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Corzine hits Christie for proposed cuts to pre-school

The Corzine campaign put out a web ad on Thursday hitting Chris Christie over his comments that pre-k is babysitting:

They were reinforcing that message when the Governor went after Christie over his previous statements about pre-school at a press conference at a school in the Pennsauken school district, which has full day pre-school :

“Christie has let everyone know, repeatedly, that he thinks pre-k is ‘babysitting'”, said Corzine.  “Now he is letting everyone know that if he were to be elected governor next week he would eliminate funding for this critical educational tool in 115 districts all across New Jersey.  Christie would turn his back on more than 8,500 kids across New Jersey.  He continues to be extremely wrong when it matters most.”

In a Press of AC interview last week, Christie said he would stop state funding for pre-school in all but the 31 former “Abbott” districts.  The newspaper reported that Christie’s plan “would eliminate funding for 115 districts . . . This year, 146 districts received $570.1 million for pre-school aid.”  In Union County alone, 583 children would be locked out with 255 kids in Linden alone sent home.

The Governor’s campaign said that Christie would turn his back on more than 8,500 Children. I’ll put their breakdown below the fold.

Using Christie’s “babysitting”remark as an organizing tool

The Corzine campaign wants to make sure you’ve seen Chris Christie’s dumb stunt mocking pre-Kindergarten as “babysitting.” In fact, the campaign is banking that it will piss you off so much that you’ll jump to their nicely-done website and start voting right now.

An email to supporters from Campaign Manager Maggie Moran, the mother of kids 2 and 4, contains a link to a video with Christie being grilled by Steve Adubato about whether he’d take back the “babysitting” reference. Christie tries to make it seem like the remark was taken out of context, and “not perjorative.” So the video shows you the remark in full, in context, and as it was said during a debate with his primary opponent Steve Lonegan. It’s perjorative as hell. Watch:

Simple story. Christie ran to the right to compete with Steve Lonegan for his party’s ideological right-wing. But he’s got trouble whenever his words and deeds are pinned on him now that he’s trying to run to the center. Mandates and mammograms tripped him up big-time. And now his equating sensible early childhood education with “babysitting” is coming back to bite him in the ass.

Here’s the campaign’s pitch for early voting from home. It’s easy, and worth doing.  

New Corzine TV Ad: “Future”

Here’s the details:

Starting today, the 30 second ad will air on both broadcast and cable stations across New Jersey.

“Future” highlights the clear contrast between Jon Corzine who fights for what matters to New Jerseyans and Bush Republican Chris Christie’s record of being wrong when it matters most. Jon Corzine was able to cut the budget by billions, but still increase the state’s investment in public schools. Under his leadership, he expanded early childhood education and our students now rank at the top of the country in reading and math.

The ad details how Chris Christie would shift tax dollars for our public schools to private schools. He also says he would join Governors Sarah Palin and Mark Sanford and reject stimulus funds, forcing the layoffs of up to 35,000 teachers.  Christie has even called early pre-school education “babysitting.”

And the ad:

I’ll put the documentation below the fold. This is another contrast ad that starts with the positive of what Governor Corzine has done to cut the budget while protecting education. It then closes on the negative with Christie talking about how he would shift tax dollars from public to private, reject stimulus funds forcing layoffs of teachers and called early preschool education “babysitting.” The ad closes saying that Christie is wrong when it matters most.

Corzine campaign continues focus on Education

The Governor has been focusing on education lately. He started with an Op-Ed talking about how “children only get one shot at being a child – one chance at a quality education.” Yesterday, he touted the efforts of his administration in the area of school construction and 45 new schools since 2006:

During a tour of Perth Amboy’s new early childhood center today, Gov. Jon Corzine announced the state has completed 45 new schools since January 2006.

Corzine said since 2006, the state School Development Authority has invested $5.3 billion in projects, which have generated an estimated 45,800 jobs and created 45,000 new student seats.

The day before, Corzine watched the President’s speech with school children in Camden and cited statistics showing improvement in closing the achievement gap:

The governor also cited a recent report by the National Center for Education Statistics that shows New Jersey is one of only three states to narrow the achievement gap between black and white students in fourth grade reading and one of only 15 states to narrow the gap in fourth grade math between 1992 and 2007.

“We have a moral commitment to improve educational opportunities for the children of Camden and throughout New Jersey,” Corzine said. “These results are a clear validation of our state’s intense focus and commitment to preschool and early literacy interventions over the past few years and of our shared commitment to early childhood education.”

Mayor Booker talked about education and the strong partnership he has with the Governor in this video put out by the campaign:

There’s more below the fold including a contrast with Christie turning down stimulus funds and more accomplishments the campaign is touting.

That’s alot of babysitting

As children head back to school, we learn just how many will be enrolled in pre-school:

Describing the state’s investment in pre-school programs as one of the most important measures of his administration, Gov. Jon Corzine Tuesday announced the state will surpass 50,000 pre-school enrollments for a record number 51,100 children to be guided in programs this year.

The governor made the announcement at the grand opening of a new 10-classroom Plainfield pre-school financed through the African American Fund of New Jersey.

“While many tough budget decisions had to be made this year, the easiest of all decisions was to protect education,” Corzine said. “The foundation of New Jersey’s economy is its highly talented and well educated workforce which starts with our investment in early childhood education. Quality pre-school initiatives strengthen the state’s workforce, support jobs for those who provide services and prepare students for a brighter economic future. I remain committed to ensuring that all students across the New Jersey have access to high-quality, full-day pre-school programs.”

This is a clear issue difference between the Governor and Chris Christie, who has said this about pre-school:

For his part, Chris Christie’s surprisingly feisty and seemingly effective opponent Steve Lonegan was crystal clear that state funding of preschool is a bad idea on any level. Who knows, maybe Christie felt he needed to demonstrate that he was just as much a conservative as Lonegan. Maybe that’s why he said the following about Governor Jon Corzine’s support of the State Supreme Court’s recent ruling that state funding of preschools should be expanded from the 31 urban Abbott districts to more than 80 school districts in suburban areas; “He’s (Corzine) decided the government should baby-sit children? It’s simply wrong.”

Like I said, that’s alot of babysitting.