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Jon Runyan, Show Us What You’re Made Of

In the grand scheme of things, the lockout of the NFL players is a trivial blip. The disaster in Japan, the famine in Africa, and the destruction of the American Dream by the Corporate Tea Party are more important than football, and will fundamentally impact world history.

But many of us are football fans. We enjoy watching the Eagles make their annual futile attempt to garner Super Bowl rings. Rumor has it that there are even some fans of the Giants and Jets in New Jersey.

Certainly, the NFL provides an economic boost to the cities in which it plays – an important factor in these troubled economic times. So how can today’s labor-management impasse be resolved?

What an Ass!

Congressional wannabe John Runyan made millions of dollars playing a game (protected by a government-sanctioned monopoly) in hundred million dollar taxpayer-financed stadiums.  Upon retirement, he promptly took a government subsidy to turn his luxury McMansion into a  hobby farm.

Thankfully, Congressman John Adler is taking him to task for it.  

As featured on Hardball:

Adler talks about healthcare and a potential Runyan challenge

Congressman Adler was on Fox Philadelphia yesterday and talked about his vote against the health insurance bill, saying for him it’s only about cost and then discussing the potential challenge that could come from Former Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jon Runyan:

He said he is looking forward to the bill coming back to the House and said he’s hoping they still do more to reign in costs.  After talking about healthcare, they moved on to talking about a potential challenge from Jon Runyan.:

“I know Jon, he’s a good guy,” Adler said.

But Adler was blunt about the prospect of Runyan outspending him in an election.

“It is always worrisome when someone has a lot of money and is willing to write a big check to help buy an election,” Adler said.

When asked by Mike Jerrick if Runyan would buy the election, Adler denied meaning that.

“Not buying. He could spend a lot of money. That would be a factor with elections,” he said.

Adler went as far as to compare Runyan to ousted Democratic governor Jon Corzine.

“We’ve seen that in New Jersey in the past, Jon Corzine did it a couple of times.”

PolitickerNJ says that their sources say Runyan has now talked to the chairs of Burlington, Camden and Ocean Counties about his potential run and is meeting with Ocean County Chair George Gilmore today.

Former Eagle “seriously considering” a challenge to Adler

It seems that former Eagles offensive lineman Jon Runyan is looking to transition from taking on the defense on the football field, to tackling the Democrats in the political arena, specifically Congressman John Adler for his seat:

“I am seriously considering becoming a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District. Our great country is headed in the wrong direction, and it’s clearer every day that career politicians are incapable of solving the problems we face.

I am grateful for the tremendous support and encouragement I have received while talking to people throughout South Jersey about running for Congress and I look forward to having more to say on this subject in the weeks ahead.”

It remains to be seen if he actually runs or just flirts with the seat. The question of how much he would self finance his campaign is an important one as well, because one of the perceived advantages for Adler in what is traditionally a difficult district is the war chest he has been amassing. I wonder how a district that is probably around two to one Giants fans will feel about voting for an Eagle.