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Who represents the people at the NJ BOE?

Promoted by Rosi. Hat/tip to Marie Corfield for pointing us to this. Susan Cauldwell is the Executive Director of Save Our Schools NJ Community Organizing, a 501(c)(3) set up to support the work of SOS NJ, which is a grassroots, all volunteer, non-partisan pro public education organization.

How much power should one elected official have? It’s common knowledge that the Office of New Jersey’s Governor is highly coveted as it gives the officeholder vast power and abilities. Is that good or bad for the people of the state?

Here’s how Article 5, Section 4 of the NJ Constitution describes the powers bestowed upon the Governor:

@BuonoForNJGov Launches New Campaign Website

This past weekend, the Buono for Governor campaign launched their new website making it easier for people to get involved. From their first blog post:

Be sure to check out photos of Senator Buono on the campaign trail, videos from our announcement rally, and read the latest stories on the 2013 race.

Best of all, there are new ways you can help out Team Buono. Create your own personal fundraise pages to share with friends, right from your living room. This is the kind of grassroots organizing that will be critical to our success. To bring jobs back to New Jersey, stem the tide of people leaving our state, and to create a brighter future for all of our children, Senator Buono needs our help.

So make your way on over to www.buonoforgovernor.com and get involved. Among other things you will find there are this video from her official campaign kickoff:

Ah, the League

The annual League of Municipalities Convention is really 3 things at once – an educational experience on better governance for new and veteran elected officials; a marketing opportunity for existing and would-be public sector vendors; and a networking opportunity for incumbent and future politicians. Having attended this week’s convention in (at least) one of those capacities, here’s a Lucky 7 recap of what I came away with, in no particular order:

1- Yes, the 2013 race for Governor has begun. While I’m not sure it will really take off until Congressional Redistricting is finished, it’s pretty clear who the big 3 potential candidates are right now – Steve Sweeney, Barbara Buono and Dick Codey – each of whom have a solid core of supporters, with little crossover from one to the other. Honorable mention would go to Wiz, who shouldn’t be counted out just yet. But, that’s pretty much it.

Relaunched NJ Governor’s website embraces new media

We’ll have to see how they use it, but the redesign of the website for the Governor now prominently features links to twitter, facebook and rss feeds. Here’s a screenshot, pointed out by Melli Strategies: (a Blue Jersey advertiser)

The links are on every page of the site. It’s a very clean design and layout, but still a work in progress as some links don’t work just yet. The site also features a blog, which Governor Corzine didn’t have, that has one post from the day of the inauguration. While the new site has a facebook page, they have to approve you as a friend, rather than having a public fan page as Corzine did. If you’re a new media fan like me, you like seeing the new Governor continue what they started in the campaign when they aggressively used twitter and youtube to communicate and drive their message. No doubt Ron Rice Sr. will think the links to new media on the site and my post pointing them out are a waste of time, but I think it has the potential to make the government more accessible to the people they are charged with serving. It’s too early to tell just how they will use the mediums, but it’s an encouraging start.

Reflections on the Election

Promoted by Jason Springer: A very candid take from Senator Weinberg on the race that was.  Thank you for the shout out and for running.

Let’s get the negatives out of the way first:   We lost!  Property taxes, unemployment, property taxes, property taxes.  That was it in a nutshell.

To some of my colleagues whose egos might be a little out of control:  Ray, was it really necessary to trash the Governor within 24 hours?  Perhaps if you had joined us just once on one of those 18 hour days on the campaign trail, we might have gotten a couple of more votes out of your home base.  Dick, did you have to share that White House anecdote?  We could have saved that one for “the book”.  How about the party officials who couldn’t join us for a very graceful concession.   And how about that Jeff Tittel?  He seemed to go out of his way to be mean and condescending.  The Sierra Club endorsement is one thing – your meaness of spirit another altogether.  Jeff, it’s not ALWAYS about you!  

Now to some of the more positive recollections:
 Our stars who were always there in full force.  Thank you to Assemblywomen Annette Quihano, Linda Stender, Grace Spencer, Milla Jassey, and Nellie Pou,  Senators Theresa Ruiz, Nia Gill,  and Mayor-elect of Camden Dana Redd and to Mayor Colleen Mahr of Fanwood,  Mayor Wilda Diaz of Perth Amboy, Mayor-Elect Toni Ricigliano of Edison (who must be related to half her constituents), the “WeDo” women of Passaic County, the Demo women’s groups of Bergen County and of Essex County and so many more.  To our Congressmen Frank Pallone, Steve Rothman, Donald Payne and Bill Pascrell who joined us many times on the campaign trail.   Another “shout out” to our two Senators Lautenberg and Menendez.

Of course, our President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton gave us so much of their time and insight.  I’ll tell you in my next posting what he suggested to me to follow up.    Congresswomen Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Loretta Sanchez joined us on the campaign trail and made women elected officials very proud. Fran Adubato runs a great progam in Newark.  The labor community could not have done any more to help us.  Charlie Wowkanich, Laurel Brennan, Ray Pocini and the building trades and my personal favorite, Buzz Dressel, were fully involved.  The labor

bus with “the painter and insulator guys” was not a bad way to get around.

The campaign was energizing and I thank the Governor for giving me a wonderful opportunity to travel the great state of New Jersey, to meet many terrific NJ citizens, and for giving me a statewide voice to talk about the family values we share.  I wouldn’t change a moment of it…..oh yes, except the losing part!

I have so many anecdotes to share and hope to do that over the next few weeks.  Jason Springer and Jay Lassiter along with those brave breast cancer survivors met me at the street fair rain and all.  So we used pink umbrellas and carried the hand-colored pink Corzine/Weinberg signs right up the street.  

The various Garden State Equality headquarters were always filled to the rafters and their members worked tirelessly.  DFA came through for the Governor and me with a resounding endorsement.  Rosi sent emails of encouragement.   That picnic in Willingboro where I met 92 year old Miss Lizzie who is still actively engaged in civic life and their wonderful Mayor Jackie Jenkins.   All those unairconditioned headquarters where folks worked in the heat of summer and never gave up.  THANK YOU.

My friend and colleague, Rocco Mazza, put more than 12,000 miles on his trusty car.  Rocco, the GPS and I traveled together for three months sometimes 14 or 18 hours a day.  The only thing I got tired of was the voice in the GPS!  My own campaign protectors Tory Singleton and Cecelia Fassano,  made me feel comfortable every step of the way.   Sometimes, there was a little too much “hovering” from the staff, but hey – it was great being part of an effort which had common goals.

Would I change anything?  Perhaps better communication on the really good things Jon Corzine did these last four years.  Perhaps one or two positive ads spelling these out a little more clearly.  But that’s all hindsight.  I thank Governor Jon Corzine from all of us for working his heart out for New Jersey’s residents.

Let’s now join together with a newly installed Assembly, a newly organized Senate and figure out what the voices of our party should sound like; how we address the people’s mistrust of their elected officials; how we make sure we have together taken a strong stand against corrupting influences in our body politic; and how we work with a Republican Governor on the things necessary to improve the lives of New Jersey residents.