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Last-minute ads: Pallone

Frank Pallone’s new TV ad – his third – called “The Only One,” packs a lot of info into a 30-second ad. His role in formulating ACA. Enviro record. Lautenberg family endorsement. Protecting Social Security and public education. All with a graphic that pictures all four Dems and swipes them gone, leaving only Pallone and the tag line “Only One Democrat”.

What do you think, Blue Jersey?

Frank Pallone’s first TV ad: “You Can Count on Frank”

“Frank Pallone. The Democrat.”

                                          – from the ad

The Pallone campaign is about to launch his first TV ad buy – in both the New York and Philly markets for maximum coverage across the state, and on both cable and broadcast TV.

It’s a 30-second ad, covering a lot of ground, with a lot of quick edits of sound and picture; Pallone’s ‘regular guy’ style (the ‘son of a cop’ is shown ordering hot dogs with mustard), mixed with appreciations from supporters, plus his role in getting the Affordable Care Act passed and fighting the Tea Party.

It’s called “You Can Count on Frank”. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

Corzine TV Ad: Reflect

One more ad the Corzine put out yesterday is “Reflect”:

The ad explains how Governor Corzine is fighting for the issues that matter most to New Jersey families. Governor Corzine has cut the budget and invested in education for the families of New Jersey. Over the last four years, he has secured health care coverage for over 100,000 kids across the state.

Christie would turn down stimulus funds leading to a $2 billion dollar tax increase.  Christie opposes a woman’s right to choose and would support a constitutional amendment to ban abortion.

Chris Christie is wrong when it matters most.

This one will air on cable outlets:

Corzine Bilingual TV Ad: En Tus Manos

The Corzine campaign put out this bilingual television ad today featuring the President. Here’s what the campaign has to say about this ad:

President Obama asks New Jersey Latino voters to support Governor Corzine in his upcoming bout for re-election. The half-Spanish, half-English (with Spanish subtitles) ad features President Obama telling voters that the future of New Jersey is “in your hands,” or “en tus manos.” This is the first direct to camera political ad that President Obama has recorded since taking office.

Citing the similarities between his fight on a national level and Governor Corzine’s fight here in New Jersey, President Obama praises Corzine as “the leader New Jersey needs in these tough times,” for his focus on improving health insurance, getting the economy back on track and ensuring everyone gets a quality education.

They say it will air on broadcast television in both the NJ/NY and Philadelphia markets. The TV ad is just the latest as they are also running the radio ad and they have just scheduled the 3rd visit for the President to campaign with the Governor next Sunday.

Corzine TV Ad: Intensity

The Corzine campaign put out this television ad today, “Intensity.” It’s a straight positive ad with the Governor looking into the camera, talking about his life story and what he’s has fought for:

They say that the ad will air on cable and broadcast television across the New Jersey/New York and Philadelphia markets. This is their third positive direct to camera TV ad featuring the Governor. Their only 60 second ad was a positive direct to camera. The other positive ads were “children,” which ran in May and the 60 second spot called “More to do,” which hit the air at the end of September.

Corzine TV Ad: Sides

The Corzine campaign is busy today putting out new television ads. This one is titled “Sides” and highlights that the Governor fights for what matters most to New Jersey families while contrasting those values with Christie.  Here’s what the campaign says about this ad:

He’s gotten health coverage for almost 100,000 kids and has worked to protect property tax rebates for middle class families and seniors.

Chris Christie, on the other hand, just doesn’t share New Jersey’s values. Christie sides with big corporations in opposing the paid family leave legislation that lets people care for newborns or sick relatives while still getting paid. He stands with big insurance companies in allowing them free rein to not offer critical procedures like mammograms and autism screenings. Christie’s tax breaks for the very wealthiest would lead to higher property taxes for all New Jerseyans.  Christie is wrong on property taxes, and wrong when it matters most.

And here’s the ad:

There are more coming as the campaign is busy putting tv ads out today.