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Work of the New Jersey Legislative Select Committee on Investigation Should Continue

The legislature’s joint GWB investigative committee is scheduled to begin meeting shortly in Committee Room 11, for the first time in several weeks. You can LISTEN LIVE here (currently silent, they’re in executive session). And we will live tweet as much as we can @BlueJersey.

Among the items they will discuss is whether the work they’re doing will continue, or not. Yesterday, Steve Sweeney told Star Ledger that it should  “walk away” if Bridget Kelly and Bill Stepien win in court and don’t have to comply with subpoenas. Then he walked that back hours later, in what amounts to a complete about-face.

The absurdity of the Senate President making a statement like that – especially when the majority leader in his own house is a co-chair – suggests an undercurrent of political concerns at work that may extend past Sweeney. Some of the people running the Statehouse have big dreams and concern themselves at least as much with their own political futures as their work for the public. Some people wannabe Governor, and some people have alliances cozy with Christie. Or maybe some people are jealous that Wiz & Weinberg are on national teevee a lot. I have no idea. And frankly, I don’t give a damn. When possible abuse of power is concerned , I expect good government instincts to prevail, if there are personal political instincts also at play. If that’s what’s going on. The scale of what is at question here demands it.  I don’t get a vote – maybe you do – but I think the panel’s work should continue. Yes, Sen. Sweeney, even if Judge Mary Jacobson rules for Stepien and Kelly. Below, are my reasons. Maybe you have some to add.  

Monmouth Focus Group on the Candidates

Monmouth Polling Institute has created an “online panel study with mainly unaffiliated voters.”  While I never know how seriously to take these types of panels, it’s pretty interesting to look at the image clouds posted on Patrick Murray’s blog that resulted. It represents the “first word or phrase that each candidate’s name brings to mind.” It’s quite obvious that Daggett is basically unknown, Corzine has a very bad image, and Christie is winning the panel.  

Personally, I continue to think the unaffiliated voters — and Democrats — need to be given a positive word to vote for Corine. Looking at the image, the largest positive Corzine word is “trying.”  Well, as the saying goes, “trying is not good enough.”