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Crooked Chiefs: Handy Guide to GOP Governor Scandals

I don’t always read the communications from groups vying for my attention to tell me how corrupt the scandal-plagued Gov. Chris Christie is, as Bridgegate, RGA tours and potential contest with Hillary Clinton heat up the public’s interest. After all, we’ve had this guy’s number for a long time.

But plenty of people haven’t. And so, I’m passing on to you an accessible guide to what American Bridge, who did the compiling, calls:

Crooked Chiefs – read it all

A lot of them involve money, rewarding political cronies with lucrative contracts, misuse of public funds. A few of them are just bizarre and darkly creative ways – wow, Nevada – to be an SOB.  

By their count, nearly half of the GOP’s governors are tangled up in scandal. Chris Christie’s RGA touts “the future of the GOP rests in the hands of the Republican governors.” If that’s their case, it’s not only fair game to take a hard look at the stable Christie presides over, but to keep some of the factoids at the ready the next time one of your Republican friends (I have plenty) suggests their party governs better, and with better family values (heh) than the Democrats (who are themselves deeply imperfect; we’ll save that for another day).

In 1996, James Carville (an effective strategist mostly for DLC blue dogs, and not my fave) wrote a smart little book called We’re Right, They’re Wrong that served as an accessible handy guide for how to deal with the kinds of conversations that you get into with Republican neighbors at a BBQ, people who (then) thought Newt Gingrich was a godsend. I think of this list that way. The Christie section is long (and doesn’t even cover everything) but at your next BBQ, you can trot out not only his history, but in context the awful behavior of the GOP governors he not only joins but leads.

Below, some samples from Christie’s corrupt GOP cronies.

Is the clock ticking on Chris Christie’s chairmanship at RGA?

For New Jersey voters, what matters most about Christie’s RGA gig is how much time he spends out of state not doing his job, how his NJ decisions increasingly seem pitched to GOP donors elsewhere over serving the people of this state, and how he’s using RGA jaunts as an excuse not to stay here and answer mounting questions about his multiple scandals.

But for Gov. Christie himself, the RGA gig is everything. The homestate situation becomes more and more uncomfortable. Subpoenas flying. State and federal investigations. And maybe a couple of his operatives ready to drop a dime on him. Even the magic fleece isn’t working. The defining “achievement” his 2016 hopes were pinned on was his much-hyped handling of Hurricane Sandy. Now the Star-Ledger says he’s used Sandy money as a political slush fund and Fair Share Housing’s allegations he botched distribution of federal post-Sandy housing funds are sticking.

And that leaves RGA. Today, we get news that both Texas Gov. Rick Perry and AG Greg Abbott, the likely GOP nominee lining up against Wendy Davis’ surging race, will both skip Christie’s trip to the state (Burnt Orange Report’s got the goods).

Imagine Christie’s predicament. And jump to what some Republicans are starting to say about him now. Below the fold.  

Swarm this poll: Who needs a fundraising email from Gov. Martin O’Malley? We do.

I’m going to suggest you take a sec and tell Gov. Martin O’Malley to send a fundraising email for Barbara Buono. Read on. Or just do it now.

For a while I kept a count of how many emails I got from the DGA – the Democratic Governors Association – about GOP Virginia Gov candidate Ken Cuccinelli, who never met a uterus he didn’t think he could order around vs. emails about Chris Christie, whose crazy is considerably better harnessed. And far more dangerous, given that it’s Christie and not Cucinnelli who wants the White House and has people ready to write the fat checks to propel him there.

I gave up keeping count, and being annoyed that my emails to DGA went unanswered. I have enough stress. But now, here’s a thing. Now, they’re asking. Well, Gov. Martin O’Malley is. O’Malley, the hotshot Maryland governor who was sharply critical of Christie when he was DGA chair (he’s now Finance Chair) is circulating a poll asking which of 3 Gov races he should shoot out a fundraising email for.

The choices?

Virginia – for Terry McAuliffe, running against the aforementioned Cuccinelli, whose detractors call him “The Cooch” and he totally deserves that. Compares a woman’s right to choose to slavery, hates immigration reform, and didn’t want to sign a letter asking Congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

Maryland – O’Malley’s home state, where his LG Anthony Brown is looking to follow in O’Malley’s top-grade shoes.

And New Jersey, where Barbara Buono is running against Chris Christie. I know I don’t have to make the case to you why O’Malley’s fundraiser email should be for Buono. Screw Virginia. Screw Maryland. Not really.

Just Vote for New Jersey.

Quinn: I am going to defend Illinois [video]

Chris Christie loves to travel lush on the taxpayer’s dime, plus there’s more snow in the forecast. So one of the Governor’s top priorities this week is to get the hell out of town – to Illinois! Christie’s heading west to romance Illinois businesses, following an airwaves assault by Christie promising rainbows and unicorns for businesses willing to relocate. Christie smelled blood in the water when Democratic governor Pat Quinn and the Democratic-majority legislature boosted the state’s corporate income tax by 46% and the individual income tax rate by 67% this month, as Illinois grapples with its own budget crisis.

Republican governors seem to be operating in pack-mentality. GOP governors Scott Walker (Wisconsin) and Mitch Daniels (Indiana) – and the GOP mayor of Indianapolis have all already either given interviews criticizing Quinn or made full-out media buys to lure Illinois businesses to their own states and city. But you know it’s Christie who will be the attention-hog.

The radio ads – starring himself – launched last week (listen). There’s even a read-my-lips style promise of “I will not raise your taxes”. But sounds like Christie’s going to get some serious static in the Land of Lincoln (this is hilarious). Here’s Quinn: h/t ken bank

Quote of the Day: Funniest Man in New Jersey Edition

Some days I’m just happy Star-Ledger exists if only to transcribe conversations between governors emeritus Tom Kean & Brendan Byrne. As very often happens, Gov. Byrne makes the slapshot:

Q: Gov. Christie and Lt. Gov. Guadagno were both out of state when the blizzard hit this week. Should an effort be made to have at least one of our executives in-state at all times?

BYRNE: I never thought we needed a lieutenant governor, but we’ve got one, so we have to live with it. And maybe living with it means we need to anticipate what’s coming up. Still, (then-Acting Gov. Stephen) Sweeney has done a masterful job.

KEAN: Luckily, we had no big problems as a result of the storm. But, like any corporation, either our No. 1 or No. 2 person should always be on duty.

BYRNE: I think 30 inches of snow is a big problem.

KEAN: I meant we didn’t have any major problems beyond the snow. … nothing that would have required the presence of the governor.

BYRNE: Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?

Thoughts on Loretta Weinberg

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Hot off the wire, and hot on the heels of the mass arrest of several New Jersey politicians (as well as several rabbis) on corruption charges, comes the news (now confirmed) that Governor Jon Corzine has selected State Senator Loretta Weinberg as his running mate for the 2009 gubernatorial race.

If anything good came out of the scandal that has rocked the Hudson County Democratic Party (although that was not the only area of New Jersey where politicians were arrested, it was the epicenter of events), it’s that Governor Corzine turned to Senator Weinberg today after previously considering several other possibilities (including State Senator Barbara Buono and “The Apprentice” winner/philanthropist Randall Pinkett).

Loretta Weinberg is the epitome of a progressive reformer. She’s also one tough grandmother who’s not going to let Chris Christie run away with this election.