would be the National Guard that was just furloughed in New Jersey, just about every single one of the full-time employees, due to the Republican House members votes to shut the government unless they are allowed to defund twenty percent of Obamacare.

At least 951 were furloughed from the Guard while the number at the joint base was still being calculated, officials said.

These thousand full-time guard employees maintain the trucks, acquire the provisions, ensure the weapons are functional, determine and design logistical plans, and basically do all the background work required for our part-time National Guard soldiers to come support the state in times of need.

Say, in October when we’ve had massive storms two years in a row that left much of the state without power, gasoline or major roadways?

Representatives Rodney Frelinghuysen, Scott Garrett, Leonard Lance, Frank Lobiondo, Jon Runyan and Chris Smith need to explain why they’ve left us without the National Guard during our most vulnerable time of year (don’t forget Hurricane Floyd in 99, 9/11 in 2001).  And if there is another massive storm that comes during this shutdown they’ll be responsible for a lot of unnecessary pain.

Three — LoBiondo, Lance and Runyan — have said they would vote for a clean bill funding the government, but have not stood up and demanded that it be offered to the House.  The fact is, it would pass and we’d have our government back if they did.

So, pray for no rain or snow.  Apparently we can’t afford it.

Does Jon Runyan Think I’m Stupid?

Today, a member of my family received a letter, on official congressional stationery, from Jon Runyan, our Republican congressperson. The letter reminded the recipient that the open enrollment period for Medicare begins on October 15th. The only problem is that the addressee of the letter is not old enough to take advantage of Medicare benefits.

While this is a minor screw-up, I’m willing to give Runyan the benefit of the doubt. But what irks me is the fact that the letter did not mention that tomorrow is the first day that people could sign up for the Health Exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.  Most people know about Medicare – it’s been around for a while. But Obamacare is new, and people may need help in navigating through the system. It certainly would have been a better use of taxpayer funds if Runyan had used his congressional franking privileges to inform his constituents how to get this help.

Runyan blindly follows the Tea Party line and has voted to defund Obamacare and ruin the economy. He needs to be replaced next year.

What’s Happening Today Mon. 09/23/2013

“Showdown week in Congress”: Roll Call reminds us, “House Republicans will push through this week a debt ceiling increase tied to an assortment of GOP wish list items (including of course: death to Obamacare.) But those are sidelines to the main event: whether the government will shut down come Oct. 1.”

Where are our Democratic congressional challengers?: To run a successful campaign against a Republican congressional incumbent there is no time to waste. However, few such candidates have appeared so far. Below is the status and the votes in each of the four closest races against Republican incumbents in the last cycle.

  • CD 3: Jon Runyan: 174,257 – Shelley Adler: 145,509. There are efforts to recruit a candidate but no one’s name is public yet.

  • CD 5: Scott Garrett: 167,503 – Adam Gussen 130,102. Roy Cho, Hackensack, Attorney, Ex-Congressional Aide & Ex-Gubernatorial Aide, raised $80,804 through June 30 – more than Adam Gussen but a far cry from what is needed.

  • CD 2: Frank LoBiondo: 166,679 – Cassandra Shober. 116,463. Conservative (more so than LoBiondo) Mike Assad (R) Ex-Absecon School Board Member and Radio Talk Show Host, seeks to primary LoBiondo, but no Dem. candidate in sight yet.

  • CD 7: Leonard Lance: 175,704 – Upendra Chivukula. 123,090. No candidate has surfaced.

    In the meantime SuperPAC’s are building their warchests: Although SuperPACs are waiting until next year to unload their cargo, the conservative Club for Growth has just landed a big donation. Roll Call reports, Virginia James, a self-employed investor from Lambertville has contributed $500,000. In 2012 she gave $1.2 million to the Club.

    Strong support for a minimum wage increase: Monmouth University poll today indicates that 65% of registered voters say they will vote in favor of the increase. Support comes from majorities of Democrats (74%), independents (63%), and Republicans (54%). The rate still falls below the inflation-adjusted rate from the late 1960s, but it’s a step in the right direction.

    Public Schedule:

    Buono/Silva gubernatorial campaign: No public events today.

    Christie/Guadagno gubernatorial campaign:  Chris Christie: 10:00am, National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Council ribbon-cutting ceremony, Asbury Park Middle School.

    U.S. Senate Candidate Cory Booker: Fund-raiser: 10:00am, Morning Reception hosted by ECE Works, Los Angeles, CA; 6:00pm, Reception at the home of Ron Burkle, with Matt Damon in Los Angeles. For more info go here.

    Assemblyman (D-38) Tim Eustace: 8:00pm, Fund-raiser: Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling, John DeBellis and Brian Karemk, Comedy Night, Paramus Elks Lodge #2001, 200 New Jersey 17, Paramus, $25.00 (for union members) and up. RSVP to Andrew at 201.669-8213.

    U. S Senate 2:30, Hearing on combating Human Trafficking with former NJ Attorney General John J. Farmer testifying on a major concern of Senator Jeff Chiesa, Washington, D.C.

    Assembly Transportation, Public Works and Independent Authorities, 10:00am, hearing on the safety of jitneys, State House, Trenton.  

  • What’s Happening Today Fri. 09/06/2013

    Campaign Stop Trivia: Thursday afternoon Gov. Christie went to Moonachie’s Robert L. Craig School, much-damaged during Sandy but now open. As opposed to his Town Hall shows, this was a no-glittz affair without music, spotlights, video, banners or even a flag. (Isn’t that a no-no?). The audience consisted of about 250 pre-K through 8th grade students (not a voter among them), a few teachers, Education Commissioner Chris Cerf, District Senator Paul Sarlo, embattled Republican County Executive Kathleen Donovan, the press (including seven video cameras glued on the stage) and Christie’s retinue. Maria Comella, Christie’s Communications Director (in charge of marketing Christie with a large, savvy staff that must make other governors envious) sits patiently at the rear of the gymnasium until she learns the Governor is arriving whereupon she ducks into the back room where he stands with his security detail. After having waited for about 40 minutes the well-behaved kids have started getting a little restless. Ten minutes later Christie walks in, speaks a few minutes, and then answers questions from the students. He acknowledges help from President Obama in repairing the school and even refers once to “the President and me.” There was plenty of space outdoors (and inside) for those who don’t like Christie’s and Cerf’s education policies to carry signs, march and protest, but no protestors were there.

    Organizing for Action (OFA) is holding events in New Jersey to tell Congress to move forward with comprehensive immigration reform. 12:00pm, Rep. Chris Smith’s (R CD 4) Office, 112 Village Center Drive – 2nd Fl. Raintree Shopping Center, Freehold; and on Saturday, 12:00pm, Congressman Runyan’s (R CD3) Office, 4167 Church Road , Mount Laurel.  

    The Assembly is back in session on Monday at 10:00am and has scheduled the following bills for a vote:

    A3680 [Coutinho, Albert/Singleton, Troy+26], NJ Econ. Opportunity Act of 2013

    A3797 [Mainor, Charles/Eustace, Timothy J.+5], Firearms, cert-concern reporting of info

    A4329 [Bramnick, Jon M./Angelini, Mary Pat], Home invasion-creates crime

    AR176 [Chivukula, Upendra J./Bramnick, Jon M.], Baha’i prisoners-immediate release

    S2842 [Scutari, Nicholas P./Vitale, Joseph F.+1], Med. marijuana prog.

    Public Schedules:

    Buono/Silva gubernatorial campaign: 11:30am, Barbara Buono, Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (D-20), and Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-37): Press Conference to call for New Jersey high-school graduates who are undocumented immigrants brought to America as children to qualify for in-state tutition rates at the state’s public colleges, Rutgers AAUP-AFT, 11 Stone St. New Brunswick; Barbara Buono and Milly Silva: 5:30pm, 22nd Annual “Celebration of Labor” Parade and March, Newark City Hall, 920 Broad St, Newark.

    Governor and Gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie: early morning appearance on NFL AM show. He heads to Texas this weekend, Michael Symons says, “where he’ll attend Sunday’s NFL opening-weekend game in Dallas between the Cowboys and Giants – rooting for the home team, not the one that plays in New Jersey. He’s attending with Ray Washburne, a Dallas businessman and finance chairman for the Republican National Committee.”

    Senate candidate Cory Booker: has said he is discontinuing his campaign events this week in order to concentrate on Newark crime matters.

    What’s Happening Today Wed. 09/04/2013

    Rep. Jon Runyan (R 3rd CD): 12:00pm, Concerned seniors, advocates, and community leaders will call on Congressman Jon Runyan to stop his repeated attempts to threaten Social Security, a rally outside the Toms River Social Security office, 190 St Catherine Blvd, Toms River. 

    NJ Workers’ Voices: is stepping up its efforts to support the ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage. “We’ll be making phone calls and knocking on doors to support the best candidates for working families.” NJWV seeks volunteers to canvass. Get in touch with Ramon Becerra, NJ Workers’ Voices Field Director, to sign up. He can be reached at rbecerra@njworkersvoices.org or at 312-330-2040.

    House Foreign Affairs Committee, which includes Rep. Albio Sires (D 8th CD) and Chris Smith (R  4th CD) holds a hearing at noon in Washington on the vote to authorize the use of military force against Syria. Rep. Sires has said “Removing the stockpiles of these chemical weapons will be one priority of mine,” but “quite frankly, I don’t think there are any kind of wins here.” Last night on NJToday both Rep. Rush Holt (D 12th CD) and Rep Leonard Lance (R 7th CD) expressed opposition to authorizing force.

    Peace Action’s Judith LeBlanc says, “We can prevent the US from launching military strikes on Syria, if we mobilize the majority who oppose a military action to tell Congress that only a diplomatic initiative will end the crisis, not bombing. The US can not bomb the way to peace in Syria!” To tell your congressperson you oppose a strike, go here.

    Public Schedules: (Your chance to cheer or jeer)

    Buono/Silva gubernatorial campaign: Barbara Buono: 12:45pm, Meeting with CWA 1039, 13 West Front St., Trenton.

    Governor & Gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie: with Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf: 11:30am, Reopening of the Sandy-damaged Beach Haven School, followed by a press conference, Long Beach; 6:30pm, Rosh Hashanah service at Temple Emanu-El, Closter.

    Senate candidate Cory Booker: 11:00am, a roundtable discussion on the impact to NJ which the sequestration cuts made to the federal budget are having, Arena Diner, 250 Essex St. Hackensack.

    Senate candidate Steve Lonegan: 6:00pm, Fundraiser, 64 Cooper Road, Denville.

    Sen. Robert Menendez: 9:00am chairs a top-secret, closed-door hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on whether to authorize the use of military force in Syria, with a possible vote later today.

    Email items for this column the evening before to BillOrr563@gmail.com.

    What’s Happening Today Thu. 08/29/2013

    U. S. Senate candidate Cory Booker releases REFORMING AMERICA’S CRIMINAl JUSTICE SYSTEM, with timely sensible policies. The press reported he called for decriminalizing marijuana. Actually what he says is more measured, but leads in that direction: “It is time for us to have a candid, structured conversation about the legal status of, and law enforcement focus on, marijuana. Members of both parties must consider whether current national drug policy encourages the effective stewardship of law enforcement resources, and if there are better ways to achieve desired outcomes.” The 16-page report is worth a read.

    Runyan’s donkeys: 3:00pm, Press conference and flyer distribution, outside Republican Congressman Jon Runyan’s (CD 3) Toms River district office, 600 Mule Road, Unit 6, Toms River. Because he has four donkeys and some wood on a portion of his estate he receives a huge property tax break. Wouldn’t elephants be more politically correct? In any event he is taking advantage of a tax loophole, while showing no concern for those who have little access to loopholes.

    Buono Slams Christie for Continued Silence On Voting Rights Act Decision: In the wake of the March on Washington she says, “After 65 days, it is astounding that Governor Christie has found the time to fly around the country to promote his Presidential ambitions and talk on sports radio for four hours, but still has not found the time to read a Supreme Court decision gutting one of the most important pieces of legislation to come out of the Civil Rights Era.”

    Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind Poll releases today results of its latest survey about the U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races. The Star-Ledger says the poll shows, “Christie is leading his Democratic opponent, Sen. Barbara Buono, by 24 percentage points – 50 to 26 percent – a 7% Christie drop from their last poll… Mayor Booker leads his Republican opponent, former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan, by 28 percentage points – 50 to 22 percent.”

    Public Schedules

    Buono/Silva gubernatorial campaign: Barbara Buono: 1:30pm, “Diner Talks: Everyone Gets a Seat at the Table Tour”, Skylark Diner, 17 Wooding Ave., Edison; Milly Silva and Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly (D-35), 2:00pm, Paterson Team H.O.P.E. Backpack Giveaway, Masonic Temple, 224 Broadway, Paterson.

    Governor and Gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie: continues his week-long tour of the shore: 11:00am, walks through Bay Village, Beach Haven, Long Beach Island; 2:00pm, news conference after walking the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk.

    U. S. Senate candidate Republican Steve Lonegan: 2:00pm, news conference about Syria at the Assyrian Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary, Paramus. What will this man say next?

    Members of New Jersey Transit’s executive management team: 8:30-10:30, to answer questions and get feedback, Walter Rand Transportation Center, Camden. One question might be “Don’t you think you people should be fired for gross mismanagement during Sandy?”

    Email items for this column the evening before to BillOrr563@gmail.com.

    What’s Happening Today Tue. 08/20/2013

    Cranford Pizza Shop Owners to Congressman Lance: Time to “Deliver” on Immigration Reform: 9:30am, Ahead of Congressman Lance’s town hall meeting in Gillette this evening, shop owners will talk about the importance of immigrant workers in New Jersey’s pizza restaurants, and their support for common sense, comprehensive immigration reform, il Giardino Pizza, 103 Miln St, Cranford. Rep. Lance (R-CD 7) says, “The border fence is not nearly enough.” Perhaps it should be fully electrified, raised 60 feet and reinforced with barbed wire?

    Ascendancy of the Libertarians: During the presidential election cycle Republican/Libertarian Rep. Ron Paul fared poorly, but his Republican/Libertarian son Sen. Rand Paul has emerged as a Republican “darling.”  He and Chris Christie recently got into a dust-off. Christie’s message: “Ideology doesn’t matter; winning does.” Republican Senate candidate Steve Lonegan also holds Libertarian positions, some of  which even Democrats might agree with: opposition to NSA surveillance on U.S. citizens, bank bail-outs, and becoming the world’s policeman. Monday night on NJToday he tried to broaden his base, appealing to Democrats. No one expects Lonegan to win but Libertarian points of view are becoming the talk of Washington and New Jersey.

    Christie and Lonegan: This afternoon when Christie endorses Lonegan for Senate, we will see the rough, laser-sharp, unflinching Lonegan (“Give me Liberty or give me death.”) versus the brash, flexible (I’ll do what it takes to win) Christie. There is no love lost between them as they competed in the 2009 gubernatorial primary, and Lonegan has criticized him from the far right. For the Governor who needs the support of moderates and independents to win both the governorship and the presidency, he walks a tightrope. As Sen. Buono said last night on Chris Hayes’ MSNBS show, “he’s trying to thread the needle.” Others might say he has no  principles, but regardless Lonegan’s more extreme views are of no help to him.

    Christie to accept public matching funds: An official told The Associated Press Gov. Chris Christie will make an initial filing today to accept state funds for his fall re-election bid, which will provide his campaign with more than $8 million. Candidates who accept public funds are obligated to participate in two pre-election debates.

    Cory Booker: We have not seen a public schedule for him recently. However, he does pepper us daily with sophomoric wisdom on Facebook and Twitter. His most recent entry: “Strength isn’t always a physical thing but it is always a mental attitude.” OK, but how about telling us what is on your schedule?

    Island Beach State Park to host “Harvest the Bay Festival”: 3:00-7:00pm, Eat fresh fish and learn about the 3,000 acre park, Ocean Bathing Area 1, free with park admission.

    Public Schedules:

    Governor Christie: 12:00, press conference with U.S. Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan, who yesterday released the federal HURRICANE SANDY REBUILDING TASK FORCE REPORT, Little Ferry. For comments on the report from NJ Future, go here.

    Governor Christie/U.S. Senate canditate Steve Lonegan: 4:15, Christie endorses Lonegan for Senate, Hunterdon County Republican Headquarters, 1 New Jersey 12,  Flemington.

    Buono/Silva Gubernatorial Campaign: None