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Adler among 70 GOP targets

I don’t know that it’s much of a surprise that a first term Congressman in what has been considered a more conservative district is a target of the GOP, but John Adler makes the list:

Republicans hope an improved national political environment will help them contest many of the seats it recently lost. Of the 70 targets, 45 are freshmen and sophomores elected in the 2006 and 2008 wave elections.

House Republicans also appear confident that difficult votes on health care and energy legislation will put battle-tested members from conservative districts in trouble. There are over a dozen Blue Dog Democrats on the list, including those who have coasted to re-election in recent years.

Adler has been flooded with calls against healthcare in his offices. According to a staffer when Jay called, he’s not for a “purely public option citing business concerns.” The House E & C Committee put out this summary of the impact the bill could have on his district. He has been very active on Veterans issues as they make up a large segment of his district and has received good reviews for that work. Separate from the issues, he has been one of the most prolific fundraisers raising more than any Frontline Democrat in the 2nd quarter. He has over 850K Cash on Hand.

When asked recently, potential challenger Diane Allen said it was “kind of early” for her to make a decision yet, but that she was watching and he hadn’t done what she felt he needed to do yet. Their challenger in 2008, Chris Myers has been rumored to be the next Senator from Burlington County when the current Senator Phil Haines is appointed to be a judge in the fall, seemingly taking him out of the running. I’ll put the full list and NRCC memo below the fold.  Adler is the only NJ Democrat targeted by the NRCC.