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Runyan backtracks on running for Congress: “I haven’t fully committed to that yet”

In his first press conference with the San Diego Chargers this past Wednesday, Jon Runyan contradicted his statement he put out the day before when he signed. On Tuesday, this is what he had to say:

Last night, I personally informed the Republican County Chairmen in NJ’s 3rd Congressional District that after the season is over I plan to officially retire from football and pursue a campaign for the United States Congress.  I want to thank all of the people who have been encouraging me to run next year and let them know that I look forward to a successful end to my career on the field, and a spirited campaign against Congressman Adler in 2010.”

But by Wednesday, this is what he was saying:

“I haven’t fully committed to that, I’m still exploring my options

He may want to call those chairmen back. It seems like he still wants a Super Bowl ring more than a seat in Congress.

Runyan’s voting record and recent GOP switch come into question

As Jon Runyan meets with leaders of the Republican party and explores the possibility of challenging John Adler for his congressional seat, some questions are being raised including how frequently he has voted and when he actually became a Republican:

Records from Burlington County, N.J., indicate Runyan missed voting in four of nine general elections between 2000 and 2008. He also hasn’t voted in a Republican primary in the last decade and only registered with the GOP this month.

The Burlington County GOP spokesman is making excuses for his shoddy voting record:

Spokesman Chris Russell emphasized that Runyan has voted in five of the last six general elections. He said Runyan did vote in this month’s general election, which hasn’t been added to county records yet.

“With all the issues the country’s facing, we don’t think three or four missed elections the last 10 years is going to be a deciding factor for voters,” Russell said. “That’s a pretty good record.”

Sure, he’s voted in 5 of 6 generals, but the one he didn’t involved the race that will help determine the direction of New Jersey. And on that non-existent primary voting record:

As for his primary record, Russell said Runyan has always identified as a Republican. He said Runyan didn’t feel the need to make it official until he saw what has happened in the country this year, as he began to consider running for office.

Russell noted that, in New Jersey, voting in a party’s primary requires one to register with that party.

“Most unaffiliated voters don’t vote in primaries,” Russell said. “There really was no need for him to do so, as an unaffiliated voter.”

We’ll have to make note of this for the next time they go after a Democrat for this situation. I can’t wait for them to find out where he stands on the issues next and the justifications for the positions that don’t fall in line with the party. I wonder what George Gilmore thinks as he sees these stories start to come out.

Looks like Runyan v. Adler in 3rd cd

It seems State Senator Chris Connors is leaning against a run in the 3rd district.  This leaves the door open for ex-Eagles football player Jon Runyan to become the nominee since there doesn’t seem to be any credible opposition.  

Connors offered the best hope for the GOP since he is very popular in Ocean County and would have likely gotten the same margin as Chris Christie.  It’s puzzling he wouldn’t take a shot at running for Congress since this is probably the best chance he’ll ever have.

I can’t see Runyan defeating Adler.  He’s a political novice who didn’t even register as a Republican until a few weeks ago.  He probably hasn’t even voted in many elections, and nobody seems to know anything about his views.

Adler talks about healthcare and a potential Runyan challenge

Congressman Adler was on Fox Philadelphia yesterday and talked about his vote against the health insurance bill, saying for him it’s only about cost and then discussing the potential challenge that could come from Former Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jon Runyan:

He said he is looking forward to the bill coming back to the House and said he’s hoping they still do more to reign in costs.  After talking about healthcare, they moved on to talking about a potential challenge from Jon Runyan.:

“I know Jon, he’s a good guy,” Adler said.

But Adler was blunt about the prospect of Runyan outspending him in an election.

“It is always worrisome when someone has a lot of money and is willing to write a big check to help buy an election,” Adler said.

When asked by Mike Jerrick if Runyan would buy the election, Adler denied meaning that.

“Not buying. He could spend a lot of money. That would be a factor with elections,” he said.

Adler went as far as to compare Runyan to ousted Democratic governor Jon Corzine.

“We’ve seen that in New Jersey in the past, Jon Corzine did it a couple of times.”

PolitickerNJ says that their sources say Runyan has now talked to the chairs of Burlington, Camden and Ocean Counties about his potential run and is meeting with Ocean County Chair George Gilmore today.

Did Runyan fumble before even kicking off his campaign

We wrote yesterday about how former Eagles lineman Jon Runyan was mulling a challenge to John Adler’s seat in Congress. But did he fumble before he even kicks off his campaign by not calling Ocean County GOP boss George Gilmore to say hello first:

“I’ll wait for Mr. Runyan to make contact and we’ll take it from there, but obviously there are a lot of viable candidates out there,” said Gilmore.  “Some are from Ocean County, some from Burlington, and we’ll have to wait and see how they all withstand the scrutiny that will be put on their strengths and weaknesses.”

When Runyan does call, Gilmore already has some questions:

Gilmore also noted that Runyan – a free agent who is not active in the NFL right now but has not retired – has expressed interest in past interviews about returning to play football.

“These are the questions we want to ask, but I have yet to have the opportunity to discuss this with Mr. Runyan,” he said.

It’s not like Gilmore is just someone in GOP politics, as evidenced to his appointment on the Christie transition team. Wally had more on Gilmore’s influence:

Gilmore, a superstar since he delivered a 70,000-vote margin for Gov.-elect Christopher Christie last week, has reacted poorly to demonstrations of disrespect like this in the past.  In 2005, Gilmore gave GOP gubernatorial candidate Douglas Forrester a list of calls he needed to make to secure support in Ocean County.  To Gilmore’s annoyance, Forrester never made most of the calls; Gilmore instead gave the Ocean County GOP line to Robert Schroeder, who diligently courted local Republicans.  Forrester won the primary, but never got Gilmore fully engaged; he won Ocean County by about a third of what Christie did.

Gilmore and the Republicans would probably like to avoid a repeat of last year, where a costly primary fight between the counties left them fighting an uphill battle against Adler. While Gilmore may not have gotten a call, Burlington County Republican Chair Bill Layton is already a member of the Jon Runyan for Congress facebook group. That’s sure to make Gilmore happy.

The first thing that has to happen is for Runyan to decide if he’s just seriously considering or ready to jump in the political fray.

Former Eagle “seriously considering” a challenge to Adler

It seems that former Eagles offensive lineman Jon Runyan is looking to transition from taking on the defense on the football field, to tackling the Democrats in the political arena, specifically Congressman John Adler for his seat:

“I am seriously considering becoming a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District. Our great country is headed in the wrong direction, and it’s clearer every day that career politicians are incapable of solving the problems we face.

I am grateful for the tremendous support and encouragement I have received while talking to people throughout South Jersey about running for Congress and I look forward to having more to say on this subject in the weeks ahead.”

It remains to be seen if he actually runs or just flirts with the seat. The question of how much he would self finance his campaign is an important one as well, because one of the perceived advantages for Adler in what is traditionally a difficult district is the war chest he has been amassing. I wonder how a district that is probably around two to one Giants fans will feel about voting for an Eagle.