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The classic pseudo-event updated for the YouTube age

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Your tax dollars at work from John McAlpin:

Some have noticed that when we talk of Governor Christie’s events like the one planned for East Hanover today, we call them “town-hall style events.” The reason why is best shown by what happened in Garfield, when Christie visited there May 2. Many residents expected to ask questions – or at least hear something about the issues confronting the town… They had no chance.

But I don’t understand, if it’s a Town Hall how did they have no chance? McAlpin continued:

These events are highly choreographed, from the stage props to the opening video to highlight clips offered by his office, ready and waiting  almost as soon as the SUVs roll the governor out of town. They are designed to give Christie a platform for his message, to say what he wants to say and have it spread across all the platforms new media allows. And they have helped Christie build and maintain his brand as a straight-talker who takes no nonsense. But they aren’t true town halls, free flowing events where people gather to ask questions and be heard. In one sense, they are the  classic pseudo-event updated for the YouTube age. Even when somebody gets called an “idiot.”

If only more of the media coverage focused on the truth behind these “town hall style” events, which are much more style than town hall, even though they are completely on the taxpayer dime.

April 15, 2006 News Roundup

  • Politics NJ’s count of how races are going to swing is up. Currently the U.S. Senate race is listed in the “Toss Up” category but with a chance of moving towards the “Leans Democratic” column.
  • After switching from Democratic to Republican parties candidate for East Hanover Town Council, Philip Maenza , is still not fully accepted as a true GOP member by sitting council members. They feel that Maenza is running on the Republican ticked, not because his values have changed, but because he has a better chance of winning as a Republican in Morris County.
  • Staunch environmentalist, Congressman Frank Pallone (D-NJ6), is calling for expedited cleaning of PCBs in the Raritan River that have been harming fish and have the potential to harm humans as well. PCBs were outlawed and are now classified as a possible carcinogen that  can cause nervous system disorders.
  • The smoking ban went into effect at 12:01 this morning. No smoking in bars, racetracks, bowling alleys, clubs and concert halls are just some of the provisions of the ban. Sorry smokers, maybe now is a good time to quit, no?
  • Governor Corzine’s sales tax hike has hit a major speed bump. Legislators from both sides of the aisle are strongly opposing it, and now rumors have started that it may not have enough votes to pass through the State Senate.

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