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Good TMac, Bad TMac

We don’t relish saying the name of the GOP Congressman from North Jersey who is running for his third term “representing” the people of the South Jersey counties of Burlington and Ocean. So we call him TMac for short (no…
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Netroots Nation – Day 1

Attending a Netroots Nation conference is akin to drinking from a fire hose. There’s so much going on that it’s difficult to absorb a lot of it.

The last Netroots that I attended was in 2013 – a year that only New Jersey and Virginia had races that had some sort of national attention. Both winners were national figures – Chris Christie for his mouth and Terry McAuliffe for his close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Barbara Buono was there as the progressive challenger to Christie, so there was a good amount of New Jersey interest. This year, Christie is just another gnat in the clown car, and there’s not much New Jersey interest or presence here. But that doesn’t mean that progressive issues are not important to Blue Jersey readers or New Jersey residents.

This year’s conference is in Phoenix. That was not a non-controversial choice and some long-time supporters are not here, protesting the actions of the repressive state government. But Phoenix was chosen to emphasize this year’s theme – comprehensive immigration reform.

Phoenix Convention Center

Why is Terry McAuliffe helping Booker and not Buono? Tell Booker to do more for Buono NOW OR ELSE!

On numerous occasions here recently, I have commented in diaries where both the author and other commenters have complained about the lack of support that our state’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Barbara Buono, has received from high profile Democrats like President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, and former Senator and Secretary of State (the latter title may prevent her from actively participating in partisan politics), Hillary Clinton.

I have placed the most of the blame for this lack of support on the gubernatorial ambitions of close Clinton friend and former DNC Chairman, Terry McAuliffe.  McAuliffe (and the Clintons) wants all of the attention and money focused on his race against VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and as little as possible, if any, on Buono in her uphill battle to defeat Chris Christie, who Bill Clinton, interestingly enough, brought in to speak at a Clinton Global Initiative event recently.  Other Clinton allies, like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, have been overtly encouraging their donors to contribute to Christie instead of Buono.

The latest proof that the Clintons and McAuliffe are actively undermining Buono’s candidacy is a PolitickerNJ.com report that McAuliffe lent his name to a low-dollar fundraising e-mail on behalf of our state’s very well-funded Democratic senatorial candidate, Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker today enlisted former Democratic National Chairman and current Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe to aid in his fundraising efforts.

Clearly, the Clintons and McAuliffe have no qualms about helping Booker, whose race will be over several weeks before voters in New Jersey and Virginia go to the polls to elect or re-elect their state’s Chief Executive and who will most likely be in a position to return the favor once he is in Washington and in close proximity to critical Northern Virginian swing voters.

McAuliffe says Corzine will win by 7

We’ll see if he’s right in a few weeks, but the former chairman of the DNC has made his prediction:

The ever-confident former Democratic National Chairman Terry McAuliffe predicted on Sunday that Democrats will win the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia, where he lost the primary to Creigh Deeds.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” McAuliffe even put a number on New Jersey: Gov. Jon Corzine by 7 points.

I don’t think it’s all that surprising that he’s picking the Democrats. Pollster.com has it about as close as you can get when you average everything out there. They have Christie leading Corzine 39.9 to 39.8: