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Eagleton’s Morning After – Watch the video

Hours after each primary and general election, Rutgers’ Eagleton Institute of Politics hosts a great “Morning After” discussion in the beautiful white mansion on the New Brunswick campus that serves as Eagleton’s HQ. If you’ve never been to one, those seats get filled fast by reservation, and the discussion is always meaty for political nerds. This morning’s talk, hosted by Eagleton’s John Weingart, is, I believe, only the second one Eagleton’s ever streamed. Great that they do that, and great that they make embeddable video available just seconds after. Thank you, Eagleton.

Poll: Christie Rating Positive, But NJ Thinks He’s A Bully

Is Christie a “bully”? Or is there more to it than that? Oh how I love word clouds. – Promoted by Rosi

According to an Eagleton poll last month (Jan 14-19) Chris Christie’s favorables are still positive but way down from his highs after reelection.  What they didn’t tell us was the result of an open-ended question that shows problems for the Governor’s image:

But what we have not yet reported is the additional step we took on that same poll to more thoroughly investigate just why New Jerseyans felt this way. …

In just a word or two, please tell me why you feel [FAVORABLE/UNFAVORABLE] toward Governor Chris Christie?

The single biggest response was “bully” with “good” and “job” following close behind but not together.  “Bridgegate” and “scandal” are there too.  Here’s the word cloud of the response: