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Faces and Places from #NN15 Day 2

In addition to the rousing reception for Elizabeth Warren, there were dozens of other activities happening at the Phoenix Convention Center in Netroots Nation. Here are some snippets…

“Demonstration without legislation ends up with frustration.”

Congressman Keith Ellison talking about his “Voters First” initiative to take back the state legislatures and Congress.

Too often, DC groups come in and think they know all the answers.”

Nich Rathod – Executive Director, State Innovation Exchange

More of Day 2 below the fold…

“You don’t get what you don’t fight for” – #NN15 Day 2

If there’s a rock star for the progressive movement, that person is undoubtedly Senator Elizabeth Warren. The senator was today’s keynote speaker at the morning session at Netroots Nation here in Phoenix, and the crowd was not disappointed.

People were lined up an hour before her scheduled talk and the air was full of electricity.

Congressman Raul Grijalva’s introduction acknowledged the controversy in the selection of Phoenix as the site of this annual conclave of progressive activists. But he expressed appreciation for the support of the rapidly growing cadre of Arizona progressives who are transforming the state from the era of Sherrif Arpaio (“a criminal with a badge”) to one where progressive values are making inroads.

Not unexpectedly, Warren took the stage to a thundering standing ovation. Her theme was very simple and consistent. Despite the undue influence of Wall Street and other big money interests, America’s values are progressive values. Some of her remarks:

Good Week for Immigration Detention Reform

Starting with Middlesex County cutting the contract with ICE that allowed the county, since Dec 2001, to house immigrant detainees in the county jail, reported in the Home News, to 2 Massachusetts jurisdictions ending their 287(g) programs that deputize local law enforcement as immigration agents, Boston Globe, on the same day that Middlesex acted.  

“We’re done. I told them to come get the computers.”  Framingham Police Chief Steve Carl

Ya gotta love the frankness of police chiefs when they don’t want to give in to ICE demands…

“It doesn’t benefit the police department to engage in deportation and immigration enforcement,”

And now today’s news, announcing reforms of ICE detention, Nina Bernstein’s story and release of Dora Schriro’s Report and Recommendations on detention reform.

Topped off by the new rules for Maricopa County making Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Phoenix, “furious,” HuffPo.  Though this only covers the cops in the street, so they are still detaining people who come into the county jail.

Gives one hope for change.  In the meantime, I’d love for them to make it easier for those of us in our Middlesex visitors program to find the guys we were visiting who are now dispersed to Monmouth, Hudson and Essex jails. And I’m hearing that in Essex, you can wait for 3 hours and not even get the 15 minute visit!